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Meet Duke

As you may have read in a previous post I have a new puppy named Duke, he’s a Sibarian Husky.

Heres a picture for added cuteness šŸ™‚


He is seriously the love of my life, who needs a man ? Get a dog šŸ™‚

Maybe these are signs of forever alone ? haha jokes. But seriously with a puppy it’s like your free time is consumed with joy, happiness, playfulness, excitement, all those positive emotions that we need to and should surround ourselves with. Remember people the most important thing in life is to be happy, and that’s through doing what you love and positive happy thoughts. šŸ™‚ and for me that’s a cute Ā puppy and blogging and driving and riding and jogging and … you get my point šŸ˜‰

No job, no money.

May I just point out how grateful I am that Carla had the January challenge and that I have some money saved! This is why ā€¦
TitleIf you guys want to read the details click on the picture…
Yea A temporary layoff, really ?! Yet they had hired three girls these last pass weeks but are laying us off? Because they made to many products without orders and instead of just cutting down hours they are just laying us off for a week. Iā€™m just like ā€œWhaa. Like wtf, like WTF. (And then other inappropriate words to follow and of course worry and sadness and freaking out.)
The good thing is that I have all my bills but my koodo paid for February thanks to the January challenge (See tab at top of page) and some money saved but still. If IĀ hadn’t, I would have 80$ from now until February 17th. (Well actually the Thursday after Feb 17th, whenever that might be.)
I donā€™t even know what to say anymore, you know when you have just had it with someone ? Regardless if they are your employer or not. By all means Iā€™m not bashing them, I just think that after 2.5 years itā€™s time for a break,Ā I’veĀ gone through hell and back working there and now just want a better job. I can list a name of things that this job has caused me and they go from the physical (Broken finger) to the emotional (mild depression due to shift changes and grave yard shift.) I just feel like,Ā I’veĀ done the crap and now can someone Ā cut me a break ?
Iā€™m so angry too, I wish I had known a few days earlier I would have skipped school to work, I have other things to pay for, dog food to buy, 80$ for 2 weeks (NOT including my birthday or valentineā€™s day). On top of all this my Boyfriend works with me, he has even lessĀ moneyĀ than me. CAN ANYTHING ELSE GET WORST? Oh even better in the letter they said we should apply for employment insurance, and that this might happen again. Unemployment isn’t even an option either since I’m a student I can’t get that. Thanks russet.
Oh and What about the people who have kids, own a house and a car that they all have to pay for. Itā€™s not fair, I feel like we should be entitled to further of a notice or at least our 4% (Which I right now have 500$ of my 4% but canā€™t have it until may due to thatā€™s when the time period is till. Like thanks. Thatā€™s my hard earned money, I feel like if you guys can cut off work randomly we should be entitled to have our 4% whatever the time is or the amount is.
So anyone know of any jobs in the Huntingdon area ?

The Verdict

So finally, I had my doctor’s appointment today and got some good news. I had my cast taken off as well but now I have to tap my ring finger and my middle finger. You alll know what this means, I won’t be able to fully express my road rage. Ā aha, that’s a joke, I don’t have road rage, nor a speeding problem šŸ˜‰

Even though I’m not wearing my cast anymore I can’t say that I can go write a term paper and start using the elliptical. Definitely, not. Ā I can’t open a door, I can’t turn a car key, I can’t hold a cup of coffee but besides this there is a noticeable improvement.

Besides the fact that my hands the color of the Grinch(how the Grinch stole Christmas) and Big bird(from sesame street) It is a lot less swollen, though it is still quite swollen around my knuckles and my fractured finger.

I got to see my fracture and it turns out I have a medium fracture not a hair line and a chunk of my knuckle had broken. To be SPECIFIC it’s my 4th middle phalange on the inner right top where it connects to the proximal phalanges.Ā  Yea, no big deal or anything. It’ll take 6-8 weeks to heal.

In the mean while there areĀ  few things I can do, type with my thumb and index finger from my right hand and of course every finger on my left hand. Ā Go jogging, worked out today [: super motivated to, it was over a week since I last had. Play with my fur baby. Change my clothes though my bra proved to be a pain in the butt. But overall I avoid using my right hand unless it’s very light work like tapping a key board.

So I’ll keep you updated shortly. The picture below is NOT MY HAND. But a Google picture with names of the parts of the finger so you guys can get a better understanding.


The pink is to give you guys a rugh idea where it would be.. This is NOT my hand once again. Though having apink fracture would be cool.


peace, xo

This is the end

This is what I posted on my tumblrĀ the nightĀ of my work accident. MyĀ tumblr blog is



I feel like my life is ruined. Iā€™m in so much pain. fractured my ring finger and the rest of my hand was severelyĀ crushedā€¦ I canā€™t do anything alone. the DR. didnā€™t perscribe pain killers. I just want to sit in a ball crying, hey wait ā€¦ thatā€™s what I have been doing ā€¦ how am I supposed to do homework? put on make up? get dressed? drive my car? and work? Iā€™m so poorĀ IĀ  can barely afford food and now this? Iā€™m having a serious panic attack. I know it could have been worse, I could have lost my fingers. But this alone is enough to discourage anyone.

and IĀ just want to bawlā€¦

mind my spelling mistakes #NotALefty


Lefty and rightyhalf cast


Essentially my glove got caught and pulled my hand in which then got crushed by sprocket

Definition of sprocket:

      1. Each of several projections on the rim of a wheel that engage with the links of a chain or with holes in film, tape, or paper.

      2. A wheel with teeth.

Then the chain continuedĀ to well crush my hand. my first reaction was to pull my hand but IĀ couldn’t and after about 10 second (the longest most painfulĀ seconds of my life) I remembered the emergency stop button. I got my hand out which at this time was completely numb out and the supervisorĀ sat me down in the office. Then called the ambulance (company rules.) I was fiercelyĀ shaking and kind of hysterical, couldn’t feel anything and was bleeding everywheres – kinda had theĀ  right to freak out. The doctor at first said your hand just suffered traumaĀ and IĀ was likeĀ “Bitch no, there’sĀ something wrong with my ring finger, all IĀ feel is a fucking grinding ass pain, there isĀ somethings wrong.” (said inĀ a moreĀ politeĀ tone of course šŸ™‚ ) and then it turnsĀ out it was fractured in the knuckleĀ area, however that works out… Overall the most painfullestĀ experience of my life. My two car accidents put together wasn’t even this bad and IĀ had whip-lash with deep cuts.

I after a day, IĀ have figured out that I can in fact wash my own hair (in a bath tub). Play monopoly very good in fact. And need at least 4 pain killers every 4-6 hours.Ā  I can type very slowly with my left hand. I can close a car door. I can eat certain things like crackers. but something like apple sauce or cereal is very hard to do, I can’t hold the bowl in one place and have a hard time controlling my left hand while directing the spoon. According to my boyfriend this is hilarious.

I can’t do a lot of things that really frustrate me and from there just make me sad or mad or both and then usually cry in defeat. but I’ve gotten over this pretty much. I just avoid things that IĀ know IĀ can’t do. But its all very veryĀ discouraging. So my strategy is to avoid such things because I know they’ll just make everything so much more worst.

My boyfriend has been the best, he is super helpfull and deals with all of my bitching, complaining, anger issues and sadnesss and for the most part is still incouraging and helpfull šŸ™‚ going to get all mouchy here but I ā¤ him :]

I’ll update my blog as much as possible butĀ IĀ have no idea when, with 12 days of school left, this hand and frequent panic attacks I can’t for sure tell you how many blogs I will write.Ā