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End month recap – GOALS

1) Work out at least 20 days this month I worked out around 20 days this month + my job is physical.

2) Try not to eat when I’m bored (avoid over eating- Be CONSCIOUS). If I was bored and went to go eat I made sure it was fruit or veggies 🙂

3) Pay at least 300$ to debt. By accident – YES ACCIDENT. I paid 480$ !!!!!! Well. I met my goal :p

4) Blog at least 4 times a week. I’ve been blogging like crazy! So many good reads- I HIGHLY recommend you to go read my other blogs 🙂

5) read one book. Yea- I read like 5 pages of a new book. haha

6) Incorporate more GREENS. EVERYDAY all DAY. uhuh Got the Kale so yummy.

7) Save at least 300$ I transferred 420 (ahah 420) to my TFSA for a grand total of 1000$$ 

8) Go see Dutchess more! This is so important to me.  I miss her like crazy. But I just seem to never have enough time to go see her. I want to walk her at least twice a week. Very much disappointing in myself I only seen her about 6 times but Trevor did go see her a couple of times too so I guess that counts. 

Did you achieve your goals for February?

I’ll update y’all soon with my March goals 🙂



Hello viewers, readers, bloggers, fans and friends.

(For some odd reason I liked how that sounded – very va va voom)

Fact: That was a lot of v’s. haha

I’d just like to say thanks for stopping by, reading, commenting, and liking my posts.  And that I will be posting a bunch more in February too as well.

At this moment I have 505 views and every single one of them I am great full for.  Because If I wasn’t getting views I would not be posting, and if I’m not posting I’m not getting any views and it is this vicious cycle of terribleness. Well not quit so, I’d probably be reading a book or crocheting. YES i’m a 21 year old (soon to be 22) that crochets, leave me alone haha. It’s fun kay !

So anyways this very in depth and elaborate post is simply just to say thank you and see you in February hopefully. (and that I am a secret crochet addictive young lady)

And feel free to comment, or like or share my posts I’d appreciate it!


No job, no money.

May I just point out how grateful I am that Carla had the January challenge and that I have some money saved! This is why …
TitleIf you guys want to read the details click on the picture…
Yea A temporary layoff, really ?! Yet they had hired three girls these last pass weeks but are laying us off? Because they made to many products without orders and instead of just cutting down hours they are just laying us off for a week. I’m just like “Whaa. Like wtf, like WTF. (And then other inappropriate words to follow and of course worry and sadness and freaking out.)
The good thing is that I have all my bills but my koodo paid for February thanks to the January challenge (See tab at top of page) and some money saved but still. If I hadn’t, I would have 80$ from now until February 17th. (Well actually the Thursday after Feb 17th, whenever that might be.)
I don’t even know what to say anymore, you know when you have just had it with someone ? Regardless if they are your employer or not. By all means I’m not bashing them, I just think that after 2.5 years it’s time for a break, I’ve gone through hell and back working there and now just want a better job. I can list a name of things that this job has caused me and they go from the physical (Broken finger) to the emotional (mild depression due to shift changes and grave yard shift.) I just feel like, I’ve done the crap and now can someone  cut me a break ?
I’m so angry too, I wish I had known a few days earlier I would have skipped school to work, I have other things to pay for, dog food to buy, 80$ for 2 weeks (NOT including my birthday or valentine’s day). On top of all this my Boyfriend works with me, he has even less money than me. CAN ANYTHING ELSE GET WORST? Oh even better in the letter they said we should apply for employment insurance, and that this might happen again. Unemployment isn’t even an option either since I’m a student I can’t get that. Thanks russet.
Oh and What about the people who have kids, own a house and a car that they all have to pay for. It’s not fair, I feel like we should be entitled to further of a notice or at least our 4% (Which I right now have 500$ of my 4% but can’t have it until may due to that’s when the time period is till. Like thanks. That’s my hard earned money, I feel like if you guys can cut off work randomly we should be entitled to have our 4% whatever the time is or the amount is.
So anyone know of any jobs in the Huntingdon area ?

Another Challenge ?

Bring it on 🙂
This one is going to be fitness, and legit this works out. Because I have the most supportive and totally fun workout partner (Cough, Jessie :))) And our group keeps growing. God. I love promoting health!
So anyways, my goals are;
1) Do cardio 16 days this month
2) Do a combination of Zumba and yoga to add up to 5 times this month.
3) Do 1 pull up by the end of the month (no cheating, a real pull up!)
4) Do 8 strength workouts this month (Zumba ‘tone and box’ is considered 1)
5) Train with my boyfriend at least 2 times out of the 16 times (Working out increases your endorphin’s = After workout sexy time ;))
6) Don’t stop until I’ve tried (The hardest part for me is starting a workout, but once I start I can go on for at least 2 hours.
So these are my goals for February  I will also still be doing a no/low spend too as well but won’t do weekly updates because I feel like that will be over kill. But I’m supper duper excited to start the fitness challenge and updated weekly (Every Sunday)