Shell Shocked

Hello people,

So I don’t know about you but has your dog ever run away (if you have one?) It’s terrifying isn’t it?

Well Dutchess ran away the other day legitimately sent me through and anxiety attack and then I was shell shocked. Of course I didn’t wait for her to come back I went after her in. Gladiators, shorts and a little frilly top. I proceed to run through a corn field and a hay field.

Presently the closes road to me is a high way mainly used by cars, semis and tractors. You know no big deal if your dog is smart and stays clear of them right?

My dog is a fucking idiot and decided that running out in front of a semi is a perfectly ok thing to do, I swear that I seen her dying in front of me – but I didn’t she just just got off the road which leaves me in the road in front of the semi, kinda panicking.

It took 2 hours for me to catch her, 10 km from my house. She’s alive, okay and in tip top shape. But as for my state of mind? Well I’ve been better, jesus she almost got run over by a semi! And I don’t think this would have affected me much except for. The fact that I’ve seen a dog ( what was left when it got run over by a semi and that’s all I could think of .

Bien, she’s okay which is good but seriously I’ve run out of things to tie her too

Any ideas on what I can do?

(For the record yes I am taking a bath lol)

Peace y’all

One thought on “Shell Shocked

  1. I’m glad there is someone who I can relate to with dog issues! I care this much about my dog too, I would do almost anything to save my bitch, ridiculous right? But i’m most definitely sure you would run 5 km (: Good work girly! And my dog is just as an idiot as yours, Cocoa is clueless I tell you. I thought dogs were suppose to be smart?

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