Meet Duke

As you may have read in a previous post I have a new puppy named Duke, he’s a Sibarian Husky.

Heres a picture for added cuteness ūüôā


He is seriously the love of my life, who needs a man ? Get a dog ūüôā

Maybe these are signs of forever alone ? haha jokes. But seriously with a puppy it’s like your free time is consumed with joy, happiness, playfulness, excitement, all those positive emotions that we need to and should surround ourselves with. Remember people the most important thing in life is to be happy, and that’s through doing what you love and positive happy thoughts. ūüôā and for me that’s a cute ¬†puppy and blogging and driving and riding and jogging and … you get my point ūüėČ

October update

So I paid off all of my small debts

and 3000$ on my credit card (still 3444.73 left to go which I’ll do tomorrow)

And had enough to pay for my puppy Duke (600$) who got very near death sick (DONT TRUST BACK YARD BREEDERS!!!!)

After this I may be living pay check to pay check for a little why but I’ll be able to save up quickly knowing myself.

I want to be debt free by the end of October!

I did not make any side cash this week I’ve been pretty busy with an intense Dead End run and my poor little puppy.

Did you know …

That apparently the Husky breed is a bad breed according to my parent in-laws new neighbor.

Did you know she’s “Dangerous” and will be a “killer” one day.

Apparently I Dutchess the Huksy is going to be a killer one day, I didn't know that, did you ?

Apparently I Dutchess the Husky is going to be a killer one day, I didn’t know that, did you ?



Also she recommends that I have my dog sent to a shelter because it would be better for her …

Let me rant about how fucking idiotic, dense, judgmental and¬†stupid¬†people are. You can’t judge a¬†dog by it’s breed, and you have no right telling me I¬†should¬†have¬†my dog sent¬†to a shelter when she has NEVER done anything to you but maybe bark at our front door to be let in. Shes on her chain and doesn’t even go near your property bitch.¬†


But still it fucking boils my blood, Also a little more context, shes a mother of two and was piss drunk on a Tuesday night yelling at her new neighbors, best neighbor award goes to the new bitch.

I’m still pissed.

It’s people like her that get innocent animals put down like the ever so evil “pit bull” or “Rottweiler” , did it ever occur to her it was perhaps the owners that make the dog a good dog or a bad dog ?
Jeeze fucking Louise.

It took all of my will not to knock a bitch out -_-

But seeing as I am mature and have  respect to my drunken dumbass neighbor on Tuesdays night I just swore a bit and told her to shut the fuck up.

Try to be peaceful to thy neighbor even if she is a retard.




Horse back riding.

I’ve started something new this week.

I’ve always loved horses – in grade school I would always write about horses and unicorns. My room was decorated with horse items. I loved all of it. I remember once mom helped me write a book- I was in grade 4 I think and it was about horse, how I wanted one, one I had met at a farm we went too, and a few other nonsense childish things. ¬†I still have it today ūüôā

So besides riding ponys, I had no real horse experience. Until this past week I started riding Blossom. Shes about 24, super sweet- though a tad out of shape haha, can’t get much of a trot out of her yet.



I’ve ridden her 3 times this week – my ass is so sore. But I’ve been pretty happy this week. Since mom passed I’ve been “mulling” through the weeks slightly aimlessly, sure I had goals and things to do but I really had nothing there to put a good long-lasting smile on my face. But let me tell you, riding ¬†this old mere sure does just that- I have a HUGE kiddish smile on my face. I just love it. I feel so stress less and as if I have no problems, even though physically I’m sore.

I just love it.

And ever so gratefully, my BEST friend got me two riding lessons which I plan on taking very soon. And my Boyfriend got my an additional two riding lessons ūüėÄ EEK, this just really, all of this puts me in such a good mood.

So grateful.



End month recap – GOALS

1) Work out at least 20 days this month I worked out around 20 days this month + my job is physical.

2) Try not to eat when I‚Äôm bored (avoid over eating- Be CONSCIOUS).¬†If I was bored and went to go eat I made¬†sure¬†it was fruit or veggies ūüôā

3) Pay at least 300$ to debt. By accident РYES ACCIDENT. I paid 480$ !!!!!! Well. I met my goal :p

4) Blog at least 4 times a week.¬†I’ve been blogging like crazy! So many good reads- I HIGHLY¬†recommend¬†you to go read my other blogs ūüôā

5) read one book. Yea- I read like 5 pages of a new book. haha

6) Incorporate more GREENS. EVERYDAY all DAY. uhuh Got the Kale so yummy.

7) Save at least 300$ I transferred 420 (ahah 420) to my TFSA for a grand total of 1000$$ 

8) Go see Dutchess more! This is so important to me.  I miss her like crazy. But I just seem to never have enough time to go see her. I want to walk her at least twice a week. Very much disappointing in myself I only seen her about 6 times but Trevor did go see her a couple of times too so I guess that counts. 

Did you achieve your goals for February?

I’ll update y’all soon with my March goals ūüôā


February Goals

I have a few very basic simple goals that are achievable for this month.

1) Work out at least 20 days this month

2) Try not to eat when I’m bored (avoid over eating- Be CONSCIOUS).

3) Pay at least 300$ to debt.

4) Blog at least 4 times a week.

5) read one book.

6) Incorporate more GREENS.

7) Save at least 300$

8) Go see Dutchess more! This is so important to me.  I miss her like crazy. But I just seem to never have enough time to go see her. I want to walk her at least twice a week.

What are your goals for February ? 


Shell Shocked

Hello people,

So I don’t know about you but has your dog ever run away (if you have one?) It’s terrifying isn’t it?

Well Dutchess ran away the other day legitimately sent me through and anxiety attack and then I was shell shocked. Of course I didn’t wait for her to come back I went after her in. Gladiators, shorts and a little frilly top. I proceed to run through a corn field and a hay field.

Presently the closes road to me is a high way mainly used by cars, semis and tractors. You know no big deal if your dog is smart and stays clear of them right?

My dog is a fucking idiot and decided that running out in front of a semi is a perfectly ok thing to do, I swear that I seen her dying in front of me – but I didn’t she just just got off the road which leaves me in the road in front of the semi, kinda panicking.

It took 2 hours for me to catch her, 10 km from my house. She’s alive, okay and in tip top shape. But as for my state of mind? Well I’ve been better, jesus she almost got run over by a semi! And I don’t think this would have affected me much except for. The fact that I’ve seen a dog ( what was left when it got run over by a semi and that’s all I could think of .

Bien, she’s okay which is good but seriously I’ve run out of things to tie her too

Any ideas on what I can do?

(For the record yes I am taking a bath lol)

Peace y’all

Karma’s a Bitch

Hey peoples

So this morning I ran into a problem once again Dutchess ran off and it completely set me back by an hour and I was late for dress shopping with a friend and since it goes by appointments only I was not able to go. (Sad face)

My title as you may have noted is that Karma’s a bitch, thus being that a few day’s ago I was irritated with my neighbors dog coming over to my property to try to mate with Dutchess, which in my opinion is disrespectful. I take usually the most precautions actions to ensure my dog stays on my yard and stays safe. With exceptions like today where I was showering and she got loose without me there to stop it from happening. I feel like this is karma because I used Facebook to express my annoyance with my neighbor,and what happened ? My dog got loose just a couple of days later.¬†

It’s either Karma or someones fucking around with me.¬†

I have no idea which one it is. 

But now I feel no better, I feel like irresponsible ? I also disgraced public property (Ahem, almost hit my own dog and had to slam the brakes to my car incredibly hard leaving two nice long black strips.) But like, I’m incredibly conflicted. I feel like what happened was my fault -which it was- and now I’m no better than the guy down the street who never ties up his dog. But the thing is I always tie up my dog and the only time she gets loose is purely by accident – or her being an escape artist. So like, am I bad, am I good, I’m fantastic that is what I am.

That is huskies for you though, hyper, crazy, chewy and escapee. I bet you’re thinking “they’re not that bad” Ahem, she has chewed/ broken 3 ropes. Those include a metal one, one tied to a tree and one in the ground. All got off of them and ran away. What we have now, is completely hillbilly -it is a super thick rope duck taped and tied to my broken car, she can’t chew through, and she can’t pull the car away. The only weak point is the hook it’s self (which is what gave away this time).

My dog at times makes me crazy, and not the fun kinda crazy but the kind that goes to insane asylums. 

So anyways now that I’m all exasperated and stuff, is their something you love but at the same time drives you totally insane ? (And ladies this does not include your partners haha)


Mid Sleep Cardio

So I’ve ¬†been working night shifts non stop – mixed with day shifts and however much work I can get. And this happens this morning:

About 10:30 am, my neighbor knocks on my door, I of course answer it pant-less. “Your dog ran away” I’m half asleep, and am like bitch you woke me up and I need coffee. I finally understand what she just said and am like #^@% . I proceed to awkwardly say “thanks” and mumble “mother fucking nuts” as I walk away to find pants. ¬†

Finding her wasn’t hard though, she was at the neighbors house smelling her dogs. Though I did have to catch her which involved a little cardio, woo. I probably looked like a lanky giraffe¬†trying to catch her all half asleep and shit. Hilarious to see.

In the end of all this shenanigans I learnt my lesson, to double-check Dutchess chain to make sure no one sees me in bathing suit bottoms again, because that’s a sore sight for the eyes.


Spring is Here

For some of you that means the geese flying back, spring cleaning and the weather getting warmer . For me that means A HELL of a lot more cleaning due to the fact that I have a husky and they tend to shed this time around. Here is a photo of my floor, I vacuum it everyday. EVERYDAY. And there are millions of dog  hairs EVERYWHERE. I brush her too, their is to much hair to contain it.


*Runs for the hills and cries, realizes it’s a bad dream and some how manages to find her self on fur hills* Don’t doubt for a second they’ll be gone because next you know it all the dust¬†bunnies¬†are back. I¬†seriously¬†cannot wait for shedding season to be over with.
The second issue, once again involving my dog, oh how dearest to me she is. Come spring time¬†everything¬†melts there tends to be soggy mud under the dead looking grass and after a few mins I officially have a muddy puppy. As you might have seen I got new floors just put in. So mud + puppy = AHHHHAHAHA. Then I¬†attempt¬†to do these sort of¬†maneuvers¬†like picking her up and quickly running her to her cage, not fully¬†realizing¬†I’m¬†dousing¬†myself in mud before school. Derp.
Oh spring is here *sigh* I rather hibernate in the winter.
Any of you enjoying the  warmer weather ?