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Karma’s a Bitch

Hey peoples

So this morning I ran into a problem once again Dutchess ran off and it completely set me back by an hour and I was late for dress shopping with a friend and since it goes by appointments only I was not able to go. (Sad face)

My title as you may have noted is that Karma’s a bitch, thus being that a few day’s ago I was irritated with my neighbors dog coming over to my property to try to mate with Dutchess, which in my opinion is disrespectful. I take usually the most precautions actions to ensure my dog stays on my yard and stays safe. With exceptions like today where I was showering and she got loose without me there to stop it from happening. I feel like this is karma because I used Facebook to express my annoyance with my neighbor,and what happened ? My dog got loose just a couple of days later. 

It’s either Karma or someones fucking around with me. 

I have no idea which one it is. 

But now I feel no better, I feel like irresponsible ? I also disgraced public property (Ahem, almost hit my own dog and had to slam the brakes to my car incredibly hard leaving two nice long black strips.) But like, I’m incredibly conflicted. I feel like what happened was my fault -which it was- and now I’m no better than the guy down the street who never ties up his dog. But the thing is I always tie up my dog and the only time she gets loose is purely by accident – or her being an escape artist. So like, am I bad, am I good, I’m fantastic that is what I am.

That is huskies for you though, hyper, crazy, chewy and escapee. I bet you’re thinking “they’re not that bad” Ahem, she has chewed/ broken 3 ropes. Those include a metal one, one tied to a tree and one in the ground. All got off of them and ran away. What we have now, is completely hillbilly -it is a super thick rope duck taped and tied to my broken car, she can’t chew through, and she can’t pull the car away. The only weak point is the hook it’s self (which is what gave away this time).

My dog at times makes me crazy, and not the fun kinda crazy but the kind that goes to insane asylums. 

So anyways now that I’m all exasperated and stuff, is their something you love but at the same time drives you totally insane ? (And ladies this does not include your partners haha)