Double Hump Day

I already used Hump Day  as a tittle so numero duex. 

So I got everything done yesterday except working out and reading.

Instead I went to be super early and as for reading I read blogs in the bath instead.

I have a nak for multitasking naked haha

For those of who having no idea what I’m talking about – click the link down here…


On today’s agenda:

Workout longer than usual



Go to school


Watch  a Documentary

That is all for now


Two Calfs Tuesday

is Actually three calf’s Tuesday.

Three very cute, healthy in my knowledge little girls.

Which if you don’t know is a good thing cause girls = cows = milk when they are older.

And let me tell you how DAMN adorable these little ones are (or maybe i’m just being sappy ? cause they are baby animals)

Since they’ve been born I have of course been feeding them. I have no idea why, but I find it so rewarding- also whenever they were born- problem free I get really emotional. Haha

It’s like a new life.  And for some god damn reason (probably women related) It gets me.

But anyways – SAPPYNESS.

They’re super cute and I uploaded the three photos to my Instagram (you can follow me :)) @AmberEveSimpson



About me

This is a super quick post about my NEW about me section – it was the same for two years and I can assure you since then things have change.

Under the header above just go a head and click the about me sections, let me know what you guys think 🙂 and leave a comment.


The big Question

I follow and love Shes a great young lady paying off her rather large debts,  on her  blog she left a question that I am choosing to write a blog as my answer.

So my question for all of my blogger friends out there? – If you weren’t a Personal Finance Blogger (or insert ”x” blogger) what kind of “y” blogger would you be? What’s your other passion? And for my readers who don’t blog, would you still read a PF blog if all of a sudden that blogger started writing about other things other than finances?

I simply have a personal blog – where I blog about my life, my thoughts and my passions.

If I could have another blog (or two :p) it’s a relationships and advice blog – where I can give advice talk about my own issues or good happenings and maybe a segment would be interviewing other people and telling their story.

The second blog would be an inspiring fitness blog for all those people who say “they don’t know how” and ” they cant”. I would show them that they could. In grade 11 I lost 60 lbs and kept them off for 3 years. Last year in a mild depressions I gained 50lbs back. In June of 2013 I took initiative and started back on my health pack slowly but surely I have lost (and gained). Now in 2014 I have lost a total of  5lbs this month, solid, and because of my physical job I’m not only losing fat but gaining muscle and am feeling more better about myself than when I was just skinny. I want to motivate people. Give them tips. I have two personal trainers courses under my belt. I have a passion for health and an ice cream weakness (nobody is perfect).

I just don’t feel good enough.

YEP. I know. Stupid eh.

Maybe one day I will feel good enough.


Back to school.

Hey peeps,

You know it is going to be a great year when in the first week 2 classes are cancelled. I’m actually kind of annoyed of this. I mean we “the students” showed up why can’t the damn teachers ? HUH HUH ?!


I can’t wait for Thursdays and Fridays, Psych and Gym my two favorite subjects. Woo baby.

Talk to y’all later.


wordpress app ?

Hey guys,
For the month of july I was absent on my blog as my regulars you probably noticed. Sorry about that a number of things stopped me from getting to a computer and I was rather really busy this month.

Presently my house is in a state of stacked boxes – I’ll post about that in more detail and I’ll include a july updated.

I’ve been working out a tone too.

This is kind of a buffer post to see how my wordpress app works, see if it looks all right. Leave a comment too as well letting me know 🙂

One thing that bothers me – I have no idea how to change the font or color usually all my posts are pink and I’m sure this one will be black. But hey a posts is a post.

Tv show monday.

Well, I don’t actually have satalite or anything cause I’m so main stream right now therefore Netflix is my go to. (Actually I’m a college student living with her boyfriend who is also a college student and it’s so much more cheaper to watch netflix and down load TV shows than to actually pay Bell like 60$  a month.)
Anyways this post is essentially about how when I get into a TV show it’s sad and scary  Lack of sleep, in denial, normal fits, Couch potato syndrome, emotional attachment to characters, pillow fights, bets, aggressive cookie eating syndrome and lastly explosive tweets (I’m not proud of that one). Obviously some of these are not true but I do really get into certain shows and it’s to the point that someone has to be like “Hey you have school/work tomorrow, turn off the computer and walk slowly away, breathe.” Usually the messenger dies. Joke, the messenger is my boyfriend and he’s still here. Pshh bet y’all thought I killed him.
So these are my Favorite Tv shows right now. 
The one and the only The Walking dead come sin first place with just a couple of episodes left I’m no edge with whats going to happen with the woodbury and the prison, I truly hope that there are not to many casualties. 
Ah the second show I’m super into is “Drum roll please” True Blood, I can’t even express how much I love this show. My local coffee shop sold my the first series and I watched all of it in 2 days. it is amazing! And it makes me some what comfortable about having a tooth gap for years of my life (presently have braces) with Sookie the main character having one it’s lifting, to see some form of imperfection in a really popular TV show. 
And thirds a charm, sex and the city is the only show that I could re watch episodes and not get annoyed at even though it has been off air for I think about 8 years I have the seasons and still watch them. I haven’t yet watched the new Carrie Diaries but I’ll have to see that whenever it gets on Netflix.
I have a couple others but they’re in the I still like but haven’t watched in a long time:
Doll House
Being Human
… –>Derp moment
Teen Wolf
The city/ the hills.
Yep, But right now I’m only watching two tv shows and that’s that. 
Do you guys have any current obsessions with TV shows ?
Do you have any weird TV show habits ?

Late Nights

At the present moment I’m being plagued with late-night-homework-syndrome and can’t decided if I should sleep for 3 hours or just finish my essay then sleep for how ever long I have left.

It’s really such a  bad habit I have, I’m always late or leave things to the last minute and hopefully in march I’ll get my stuff together and stop procrastinating, or try to at least. I really do wnat to change my ways sooner rather than later because honestly I’m getting to old for  this.

Anyways Im out.



How come it is if you have something you want to forget you just can’t ?
And why whenever you need to remember something you don’t?
I feel incredibly irresponsible today, I was supposed to purchase a second hand item for my dog and I completely forgot because I was celebrating my friends birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSIE :)). It’s not that big of a deal it was just a dog toy, but I’m ashamed in myself for being so distracted and forgetful and not being able to manage my day better. 
Now I have to email the lady explaining this, it’s so embarrassing. 
Remember guys, Peace.