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Goals ? Budgets ?

What are those?

hah since this school semester I kinda went off the grid in terms of money.

I bought a dog which then got sick

Bought a beater car

Bought a summer car

Bought a sounds system


So much money spent and right now I’m sitting at 1k in my TFSA – so poor.

And this month I have quite a bit to pay for. Such as a speeding ticket, a tempo, ah Christmas, riding lessons.  I know that these things are 1) unnecessary 2) my fault 3)wants not needs

But it still sucks.

January I’m not going to spend any money I don’t have too (AKA resto’s, movies, extra gas for random driving, shopping..)

And I’m going to pay off as much as I can and hopefully by my Birthday have another 1k in my tfsa.

No matter how often you fall off of the bandwagon always try to get back on set smaller goals and achieve them one step at a time ūüôā


October Woot

This is seriously one of my favorite seasons!

Love the atomosphere.

So I’d like to quickly blog about a few savings/bets goals i have for this month.

#1) being savings 500$ I want my TFSA at 7000$

#2) being pay off smaller debts (around 500$)

Yep yep and the rest of Carlas challenges I will be doing too ūüôā

Have a great day y’all



I have a few goals…

Ah This “10k” Can be applied to¬†a few¬†things in my life,

and that is,

I want to run 10km sometime soon(no expiry date it is to be achieved over time )

and secondly save 10 000$ (no expiry)

And thirdly pay 11 000$ of debt I have off (6k student loan and 5k credit card as soon as possible)

And alongside those goals I would also like to have / buy : Fiat abarth 2014, my little house, a horse, a second husky, an enclosure for both dogs and another for horse, a extension on my house, and backpacking for 1 week and a trip to the amazon to work with endangered species. Which do I want first ? I have no clue (all at once ?!?!?!  high hopes lol)

But right now, I would like to pay off my credit card and reach my savings goal alongside either planning a trip or taking one (also getting a husky puppy in 2 weeks)

Does anyone have any advice as to what to do in terms of all my goals ?

any thoughts ?




Debt update february

Here are my Debts Presently

*All amount are after payments made*

Credit Card 1: 3650.87 (paid 240 in February)

Credit Card 2: 158.54 (paid 240 in February )

School loan: still 6220.00 but I have made arrangements to start paying it.

and for the plus side

Savings: 1001.14

Towards debt repayment : 480 (I paid a lot to debt this month by accident! I was only supposed to pay 300$ oppsie!)

Peace ūüôā

March Budget 2014

Fixed payments + Goal payments in terms of savings and debt for the month of March.

I get 5 pay checks this month (every Monday 3,10,17,24, and 31)

By month  

Car 50$

Dutchess 100$

Loan 70$

Savings 500$

Phone 80$

Debt 300$

Total 1100$      


By week.  

Car 10$

Dutchess 20$

Loan 14$

Savings 100$

Phone  16$

Debt 60$

Total 220$  

The rest of my pay check will go to food, gas, and fun. (or even savings)

My goals for savings is high this month. I am joining in Carla’s¬†http://halfdozendaily.typepad.com/my-half-dozen-daily/2014/02/march-challenge-take-3-my-goals.html

So I will be posting about a few other goals I have for this month in terms of personal and decluttering ALONGSIDE other Finance goals ūüôā


End month recap – GOALS

1) Work out at least 20 days this month I worked out around 20 days this month + my job is physical.

2) Try not to eat when I‚Äôm bored (avoid over eating- Be CONSCIOUS).¬†If I was bored and went to go eat I made¬†sure¬†it was fruit or veggies ūüôā

3) Pay at least 300$ to debt. By accident РYES ACCIDENT. I paid 480$ !!!!!! Well. I met my goal :p

4) Blog at least 4 times a week.¬†I’ve been blogging like crazy! So many good reads- I HIGHLY¬†recommend¬†you to go read my other blogs ūüôā

5) read one book. Yea- I read like 5 pages of a new book. haha

6) Incorporate more GREENS. EVERYDAY all DAY. uhuh Got the Kale so yummy.

7) Save at least 300$ I transferred 420 (ahah 420) to my TFSA for a grand total of 1000$$ 

8) Go see Dutchess more! This is so important to me.  I miss her like crazy. But I just seem to never have enough time to go see her. I want to walk her at least twice a week. Very much disappointing in myself I only seen her about 6 times but Trevor did go see her a couple of times too so I guess that counts. 

Did you achieve your goals for February?

I’ll update y’all soon with my March goals ūüôā



Oh the terribleness,

Save here,

Don’t spend here,





But anyways for those of you who are nosy as fuck or just simply are curious as to what my newly high tech and well thought out budget is stay tuned … for the well thought out budget I follow.

(in a nutshell pay my debts, save money, and feed myself)

BASED ON A WEEKLY PAY. (divided by envelopes – savings is deposited into bank account)

Gas (to get to work and some leeway for extra driving) 50$

Savings  (To buy a better car or rent my own place or buy a house one day) 60$

Random (I go free skating a lot and its 2$ each time and movies and clothes) 30$

Car (Jan 2004, Feb  186.92$, and from march on it will be  : 9.80$ a week) 60$ (for now)

Veggies & fruits (healthy eating still going strong JUICE) 40$

DEBT (and go fuck yourself -consumer burden piece of shit I have been paying all my life credit cards should die- //EndRant ) 60$


And there you go and that should equal to 300$ a week.

I pledge to follow this. but January is the first month I’m testing out this budget and it may have flaws which will result in changes. I figure everything will be sorted out by march.

Also say if I need 10$ more for driving and haven’t used any of my random money – well it is obvious: I’ll just take from the random envelope since it has no true definition as to how I use it.



September no/low Spend Challenge & Goals!!

September no/low Spend Challenge & Goals!!

Once again Carla is having a challenge and i love challenges.  Though i highly doubt that i’ll not spend some money this month especially with school stuff and what not i do have savings goals and debt repayment goals. So as long as I get near those goals a coffee once a while or going for a little drive with my car won’t bother me much.

-Get at least 20hrs a week.

-Save 3000$

-Pay off car balance and targo

-Pay 200 to school loan at least.

I would really like 20hrs a week at least but, with work laying off people i have a feeling I will get fewer hours too as well.

I paid up front 4 months of rent so it brought my 3000 savings down and ideally I would like to get it back up to 3k.

I have two unsolved recent balances that I need to pay soon, one was my car needed to be fixed and another an internet bill. They’ll be paid promptly.

My school loan which i didn’t pay at all this summer (don’t have too) i’d like to pay something towards it even if it is just 200$

Alongside these goals paying of my debt and saving are always my number one goal. I do however plan on buying a new vehicle before the end of the year so i’d be grateful if I could have 4k saved or more. The more the merrier.

Peace ūüôā

Best deal EVER.

So I only use Essie nail polishes.


And that can be quite expensive, considering they are 9.99-12.99 a pop.

On Monday I bought 8 of them + 4 nail files.

Now you are all probably thinking woah for somebody who has a budget of 25$ for fun (See my march challenge page at the top for more info.) How can she¬†afford¬†to get 90$ of nail polish. ( not including the nail files, i think they’re a 1.99)

Well if you all follow me on twitter ( @AmberEveSimpson) You will see that I tweeted about an insane sale.

I mean. 2.10$ per nail polish! Type sale.

Oh baby jesus. Score.

So yeah now I have a tone more nail polish and a few gifts already bought.

The colors I got were:

Eternal optimist

as gold as it gets

Ballet slippers

set in stones

Turquoise & caicos

Pure pearlfection

a cut above

merino cool.

So yea sale was at the Uniprix in Huntingdon they came in a gift pack that is 2 nail polishes & a nail file for 4.29.

Go get them!



Savin’ some money.

Today I was so¬†determined¬†on getting to Valleyfield to do a few changes (And if you follow me on twitter you know I’m Guilty of¬†¬†I went to Tim Hortons.)
Today I was paying my bill at our local BMO and my favorite bank teller, favorite as in she knows how to greet me by my name in¬†English¬†and I usually don’t ever have to repeat what I want and also makes super friendly conversation. So my bank teller goes on to say how she has the same phone company as me and says for the price I pay both her and her boyfriends comes up to that amount per month. Therefore I had to head to the Koodo both and change my plan. ¬†I mean two people together are paying what I pay alone ? C’est pas correct.
First things first I pay 25$ for 2 GB’s of internet when I only use 500 MB’s (I had my koodo guy double check from now until October).
Second off, I NEVER use my phone for an actual phone call except for my mom which is long distance of course, but what makes no¬†sense¬†was I had Canada wide calling (30$ base plan with other things) and also Long Distance calling for an extra 5$. Say what ? I’m paying 35$ when one of the things is already included. And breathe.
So my phone plan per month before changes was 60$ but by the time they added roaming and taxes it was 70$. I now have an all included (EVERYTHING I had before, except I have less internet, I got 500 MB) for a low 45$ per month. It’s not that low but when you think about it, it is a¬†huge¬†difference.
A grand total of 25$ of savings (Based on the 70$ taxes included amount.)
I’m happy now, I will put 25$ peer month more in my savings.
*Workin’ out everyday* Song stuck in my head by LMFAO
Peace peeps.