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Mkay I may have over reacted, just maybe.

So Wednesday / Thursday-ish (the line is slightly blurry) I was basically in the mode of “fuck my life” and I had wrote a blog on EVERYTHING that was going wrong but then when  I hit posted my computer went craycray and essentially lost the whole blog (not even a  draft was saved) and being all frustrated and stuff I just said fuck it there’s better things to do then rewrite it (like nothingness).  But since I had written that other post I’ve had the best of luck, or just a multitude of good/great things happen to me.

And today here’s the list of awesomeness:

Ugh, I got a free riding lesson, a pair of boots and gloves for winter.

I got a HUGE mirror and plywood to finish my repairs in my porch and supper from my aunt.

I made 40$ selling an old phone that I was keeping around until I could sell.

I got a weekend full of work which means more cash.

I got to go to an awesome concert (Brad paisley) and meet a new dude – was supper fun !

My porch is fully fixed and well done.

I’m sure there were more things  but I can’t think of them but these were the best I could think of 🙂 But it’s weird how everything can be the worst and then it can be the best.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. 😉




I have a few goals…

Ah This “10k” Can be applied to a few things in my life,

and that is,

I want to run 10km sometime soon(no expiry date it is to be achieved over time )

and secondly save 10 000$ (no expiry)

And thirdly pay 11 000$ of debt I have off (6k student loan and 5k credit card as soon as possible)

And alongside those goals I would also like to have / buy : Fiat abarth 2014, my little house, a horse, a second husky, an enclosure for both dogs and another for horse, a extension on my house, and backpacking for 1 week and a trip to the amazon to work with endangered species. Which do I want first ? I have no clue (all at once ?!?!?!  high hopes lol)

But right now, I would like to pay off my credit card and reach my savings goal alongside either planning a trip or taking one (also getting a husky puppy in 2 weeks)

Does anyone have any advice as to what to do in terms of all my goals ?

any thoughts ?




Karma’s a Bitch

Hey peoples

So this morning I ran into a problem once again Dutchess ran off and it completely set me back by an hour and I was late for dress shopping with a friend and since it goes by appointments only I was not able to go. (Sad face)

My title as you may have noted is that Karma’s a bitch, thus being that a few day’s ago I was irritated with my neighbors dog coming over to my property to try to mate with Dutchess, which in my opinion is disrespectful. I take usually the most precautions actions to ensure my dog stays on my yard and stays safe. With exceptions like today where I was showering and she got loose without me there to stop it from happening. I feel like this is karma because I used Facebook to express my annoyance with my neighbor,and what happened ? My dog got loose just a couple of days later. 

It’s either Karma or someones fucking around with me. 

I have no idea which one it is. 

But now I feel no better, I feel like irresponsible ? I also disgraced public property (Ahem, almost hit my own dog and had to slam the brakes to my car incredibly hard leaving two nice long black strips.) But like, I’m incredibly conflicted. I feel like what happened was my fault -which it was- and now I’m no better than the guy down the street who never ties up his dog. But the thing is I always tie up my dog and the only time she gets loose is purely by accident – or her being an escape artist. So like, am I bad, am I good, I’m fantastic that is what I am.

That is huskies for you though, hyper, crazy, chewy and escapee. I bet you’re thinking “they’re not that bad” Ahem, she has chewed/ broken 3 ropes. Those include a metal one, one tied to a tree and one in the ground. All got off of them and ran away. What we have now, is completely hillbilly -it is a super thick rope duck taped and tied to my broken car, she can’t chew through, and she can’t pull the car away. The only weak point is the hook it’s self (which is what gave away this time).

My dog at times makes me crazy, and not the fun kinda crazy but the kind that goes to insane asylums. 

So anyways now that I’m all exasperated and stuff, is their something you love but at the same time drives you totally insane ? (And ladies this does not include your partners haha)


The post that I do not have a name for.

So really this is another post about school mixed with some ramblings of January. 
So far I love all of the courses I have, though this always happens, until I get a bad mark then I hate everything. 
I can’t even decide on a favorite. In English we are studying revenge which is some serious awesome-sauce. Yes sauce. As in soya sauce. As in marinating sauce. Awesome sauce. I also have Criminology with my little British (Yes accent included) teacher. I feel like these are going to be tied. Then there is ethical issues which I’ll be very opinionated about because I’m just very opinionated. And I have gotten to that stage where I say anything on my mind in class.  Then there is methodology which is simply a project. And lastly Marketing which is quite interesting. 🙂
I have also worked-out super hard all week and managed to work so far 20 hours. Pretty good. Along side making a Turkey on Monday and living off of left overs successfully. 
Oh and Tuesday morning being late because of course my dog ran away and I spent an hour chasing after her while my boyfriend drove the car.  May I just expressed how annoying that was ? Very. I was in Pj’s running in super cold weather. 
But overall this week have been great, even though it is not done yet.  Let’s hope everything stays great.


Dog Days ~ Dutchess

So last weekend was my pouch’s Birthday (Dutchess), which was celebrated in 2 ways. Me waking up at noon and running around town chasing her because my brother let her off of the leash and then afterwards with some dog bones.

But for the first part, I really really really was not happy with her nor my brother. Also she’s a husky and all i can picture in my head her saying is “Oh you’re going to get me, NO YOU DONT! hahaha stupid humans…” and after an HOUR, I mean an hour of sprinting, running, diving and creeping around a cemetery (where I proceeded to catcher her.) Was not fun, but now looking back on it , it was kind of funny. Cause here I am breathing like there’s no tomorrow and she’s like ‘do de da, I’m a husky whom never get’s tired.”

You can guess what that face means …

So amongst this over the 9 months I’ve had her I’ve learnt a few things the hard way:

1) They shed… a lot. I usually vacuum once a day and god forbid if I don’t it looks like a scene from Texas with lil’ mini dust bunnies as tumbleweed’s.  And I swear I don’t go ‘AHA I’ve got you, you lil’ ball of fur you” While vacuuming … Well maybe I do :p

2) Huskies in particular are hyper, but what do you get when your Husky thinks she is also a cat? And over-size dog trying to sit on your lap while watching TV, whom then proceeds to bat your hair like a cat and but unlike a cat it’s not cute or funny; it’s painful and annoying and she always end’s up scratching me. But regardless, I still love her 🙂 Also she seems to think that her sitting spot is on top of the couch and at the headboard where our pillows are.

3) My dog is clever, like get the shoe on the highest shelf clever, get of her leash clever, get out of the house by opening the window clever (It wasn’t locked but how does a dog even know that?!)  drinking my tea the second I’m not looking clever,  and lastly getting the meat off of the counter without me even knowing clever. Some would say this is bad dog but remember I’m writing about the past and will talk about her changes/ differences  further below.

4) She likes to chew, like most dogs. At first it was teddies, then it was shoes, then it was my retainer, and now it’s pillows (but thank god it’s only pillows, because my retainer was worth 250$ and she ate 11 pairs of shoes … so a $4 pillow is not that bad.) Do we obedience trainer her? Yes of course, but she’s stubborn like most huskies and I feel like she is learning, just slowly and one thing at a time …  But I can trust her now, Meaning I can leave my shoes anywhere’s now and she won’t touch them.

5) Potty training, first off I HIGHLY recommend crate training And Praise over punishment. She was fully potty trained by 6 months old and has not had an accident since. ‘Yay her :)’

6) Dog food maters, this is something that people don’t think is important but I do. I buy first choice, it’s 69$ for a big bag and last’s 2 months.  One day I tried giving her complements brand name and she’s ate so much that she made herself sick and had potty issues  (I will not into detail but think in terms of the gastro) I called the vet and he asked “Has there been any changes made recently” I told him about the food and what do you know, it was indeed the food. He compared cheap  dog food brands to McDonalds (Gee what do you know  he happened to use the worst brand of food on earth in my opinion) Which from that point on and out I will never buy it again. I’ll stick to my ‘over priced’ dog food. And for those of you who are skeptical think of it this way would you feed your kid trash? chances are high that’ll be a no, so why should we feed our dog’s garbage food? (And anyways  all cheap brands are crude fat and food coloring with additives.)

7) Grooming, First off I’d like to say, no matter what if you have a long furred dog you’re going to either have hair on you or need to invest in a ‘schticky’ (which works by the way!) I only bring her to the groomers twice a year and I clip her nails myself. Working at an SPCA gave me tones of practice so I’m pretty good at it and up to date I haven’t over cut any animal. (includes: rabbits, dogs, and cats.)

8) Dog’s get jealous. Like whenever a toddler see’s their mom’s and dad’s hugging they instantly want their mom back to themselves (Also keep in mind this depends on the trait the child has and I did learn this in psychology, I’m not spewing lies here.). EXCEPT it’s Dutchess wants’ my Boyfriend to herself, if were hugging she tries to part us. This is something we are working on.

9) She howl’s like a wolf, full-blown bellowing husky to the max, or whines like a high-pitched irritating noise that you can’t stand at 4am in the morning because she has to pee but regardless of that you still get up and let her out in the pitch black night in your pyjamas in the freezing cold November-ness.  *And breath*

10) Dog’s are expensive and for life. They’re not something you get for a few weeks and then throw away because they’re ‘bad’ or ‘incontinent’, they are a part of your family and need commitment and time. If your dog is bad seek advice, work with him/her there are options other than dumping them in some random place or bringing them to the SPCA .it pains me to see so many animals go to the SPCA because they’re to hyper or bad, they deserve a chance …

But besides these factors, we are working on the most current one pillow chewing and the whole jealousy act. And of course something are unchangeable, like fur.  But overall she has come a long way from being the worst puppy in the world to finally calming down but still retains her quirkiness.

My dog’s my life, I don’t ever plan on having children, I feel like I already have one. (Plus I just don’t like kids, dogs are so much more fun!)

You can visit my youtube channel for video’s of her 🙂 @ AmberEveSimpson

If  you have any questions DONT  be shy to ask a way!

What have I done?

So today’s blog is going to be about my summer / fall goals and why I’m up at 3am writing this blog. First off most of my summer I’ve spent working 60 or more hours a week, yea I know it’s CRAZY and I’m just about at my limit for working as well. And all of the shifts I’ve been basically working are night.  So that is why I’m up right now. But I have to get back to day shifts before Friday. I have no idea how I’m going to do this.  Lots of tea? Coffee? Mhmm defiantly. But besides work I’ve had a little list of things I’ve been wanting to get done or buy or do for the summer and upcoming fall. And I will post them in point form with a either a complete, changed, never mind or to be done following them…

  • Get my Fitness degree (in progress)

  • Get hair done (Complete :D)

  • Get my puppy fixed (To be done when she’s 8 months)

  • Fix my car or buy a new one… (Obviously haven’t done either yet but I’m planning on buying a new one and scraping this one that I have now)

  • Buy  a bike and start biking (Not done, probably won’t get done- instead purchasing a treadmill)

  • Start my book (Now I have 2 in mind and haven’t started writing but have an idea of characters and setting and plots. Book 1 – Dutchess and her puppy/ dog years. More for advice and humor. Book 2 – ah, this one is a top secret 🙂 but I’ll give a unobvious hint “Halloween & les monsters”

  • Start Fundraiser #3 ( Last year in school I did 2 for 2 different organizations: SPCA de Valleyfield and La Bouffe Additionell) And this year I want to do 2 more for 2 other organizations that is part of this lower Montreal region. I hand in mind a school supplies fundraiser for kids that go to Heritage and the French elementary school.  And maybe a fun day for the less privilege or a weekly FREE activities day (like Saturday) for all younger students. A day like this would promote having funny & being active& making friends or making stronger relationships in younger kids. I can’t even begin to explain how vital it is for children to have a strong social life; it affects them, their self esteem, and their self worth in a group and will highly affect how they will be when they are older in the real world. Remember were always stronger in numbers.  And this theory can be applied to most aspects of the human life.  *** Sorry for going all Psychological on you guys, it’s defiantly a high interest for mine.***

  • AH, a new Phone. This is something I need every 5-6 months. Phones are a love hate relationship. I love them, but when someone else pisses me off I end up throwing them (the hate being they hate me 🙂 if a phone had feelings) I want an Iphone or a black berry. And I’ve narrow it down to a black berry due to my phone commitment issues, Who cares if you throw your black berry –psh. But some people will look at you with death eyes if you were to throw your iphone !

  • And then there are all of those other goals, like stop drinking coffee(tried, failed), save money( I have :)), go shopping(haha this is a never ending goal of my life.), get a tattoo(When I graduate college :)), go to a concert ( Lights :)), stop being stress (This is a working progress) Fix my house (Can you even fix a house in this type of state? HA HA) Get a tone of hours (Yep, done, now I’m burnt) and lastly be happy. (This is a, um, working progress that connects tightly with my stress& Anxiety & school & money& .. life. Ugh.)

I have many other goals and things I’d like to get done but honestly I have a list of about 200, starting with the dishes to do.  But these are more important and specific.

Do you guys set goals?

Do you regularly keep track of them?

Do you believe in always bettering yourself?

Going to be a New York Best Seller? Bien oui.

So I was sitting there and thinking to myself about how amazing my dog is and then she tips over her bowl of water and then I’m like seriously? Are you that stupid? This usually happens daily but with different situations. But overall no matter how stupid she is it comes off as funny, like my own funny T.V show in my house (that usually ends up with me picking up a mess of some sort *sigh*)

Dutchess is my first dog, of course I’ve had dogs all my life but I have never had one that’s been mine and living on my own, well I’m actually living with Trevor my Boyfriend. But this goes for him as well.

So I was thinking of writing a book mixed of truth and humor. Having Dutchess has been a great experience and right now she is only 7months old and there will be more to come obviously (and this book will take a long time to write as well.) But I just want to share my experiences of having a pure bread Husky, and trust me all those warnings out there – don’t ignore them, they are there for a reason. Dutchess is hyper, rowdy, annoying, sneaky (as in don’t pore your bowl of cereal and milk and turn around it won’t be there anymore), but on the good side she’s affectionate, friendly, A good workout if she happens to escape. And on the absolute horrible side … She howls, omg I can’t even begin to explain how annoying it is, and it’s not like big dog bark or howl no she sounds like a crying Chihuahua. Ugh. But for every good thing there has to be an extremely annoying bad thing.

And the nervous, my dog got stung by a bee and had a reaction, above her eye (forehead area)  was the size of a golf ball, and of course since it was a holiday weekend and Saturday, most Vets were closed. But one of my friends told me about baby aspirin and it saved her! (Even though she wasn’t dying) But I was freaking out I had no idea what to do and no vets would help me. But overall she’s great, thank god.

So if I was to start my book it would be about all experiences involving her, including the awkward… yea, really awkward. (To find out you’ll have to purchase my book debuting 2015.) I’ve even have set a goal 3 years of experiences to choose from. (If you don’t believe in the 2012 everyone is going to die thing, I know that I don’t.) And the way I’m approaching this book is through, well basically a note pad, I plan on writing down whatever seems to happen that seems possibly interesting. I also plan on including general information in the beginning of the book, like how I have to brush her 6 times a day during shedding season, and 1 a day in not shedding season.I might also include some friend’s experiences with dogs and maybe a picture of them and their dog.  

I have a ton of ideas and this must be a good thing because I have options as well if one thing doesn’t work out then I’ll just go over to the next one.



Does anyone know anything about writing books? Any tips?

Any funny dog experiences? “Awkward ones?”

Just Another Lazy Saturday Morning…

Hello everyone!

Finally for the first time in weeks, I got to sleep in. Then brought the dog for a walk and went and had the best hot chocolate EVER! at Jazz Tech 🙂 Wanna have good service? Go there, They are the best and so welcoming.  So sometime last night everything decided to melt and get all wet and slushy. Not good … now I’m soaking wet which sucks, and my hairs ruined because of how windy it was.  So I’m turning this Saturday into the lazy Saturday. I’m not going to do much at all.

While I’m here I’d like to mention my favorite Oscar dress’s My top two are (tied)

1)      Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab



2)      And Cameron Diaz in Gucci



Both Girls are stunning and I love the girly trend that seems to be going on and short hair-do. Very well done!

The cutest dog and man are…


Adorable right?  I think so, since I can never get any pictures of him and I finally got one  yay! Have I mentioned that I have a Bunny rabbit too? Named Sur prince Fuzziie Face.  He doesn’t do too much sooo yea. He eats and sleeps and bites you once in a while haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading/looking at all of this!

What is black and white all around?

So once again I’m in class listening to my teacher talk about how to construct a proper essay about poodles.  I know someone with a standard poodle, he is huge! And super cute and everything . Cute, My puppy is cute. I have still neglected to upload the new video of her; I have a few finishing touches to put on the video. 

I just got back to subway and I have not eaten and I am starving. I can’t eat cause if you ever have had Subway you know the wrapper is like paper and super noisy and that leads to everyone looking at you. Which then becomes awkward, and I turn red and … I’m starving soon. Writing about this is making me even hungrier.

So I just wrote a Descriptive Paragraph for class and I’ll link it down below. I know if you are reading my blog you don’t want to see school work usually.  But this is just a really good piece of work and if I get a low mark I’m going to flip out. ANYWHO …


                                                  Black and white.

  Dutchess is her name and her pronounced markings are obvious to what type of breed she is; that is of course a Siberian Husky. Her name comes from the inspiration of Kate the Dutchess of Cambridge who is married to Prince William. Set above her eyes are two potent white dots about the size of a quarter, and the tip of her tail is white. She looks like she is ever continuously wearing a mask on her face. As titled she is simply black and white, her colors blend into straight exact lines of fierceness. She is insanely playful and always gives you the, “can I touch it?” face before she grabs something she is not supposed to.  She also rolls onto her back and puts her paws on her nose and remains like that for a bit, until someone scratches her white belly. Her ears seem completely out of proportion to her head; they are white on the inside and black on the outer and when she hears a noise, they turn to the direction it came from.  They stand sky high above the rest of her body allowing awareness to seep over her; she knows where you are and what you are doing most of the time. She is a runner and if you are a squirrel well you better be a better runner. When running she is agile but quick, nothing stops her in her tracks except the sound of a mouth blown whistle; then she halts and gives me the “can I get it?” face. After she does that, I have to put her pink harness back on and bring her on a new path around town in hope that she will forget about the squirrel, and in hope that she won’t see another one. Her playful spirit brings joy to my day, she is the child I do not have, and her graciousness, beauty and lively spirit are part of her wonderful personality and looks. Dutchess is one of a kind and I plan on having her as a companion and as my baby for the rest of her dog years.


Dutchess in black and white, doesn't make a diffrence considering she is black and white :)

So what grade would you give this?

110%  adorable? Of course you would, so this happens when we has a choice to write about whatever we want to. Now that schools done I’m going to go do my daily workout, because I’m still trying to get rid of that Christmas weight I gained, Anyone else with me on that one? So this is where I’m going to go sign up for soccer and all that fun stuff just in hopes to shed of a few pounds.

On the not so bright side my house is under repairs.Waa. I want to go home and just relax. Sipping on a tea. Reading L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad. Have some music playing the back ground, my puppy sleeping on the floor: Perfection. And all this, all of it has been missing for some time now, about 2 months everything has sucked balls. People I want to go back to my home, I hate renovations!