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Mid Sleep Cardio

So I’ve  been working night shifts non stop – mixed with day shifts and however much work I can get. And this happens this morning:

About 10:30 am, my neighbor knocks on my door, I of course answer it pant-less. “Your dog ran away” I’m half asleep, and am like bitch you woke me up and I need coffee. I finally understand what she just said and am like #^@% . I proceed to awkwardly say “thanks” and mumble “mother fucking nuts” as I walk away to find pants.  

Finding her wasn’t hard though, she was at the neighbors house smelling her dogs. Though I did have to catch her which involved a little cardio, woo. I probably looked like a lanky giraffe trying to catch her all half asleep and shit. Hilarious to see.

In the end of all this shenanigans I learnt my lesson, to double-check Dutchess chain to make sure no one sees me in bathing suit bottoms again, because that’s a sore sight for the eyes.


The post that I do not have a name for.

So really this is another post about school mixed with some ramblings of January. 
So far I love all of the courses I have, though this always happens, until I get a bad mark then I hate everything. 
I can’t even decide on a favorite. In English we are studying revenge which is some serious awesome-sauce. Yes sauce. As in soya sauce. As in marinating sauce. Awesome sauce. I also have Criminology with my little British (Yes accent included) teacher. I feel like these are going to be tied. Then there is ethical issues which I’ll be very opinionated about because I’m just very opinionated. And I have gotten to that stage where I say anything on my mind in class.  Then there is methodology which is simply a project. And lastly Marketing which is quite interesting. 🙂
I have also worked-out super hard all week and managed to work so far 20 hours. Pretty good. Along side making a Turkey on Monday and living off of left overs successfully. 
Oh and Tuesday morning being late because of course my dog ran away and I spent an hour chasing after her while my boyfriend drove the car.  May I just expressed how annoying that was ? Very. I was in Pj’s running in super cold weather. 
But overall this week have been great, even though it is not done yet.  Let’s hope everything stays great.