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Goals ? Budgets ?

What are those?

hah since this school semester I kinda went off the grid in terms of money.

I bought a dog which then got sick

Bought a beater car

Bought a summer car

Bought a sounds system


So much money spent and right now I’m sitting at 1k in my TFSA – so poor.

And this month I have quite a bit to pay for. Such as a speeding ticket, a tempo, ah Christmas, riding lessons.  I know that these things are 1) unnecessary 2) my fault 3)wants not needs

But it still sucks.

January I’m not going to spend any money I don’t have too (AKA resto’s, movies, extra gas for random driving, shopping..)

And I’m going to pay off as much as I can and hopefully by my Birthday have another 1k in my tfsa.

No matter how often you fall off of the bandwagon always try to get back on set smaller goals and achieve them one step at a time 🙂


To do list for life

aka a bucket list,

So far I’ve been doing a lot this summer that I have marked down as To do’s for this summer but I have not only been doing things on this list but also just other things I have never done before. So I’m going to be collectively adding all these things together and making a To-Do page on my blog. Some of the things I’ve already done this year or last year and some of the things I have not- and the reason why I will be adding things from last year is because they were really big desires of mine that are still very memorable to me. Everything I cross of my list will be blogged about or already has been.


So in the short comings I will have anew page up.




Hey guys,

Sorry for my lack of blogging these days. As you all know this typically happens in the summer.

for some reason I cannot sleep today: actually tonight would be the proper term. and I get up at 5:30 am -_- ugh.

Hmm,what to do …

Well tomorrow I won’t take a nap and I will workout – by the time it is around 9pm I should be tired enough for bed haha.

Well her goes attempt #1000000000000 gazillion to sleep,

Night all.


Things I’ve been up to.


Well I’ve been doing Rodeos and riding, I’m still fairly new so I’m not placing or winning anything, I’m just learning and having fun 🙂 And let me tell you, it is some serious fun. I just love riding.

The last few weeks I took care of and gave a second chance to a baby bird that almost died. But ever so sadly she passed away a couple days ago due to reasons of which I withhold from you as my readers. And let me tell you how much you can get attached to something so small and so vulnerable. It really saddens me knowing I wont be able to see her fly to my shoulder or tweet for some food.

I’ve always grew up taking care of wild animals from time to time, I’ve had bats, a skunk, raccoon, and even a goose. And then typically we let them loose after they where a-ok. And this was my plan with the little bird Birdy (brown sparrow) But as fate had planned three weeks prior it had past away. (Very sad face)

I’ve done two runs this summer The color me rad run( 5km flat ground) which I didn’t get a time for, and The mud run (6km obstacle course) which I completed in 1 hr and 1 minute. The mud run was the funnest workout I’ve ever done in my life! and I got a medal for it 🙂

I’m planning on going to a concert in August (linkin park, AFI, and 30 seconds to mars)But i also already went to a concert – Avengesd severfold which was energized and electric while just being sick!!! all at once haha it was one of the best concerts I have ever went to!

But yea this is what I’ve been up to besides being healthy (working on being a vegan) and working out.

What have you been up to these days ?




Aw fuck, mother fucking, roller coaster.

Mind my language

I feel like the more and more shit happens the worse my language gets.

like you know when you stub your toe ? And you’re like aw sun of a B*tch mother f*ck c*ck s*cker sun of a c*nt.

Yea we can all agree with this right ? and if not you’re lying because if you ain’t saying this out loud you sure as hell are thinking it.

So yes but for the last little while (Basically summer) I’ve been swearing more and more and I kinda sound like Jenna Marbles around  8 minutes into this video (please take several minutes of your time to enjoy the crazy ass shit that goes on in this video (rant)) http://jennamarblesblog.com/videos/fuck-my-house/

Bien so this summer has been what you can call an roller coaster of crap, sometimes great and sometimes scary as fuck.

Eh lets start fresh at the beginning,

1)dumb my dick ass of an ex boyfriend (I guess this is a good thing considering now he is harassing all of my girlfriends to the point they have to block him on Facebook)

2) Go no a trip and meet an awesome hot as fuck Dutch guy and never see him again.

3) Ditch my car

4) Get evicted by my own fucking parents, more specifically my douche bag of a father who doesn’t even work.

5) My dick of a car’s engine decides to go and mother fucking explode and die and stuff.

6) My stubborn as fuck dog running away and almost getting runned over by a semi in front of me – da fuq.

I mean I bet their are more things but I really don’t feel like picking my brain for them, But yes these happenings have lead to the ever increasing swearing problem I have.

And of course we can’t forget fuck this house, I was so mad at my dad like jesus fuck I was supposed to buy the damn place but he would negotiate -_- Because eh is a cheap bastard.

I plan on giving up on this swearing act after, well probably never. Eh, I have a sailors mouth what else can I say ?

It’s terrible, And yes I can act like a lady when I have too.  That’s not a problem but when you get me and my best friend together every other word is fuck. or whenever I stub my toe … haha

So I’ll try not to swear – until bed time, from here on out. aw fuck, shit their I go again sun of a bitch,. aw well. …

Also my summer was pretty amazing though because of all my friends, they were all supportive and kept me busy and this counts more than the shitty 6 things that had happened this summer/


Summer timee

I love summer. 

Anyways lets cut the corny-ness. It’s been a long last few days, been working non stop – ACTUALLY haven’t had a day off in over 2 weeks. 

What I would do right now to bask in the sun and listen to some new daft punk while reading and thinking of certain things. 

I also have like a million new things to discuss – it has been well over a month since I have actually blogged – like just for my self not for a cause. 

– I’m buying a house Tuesday, yee 40 000. ( Basically why I’ working like a mad man)

-I’m single, which is pretty awesome because they’re some fine men out there. Though this in reality is recent but in my mind set it has been a while. Sad but true. 

– Workin’ out everyday, mhmm. I’mma get back down to my 135 by fall.

– regret not doing soccer this year – seen some of my old team and was like damn :/ I regret not going in. 

-I really want a pool, sigh, but I can’t get one – well I COULD but am choosing not to.

-The new Daftpunk song really- REALLY makes me happy – dunno if it is because it is their first album since like forever or if it is becasue it reminds me of just having fun (which is like never because all i do is work)

-I have as per usual become more whiny, gotta stop that, staring now. 

-I’m done school WOO

-Been reading Nicholas Sparks “safe Haven” it is soo good and I just want all of his books and regret selling them 😦

I feel like there is so much I want to say, but too much of a good thing can turn bad, hence I’m out 🙂

Whats all your opinions on my house purchasing endeavors ? let dem at me 😉


What have I done?

So today’s blog is going to be about my summer / fall goals and why I’m up at 3am writing this blog. First off most of my summer I’ve spent working 60 or more hours a week, yea I know it’s CRAZY and I’m just about at my limit for working as well. And all of the shifts I’ve been basically working are night.  So that is why I’m up right now. But I have to get back to day shifts before Friday. I have no idea how I’m going to do this.  Lots of tea? Coffee? Mhmm defiantly. But besides work I’ve had a little list of things I’ve been wanting to get done or buy or do for the summer and upcoming fall. And I will post them in point form with a either a complete, changed, never mind or to be done following them…

  • Get my Fitness degree (in progress)

  • Get hair done (Complete :D)

  • Get my puppy fixed (To be done when she’s 8 months)

  • Fix my car or buy a new one… (Obviously haven’t done either yet but I’m planning on buying a new one and scraping this one that I have now)

  • Buy  a bike and start biking (Not done, probably won’t get done- instead purchasing a treadmill)

  • Start my book (Now I have 2 in mind and haven’t started writing but have an idea of characters and setting and plots. Book 1 – Dutchess and her puppy/ dog years. More for advice and humor. Book 2 – ah, this one is a top secret 🙂 but I’ll give a unobvious hint “Halloween & les monsters”

  • Start Fundraiser #3 ( Last year in school I did 2 for 2 different organizations: SPCA de Valleyfield and La Bouffe Additionell) And this year I want to do 2 more for 2 other organizations that is part of this lower Montreal region. I hand in mind a school supplies fundraiser for kids that go to Heritage and the French elementary school.  And maybe a fun day for the less privilege or a weekly FREE activities day (like Saturday) for all younger students. A day like this would promote having funny & being active& making friends or making stronger relationships in younger kids. I can’t even begin to explain how vital it is for children to have a strong social life; it affects them, their self esteem, and their self worth in a group and will highly affect how they will be when they are older in the real world. Remember were always stronger in numbers.  And this theory can be applied to most aspects of the human life.  *** Sorry for going all Psychological on you guys, it’s defiantly a high interest for mine.***

  • AH, a new Phone. This is something I need every 5-6 months. Phones are a love hate relationship. I love them, but when someone else pisses me off I end up throwing them (the hate being they hate me 🙂 if a phone had feelings) I want an Iphone or a black berry. And I’ve narrow it down to a black berry due to my phone commitment issues, Who cares if you throw your black berry –psh. But some people will look at you with death eyes if you were to throw your iphone !

  • And then there are all of those other goals, like stop drinking coffee(tried, failed), save money( I have :)), go shopping(haha this is a never ending goal of my life.), get a tattoo(When I graduate college :)), go to a concert ( Lights :)), stop being stress (This is a working progress) Fix my house (Can you even fix a house in this type of state? HA HA) Get a tone of hours (Yep, done, now I’m burnt) and lastly be happy. (This is a, um, working progress that connects tightly with my stress& Anxiety & school & money& .. life. Ugh.)

I have many other goals and things I’d like to get done but honestly I have a list of about 200, starting with the dishes to do.  But these are more important and specific.

Do you guys set goals?

Do you regularly keep track of them?

Do you believe in always bettering yourself?

Mother Nature are you okay?


So I live in Quebec, Canada. And for the last few days it has been amazing. Tan worthy. Walking around in flip-flops worthy.  Wearing short-shorts worthy. AND even Swimming worthy. YES. March.  I know you must think I’m crazy depending on who you are, if you aren’t from Canada and think we are supposed to be covered in snow, we’ll we are supposed to be but nope Mother Nature wants us to bring them sunglasses out early.  

There is one small problem. ALL my summer cloths and shoes and EVERYTHING are in my storage while we are redoing my house (which we are on the last coat of painting and then I can move back in ^.^) See that wouldn’t be that bad of a problem If I could get to it without having to move a whole house worth of stuff. Oh and it gets worst I have only two dresses out and everything else is like winter-ish stuff like thick sweaters and Fuzzy leggings and Whooly-Man socks, Yes I went there. And yes they are Trev’s, and he does know but he isn’t proud of me. Guy’s socks are just so much warmer; you girls know what I’m talking about? You go to Arden’s and buy cute socks and your feet freeze, you have to wear like three pairs to be able to feel your toe’s after a small walk.

This is an old pic of about 2 years but Idealy this is what I need: Sunglasses, Shorts, Purse, and Gladiator sandals.

Idealy this is what I need: Sunglasses, Shorts, Gladiator Sandals. Sadly I have none. 😦

So I have no summer clothes this is a HUGE deal, I don’t know what to do.  I have a budget which allows me to not spend money on myself :/ Because I already spent that part of the budget for March, and April is so so so far away. So I have come up with one solution, borrowing 🙂 You know where I’m heading … I mean swap for a few days. I don’t have any shorts or skirts so the last thing to do is when you’re in need resort to a good friend who completely understands what you’re going through.

It was so nice out that I got to go for a small jog and am motivated to getting my body back in shape. Thanks to the help of Dutchess I’m always running after her, but that’s because I’m trying to show her how to play fetch, though I secretly think she just likes to see me run and get the ball. She is probably thinking to herself “Haha now you know how it feels to go fetch, do you like it? Huh?” Haha I know insanity right?

So my goals for this week are:

  • To run 5 days x 30 mins .

  • To make sure the SPCA fundraiser for dog leashes does amazing at school.

  • To borrow a pair of shorts.

  • And work some odd job to give me cash fast,

  • And to get all this homework done, it is seriously taking over my life. You miss three days and suffer for weeks. Bleh.

  • Get my car back. ..

My car that’s something you guys have been out of the loop about. Well let’s just say if the mechanic was a doctor my car was just brought back to life. I have so many engine problem which included two leaks which lead to no Prestone which lead to overheating, then all my sensory’s broke, then some of those fuse thingy’s went. Now that I think about it that all happened in one day, maybe this death is faster than what I thought. I need a new car.

(I would insert a picture her bu that would be devastating :s)

I think I’m done here for the day, Maybe I’ll be back here with some good news like I won a car from Roll up the Rim at Tim Hourtons, ooo how I wish this 🙂  or the TV would be my next best option.  Can’t you tell I’m Canadian eh?