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Meet Duke

As you may have read in a previous post I have a new puppy named Duke, he’s a Sibarian Husky.

Heres a picture for added cuteness ūüôā


He is seriously the love of my life, who needs a man ? Get a dog ūüôā

Maybe these are signs of forever alone ? haha jokes. But seriously with a puppy it’s like your free time is consumed with joy, happiness, playfulness, excitement, all those positive emotions that we need to and should surround ourselves with. Remember people the most important thing in life is to be happy, and that’s through doing what you love and positive happy thoughts. ūüôā and for me that’s a cute ¬†puppy and blogging and driving and riding and jogging and … you get my point ūüėČ

October update

So I paid off all of my small debts

and 3000$ on my credit card (still 3444.73 left to go which I’ll do tomorrow)

And had enough to pay for my puppy Duke (600$) who got very near death sick (DONT TRUST BACK YARD BREEDERS!!!!)

After this I may be living pay check to pay check for a little why but I’ll be able to save up quickly knowing myself.

I want to be debt free by the end of October!

I did not make any side cash this week I’ve been pretty busy with an intense Dead End run and my poor little puppy.


I have a few goals…

Ah This “10k” Can be applied to¬†a few¬†things in my life,

and that is,

I want to run 10km sometime soon(no expiry date it is to be achieved over time )

and secondly save 10 000$ (no expiry)

And thirdly pay 11 000$ of debt I have off (6k student loan and 5k credit card as soon as possible)

And alongside those goals I would also like to have / buy : Fiat abarth 2014, my little house, a horse, a second husky, an enclosure for both dogs and another for horse, a extension on my house, and backpacking for 1 week and a trip to the amazon to work with endangered species. Which do I want first ? I have no clue (all at once ?!?!?!  high hopes lol)

But right now, I would like to pay off my credit card and reach my savings goal alongside either planning a trip or taking one (also getting a husky puppy in 2 weeks)

Does anyone have any advice as to what to do in terms of all my goals ?

any thoughts ?





I keep saying to myself,

I’m just going to blog about all these good and sometimes (once in awhile) bad documentaries, But I Just haven’t gotten around to it.

And now due to procrastination I have watch so many that I would have to re watch them to be able to write about them.

But here is the catch, there is one documentary that I can’t stop thinking about and that I wish every single person in the world would watch!

It’s called :¬†Earthlings¬†¬†¬†(I’ve linked that up so you guys can ALL¬†¬†go watch it.

Out of every single documentary I watched this is the one, I recommend, and I won’t even talk about it here- I won’t give you a hint as to what it’s about.¬†The title it’s self is good enough of a hint.

So if you read my blog, or follow me, watch this. it’s free already linked up for you, all it takes is a click of a button and about an hour and something of your time.

it has an affect on you.

What is something you have watch that has had an effect on you ?




Spring is Here

For some of you that means the geese flying back, spring cleaning and the weather getting warmer . For me that means A HELL of a lot more cleaning due to the fact that I have a husky and they tend to shed this time around. Here is a photo of my floor, I vacuum it everyday. EVERYDAY. And there are millions of dog  hairs EVERYWHERE. I brush her too, their is to much hair to contain it.


*Runs for the hills and cries, realizes it’s a bad dream and some how manages to find her self on fur hills* Don’t doubt for a second they’ll be gone because next you know it all the dust¬†bunnies¬†are back. I¬†seriously¬†cannot wait for shedding season to be over with.
The second issue, once again involving my dog, oh how dearest to me she is. Come spring time¬†everything¬†melts there tends to be soggy mud under the dead looking grass and after a few mins I officially have a muddy puppy. As you might have seen I got new floors just put in. So mud + puppy = AHHHHAHAHA. Then I¬†attempt¬†to do these sort of¬†maneuvers¬†like picking her up and quickly running her to her cage, not fully¬†realizing¬†I’m¬†dousing¬†myself in mud before school. Derp.
Oh spring is here *sigh* I rather hibernate in the winter.
Any of you enjoying the  warmer weather ?


Once again a Facebook educed¬†a¬†post. Sometimes Facebook really get’s annoying and then people say ridiculous¬†things and I just can’t help myself but reply back. This one is¬†of a lesser seriousness issues when compared to say the language issues of Quebec; being the wildlife of Quebec, now if anyone who’s reading this knows me I’m kind of¬†a¬†wildlife tree huggers¬†? I guess you can say, well anyways that’s what my dad says I am. I’m not vegan and still eat meat and still believe in y’know¬†farming for¬†your needs and what not, but I don’t find it’s right to go killing off wild animals especially¬†if they are endangered.
Now this comes from the thing of a few animals (dog and a horse) being attacked¬†in my town and of course people talk and they think it’s a wild cat of some form, I think it might be the Coyotes I heard them a couple of nights¬†ago¬†getting all round-up¬†and howling and stuff. But regardless of what the animal is some people are just ridiculous and say things without thinking twice such as ‘kill it’ and ‘I wonder who will be the first to shoot it’ and this happens ….
¬†“I mean they were here first, and on top of that they don’t have rational decision making¬†ability like we do. It’s not like it thinking “hey, I want to kill someones sheep today.” they’re just satisfying a need of hunger which is in its nature. We can’t blame it for something that is completely normal and necessary for its survival. So unless it actually harms a human I don’t see why we should make the decision to kill it especially when relocating it is such a plausible idea and allows for 2 happy endings. As is we have ridden this world of so many animals some don’t even exist anymore because of our irrational behaviors. Moreover, I would be pretty pissed off to hear someone killed it. (And I’m done ;))” via me at 7 am in the morning being all witty and save the wildlifeness.

Whether it be this guy or the other 2 guys their are other options other than killing them off. Hello, relocation.

mountain lion

First off, one of the animals mentioned was a lynx, they are endangered and so help me god if it is one and some hillbilly does go and shoot him I’ll punch him out and please call the police because I don’t give a ****. ¬†
Second off where do we have the right to rid of these animals they are only trying to survive. We don’t, there is one thing to survive and use them as a means as food and then there is killing for sport or for money. Not cool.
And then of course I¬†have to analyze it in terms of ¬†‘if this was your situation’ : well¬†I¬†love my dog as if it was a child, I would be devastated if whatever it is was to chow down on her, but I’m a responsible dog¬†owner and¬†I don’t leave it out in the dark alone, since¬† most wildlife is nocturnal¬†the chances of this happening are slim. But per say if something happen, I’m not going to run after it like a mad man with a shot-gun. I’m going to call the animal ward, I will also make sure it is relocated. And then sit and cry, cry so much like I’m watching Hachi. Such a touching movie.
I’m not completely¬†sense¬†less when¬† it comes to the point of our pets in jeopardy¬†but if the owners made sure their pets were in then that could prevent such situations.
Lastly I do have a ‘draw line’ when ever what it is harms a human then that’s¬†where something has to be done immediately.
Anyways guys,

Sunday night chit-chat.

Favorite photo: Of my puppy sleepily lazying around on our new wood floor. I love this floor, my house looks so much more better! I’m soooooo happy and grateful!










Watching: The one and the only Walking Dead. Fantastic episode! seriously. Was one of the best, had so many meanings. 

Listening to: Lately if the laptops on then I have either Ed sheeran playing or Imagine Dragons. 

Baking/Cooking: Made Veggie dogs while at my in laws¬†they¬†were all having Pevains (Really cheap fast¬†food¬†restaurant¬†in ¬†Huntingdon.)¬†I¬†love¬†veggie dogs! they’re so much more better than Hot dogs!

Veggie Dogs









Happy you accomplished this week:¬†I finally finish my¬†scarf¬†for my friend even though it was a couple of days late, and I have started my secret¬†sister¬†hand-made gift! ūüôā I also got done what I consider to be the best essay ever, in criminology. My goal is to get high 90% in this class.¬†










Looking forward to next week:¬†March Break! Which means work and more work and no homework stress. Well I have homework but I will be leaving it to the last-minute. I want to also get a head start on my March Challenge by working out every day, donating blood tomorrow, and volunteering¬†Saturday. And possibly a few other things I’m trying to plan, small get together party, a girls dinner at my place and possibly the movies with my and my boyfriends friends (We’re trying to get them to date ;p)

Thankful for this past week:¬†My boyfriend and his friend fix my floor! it looks fantastic! Before I had 3¬†different¬†tiled areas, plywood showing and even a burnt spot from the last person who lived here. AND now it’s all wood and pretty and I’m so¬†grateful¬†that they worked 2 whole day sand surpassed my expectations! (They’ were only supposed to do the living room but¬†also¬†did the kitchen !) I’m sooo happy.

BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever left the house in your pj’s? The most I will leave my house in is sweat pants and that is usually because I’m working out. I’m opinionated in terms of people wearing pj’s in public, I¬†personally¬†wouldn’t ever. (Because¬†that would mean wear short¬†shorts¬†in March!) lol.


Pshh, I’m not a farmer

I’m a raccoon chaser (say it like rake-ken)


More like the Raccoon was chasing me, and I fell, and almost died.

Yea, I did farmer work over the past weekend for learning experience purposes, and it’s pretty hard work. You don’t want to mess with a farmer, they’re pretty strong.

Just wanted to say.

BTW, Cows a freaking cute, like adora-balls.

Peace ūüôā


Firstly, Pipe the fuck down and for those of you’s whom want to know where I got this from visit¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EldZB85l6bU
I love all natural things, like water, cause without it of course I couldn’t wash my hair, stay hydrated, I dunno give my dog water,¬†kayak, skate and all other sorts of stuff.
But for some god damn not normal reason *Global warming* everything melted today, in the middle of January, in¬†Canada. And river road *Hint hint*¬†Flooded¬†and the town hadn’t put signs up so here I am like *La di da, la di da, HOLY MOTHER F^CK, shit. Christ* and of course I stall. For those of you’s currently lost in translation, my car stalled in the road turned river with a current¬†and slabs of ice floating onto the other side, and I am dead center in a curve and couldn’t see the ground and started¬†panicking.
I almost died (Not really)but I was scared that I was going to be swept away into the ditch and drown and some random lose crocodile was going to snatch my dead body up and I would be forever lost. These are real thoughts. Yes very sad. I did get out and will be steering clear of that road for the next week or so.
The only thing is when I drove by that road to take another road (about 2 hours later) they had a sign up , Like REALLY. Thanks for the late notice. That would have been great to know way before. Thanks buddy.
*Breathes a refreshing sigh.*
Here’s a picture of the road it gets worst more into the street but obviously I wasn’t going to walk or¬†drive¬†further in for a picture.¬†

Flood and stuff.

Alas I am alive and¬†although¬†slightly¬†irritated¬†I’m happy they have the sign up so no one can get stuck or potentially get ¬†eaten¬†by a crocodile or¬†stranded¬†shark or anything. (I live near¬†Montreal¬†– no we do not have sharks or¬†crocodiles¬†but I do have random panic attacks which convince myself as ¬†so – no I am not crazy; just creative with my imagination.)
P.s.¬†Avoid¬†deep water, because if I recall the Land before time Song “Deep water” there are¬†scary¬†things in there that you can’t see.¬†Dinosaurs!!!

Dog Days ~ Dutchess

So last weekend was my pouch’s Birthday (Dutchess), which was celebrated in 2 ways. Me waking up at noon and running around town chasing her because my brother let her off of the leash and then afterwards with some dog bones.

But for the first part, I really really¬†really was not happy with her nor my brother. Also she’s a husky and all i¬†can picture in my head her saying is “Oh you’re going to get me, NO YOU DONT! hahaha stupid humans…” and after an HOUR, I mean an hour of sprinting, running, diving and creeping around a cemetery (where I proceeded to catcher her.) Was not fun, but now looking back on it , it was kind of funny. Cause here I am breathing like there’s no tomorrow and she’s like ‘do de da, I’m a husky whom never¬†get’s tired.”

You can¬†guess what that face means …

So amongst this over the 9 months I’ve had her I’ve learnt a few things the hard way:

1) They shed… a lot. I usually vacuum¬†once a day and god forbid if I don’t it looks like a scene from Texas with lil’ mini dust bunnies as tumbleweed’s. ¬†And I swear I don’t go ‘AHA I’ve got you, you lil’ ball of fur you” While vacuuming … Well maybe I do :p

2) Huskies in particular are hyper, but what do you get when your Husky thinks she is also a cat? And over-size dog trying to sit on your lap while watching TV, whom then proceeds to bat your hair like a cat and but unlike a cat it’s not cute or funny; it’s painful and annoying and she always end’s up scratching me. But regardless, I still love her ūüôā Also she seems to think that her sitting spot is on top of the couch and at the headboard where our pillows are.

3) My dog is clever, like get the shoe on the highest shelf clever, get of her leash clever, get out of the house by opening the window clever (It wasn’t locked but how does a dog even know that?!)¬† drinking my tea the second I’m not looking clever,¬† and lastly getting the meat off of the counter without me even knowing clever. Some would say this is bad dog but remember I’m writing about the past and will talk about her changes/ differences ¬†further below.

4) She likes to chew, like most dogs. At first it was teddies, then it was shoes, then it was my retainer, and now it’s pillows (but thank god it’s only pillows, because my retainer was worth 250$ and she ate 11 pairs of shoes … so a $4 pillow is not that bad.) Do we obedience trainer her? Yes of course, but she’s stubborn like most huskies and I feel like she is learning, just slowly and one thing at a time¬†…¬† But I can trust her now, Meaning I can leave my shoes anywhere’s now and she won’t touch them.

5) Potty training, first off I HIGHLY recommend crate training And Praise over punishment. She was fully potty trained by 6 months old and has not had an accident since. ‘Yay her :)’

6) Dog food maters, this is something that people don’t think is important but I do. I buy first choice, it’s 69$ for a big bag and last’s 2 months.¬† One day I tried giving her complements brand name and she’s ate so much that she made herself sick and had potty issues¬† (I will not into detail but think in terms of the gastro) I¬†called the vet and he asked “Has there been any changes made recently” I told him about the food and what do you know, it was indeed¬†the food. He compared cheap¬† dog food brands to McDonalds (Gee what do you know¬† he happened to use the worst brand of food on earth in my opinion) Which from that point on and out I will never buy it again. I’ll stick to my ‘over priced’ dog food. And for those of you who are skeptical¬†think of it this way would you feed your kid trash? chances are high that’ll be a no, so why should we feed our dog’s garbage food? (And anyways ¬†all cheap brands are crude fat and food coloring with additives.)

7) Grooming, First off I’d like to say, no matter what if you have a long furred dog you’re going to either have hair on you or need to invest in a ‘schticky’ (which works by the way!) I only bring her to the groomers twice a year and I clip her nails myself. Working at an SPCA gave me tones of practice so I’m pretty good at it and up to date I haven’t over cut any animal. (includes: rabbits, dogs, and cats.)

8) Dog’s get jealous. Like whenever a toddler see’s their mom’s and dad’s hugging they instantly want their mom back to themselves (Also keep in mind this depends on the trait the child has and I did learn this in psychology, I’m not spewing lies here.). EXCEPT it’s Dutchess wants’ my Boyfriend to herself, if were hugging she tries to part us. This is something we are working on.

9) She howl’s like a wolf, full-blown¬†bellowing husky to the max, or whines like a high-pitched irritating noise that you can’t stand at 4am in the morning because she has to pee but regardless of that you still get up and let her out in the pitch black night in your pyjamas in the freezing cold November-ness. ¬†*And breath*

10) Dog’s are expensive and for life. They’re not something you get for a few weeks and then throw away because they’re ‘bad’ or ‘incontinent’, they are a part of your family and need commitment and time. If your dog is bad seek advice, work with him/her there are options other than dumping them in some random place or bringing them to the SPCA .it pains me to see so many animals go to the SPCA because they’re to hyper or bad, they deserve a chance …

But besides these factors, we are working on the most current one pillow chewing and the whole jealousy act. And of course something are unchangeable, like fur.  But overall she has come a long way from being the worst puppy in the world to finally calming down but still retains her quirkiness.

My dog’s my life, I don’t ever plan on having children, I feel like I already have one. (Plus I just don’t like kids, dogs are so much more fun!)

You can visit my youtube¬†channel for video’s of her ūüôā @ AmberEveSimpson

If  you have any questions DONT  be shy to ask a way!