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Mkay I may have over reacted, just maybe.

So Wednesday / Thursday-ish (the line is slightly blurry) I was basically in the mode of “fuck my life” and I had wrote a blog on EVERYTHING that was going wrong but then when  I hit posted my computer went craycray and essentially lost the whole blog (not even a  draft was saved) and being all frustrated and stuff I just said fuck it there’s better things to do then rewrite it (like nothingness).  But since I had written that other post I’ve had the best of luck, or just a multitude of good/great things happen to me.

And today here’s the list of awesomeness:

Ugh, I got a free riding lesson, a pair of boots and gloves for winter.

I got a HUGE mirror and plywood to finish my repairs in my porch and supper from my aunt.

I made 40$ selling an old phone that I was keeping around until I could sell.

I got a weekend full of work which means more cash.

I got to go to an awesome concert (Brad paisley) and meet a new dude – was supper fun !

My porch is fully fixed and well done.

I’m sure there were more things  but I can’t think of them but these were the best I could think of 🙂 But it’s weird how everything can be the worst and then it can be the best.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. 😉




I have a few goals…

Ah This “10k” Can be applied to a few things in my life,

and that is,

I want to run 10km sometime soon(no expiry date it is to be achieved over time )

and secondly save 10 000$ (no expiry)

And thirdly pay 11 000$ of debt I have off (6k student loan and 5k credit card as soon as possible)

And alongside those goals I would also like to have / buy : Fiat abarth 2014, my little house, a horse, a second husky, an enclosure for both dogs and another for horse, a extension on my house, and backpacking for 1 week and a trip to the amazon to work with endangered species. Which do I want first ? I have no clue (all at once ?!?!?!  high hopes lol)

But right now, I would like to pay off my credit card and reach my savings goal alongside either planning a trip or taking one (also getting a husky puppy in 2 weeks)

Does anyone have any advice as to what to do in terms of all my goals ?

any thoughts ?




Things I’ve been up to.


Well I’ve been doing Rodeos and riding, I’m still fairly new so I’m not placing or winning anything, I’m just learning and having fun 🙂 And let me tell you, it is some serious fun. I just love riding.

The last few weeks I took care of and gave a second chance to a baby bird that almost died. But ever so sadly she passed away a couple days ago due to reasons of which I withhold from you as my readers. And let me tell you how much you can get attached to something so small and so vulnerable. It really saddens me knowing I wont be able to see her fly to my shoulder or tweet for some food.

I’ve always grew up taking care of wild animals from time to time, I’ve had bats, a skunk, raccoon, and even a goose. And then typically we let them loose after they where a-ok. And this was my plan with the little bird Birdy (brown sparrow) But as fate had planned three weeks prior it had past away. (Very sad face)

I’ve done two runs this summer The color me rad run( 5km flat ground) which I didn’t get a time for, and The mud run (6km obstacle course) which I completed in 1 hr and 1 minute. The mud run was the funnest workout I’ve ever done in my life! and I got a medal for it 🙂

I’m planning on going to a concert in August (linkin park, AFI, and 30 seconds to mars)But i also already went to a concert – Avengesd severfold which was energized and electric while just being sick!!! all at once haha it was one of the best concerts I have ever went to!

But yea this is what I’ve been up to besides being healthy (working on being a vegan) and working out.

What have you been up to these days ?




Summer time :)

This summer I plan on having the best summer ever.

I plan on going to all the races/ runs my little heart desires.

I plan on going to as many concerts as I see fit.

I plan on going places I’ve never been.

I plan on saving a grand or two.

I plan on being the best version of myself (Following and developing a better fitness plan, Becoming a Raw Vegan with no slip ups)


And I plan on going to Rodeos and camping out as many weekends as I can have off.

My summer To-Do list:

Afi, Linkin park, 30 seconds to mars.

Lady Gaga.

The color run

Run or Dye

The Electric Run

Mud Hero

Xman race

The night Run

Become Raw vegan

Save 2k


Rodeos (Earn 1 point)


Whats your plans for the summer ?






Horse back riding.

I’ve started something new this week.

I’ve always loved horses – in grade school I would always write about horses and unicorns. My room was decorated with horse items. I loved all of it. I remember once mom helped me write a book- I was in grade 4 I think and it was about horse, how I wanted one, one I had met at a farm we went too, and a few other nonsense childish things.  I still have it today 🙂

So besides riding ponys, I had no real horse experience. Until this past week I started riding Blossom. Shes about 24, super sweet- though a tad out of shape haha, can’t get much of a trot out of her yet.



I’ve ridden her 3 times this week – my ass is so sore. But I’ve been pretty happy this week. Since mom passed I’ve been “mulling” through the weeks slightly aimlessly, sure I had goals and things to do but I really had nothing there to put a good long-lasting smile on my face. But let me tell you, riding  this old mere sure does just that- I have a HUGE kiddish smile on my face. I just love it. I feel so stress less and as if I have no problems, even though physically I’m sore.

I just love it.

And ever so gratefully, my BEST friend got me two riding lessons which I plan on taking very soon. And my Boyfriend got my an additional two riding lessons 😀 EEK, this just really, all of this puts me in such a good mood.

So grateful.