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Mid Sleep Cardio

So I’ve  been working night shifts non stop – mixed with day shifts and however much work I can get. And this happens this morning:

About 10:30 am, my neighbor knocks on my door, I of course answer it pant-less. “Your dog ran away” I’m half asleep, and am like bitch you woke me up and I need coffee. I finally understand what she just said and am like #^@% . I proceed to awkwardly say “thanks” and mumble “mother fucking nuts” as I walk away to find pants.  

Finding her wasn’t hard though, she was at the neighbors house smelling her dogs. Though I did have to catch her which involved a little cardio, woo. I probably looked like a lanky giraffe trying to catch her all half asleep and shit. Hilarious to see.

In the end of all this shenanigans I learnt my lesson, to double-check Dutchess chain to make sure no one sees me in bathing suit bottoms again, because that’s a sore sight for the eyes.


Who Needs Sleep Anyways?

Hello friendly neighborhood spidermans and lady’s 🙂 

So For the longest time I couldn’t sleep and that was partly because of working night shifts while going to school and being overly stressed.  So After an unsuccessful  doctors visit, I decided that a few things had to change and one of them being my sleeping habits. Because honestly 2-4 hours a night wasn’t working out for me.

I forced myself to get to bed before 11pm every night and would get up between 6-7am with the aid of sleeping pills. After a week I stopped using them. At first without them it was hard to get to bed but I still tried usually doing yoga helped or reading.

And since then everything has been good, I’ve been sleeping 8 hours a night and now for the first time in 3 weeks I have to work a night shift. I feel like this night shift is going to ruin everything I’ve worked hard to change, But I need the money.  I’m not only working this weekend but next weekend too as well I’ll be working night shifts; about 4.

I really hope I can get back on track with my sleep cycle, It feels good waking up refreshed and ready to do things. Now I feel like I’m throwing it all away 😦 But this can just be the pessimistic side of me kicking in and I’m worrying for nothing.

Oh and aiding my none-sleepness (I tend to make up words- no harm; Shakespeare did it too!) I have this  amazing video game and a new addiction. I personally will take the credit for inventing XboxVideoGamingAddictionInAssociationWithResidentEvil6,  I have been plagued with this addiction.*


*Disclaimer: I am a newbie so something that will take most video gamers 1-2 tries takes me usually 3-7, and yes I’ll admit that

 1) It’s embarrassing

2) It’s hilarious.

3) My dog is the best Video game partner ever!