Brehh – Iggy on Repeat

Slo on repeat

“When I call sometimes I wish you pick up
But most days the call is declined
It’s okay, I don’t give a fuck
You outta sight, so you outta mind
I’m doing alright know I’ma be fine
I gotta few candidates standing in line
Broke up before but I wasn’t like this
Not many regrets I wish I could rewind
Damn. We both got our lives so it’s no surprise
The Schedules conflict and we can’t coincide
My heart’s cold, feels like I got no insides
We rushed it to the finish line, we should have took our time
You make me crazy with rash decisions and sudden movements
Can’t even enjoy a moment or pay attention to it
If I could try this shit again? Real shit I’d probably do it…
That’s why it’s hard to act like you someone I’m really through with”

The music addiction is so real right now. Music is life. Also have like a gazillion Breathe Carolina songs going “classified” is the one though ❤ And “or nah” I can’t get enough of.


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