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To do list for life

aka a bucket list,

So far I’ve been doing a lot this summer that I have marked down as To do’s for this summer¬†but I have not only been doing things on this list but also just other things I have never done before. So I’m going to be collectively adding all these things together and making a To-Do page on my blog. Some of the things I’ve already done this year or last year and some of the things I have not- and the reason why I will be adding things from last year is because they were really big desires of mine that are still very memorable to me. Everything I cross of my list will be blogged about or already has been.


So in the short comings I will have anew page up.



Tuesday To-Do

Hi ya all ūüôā

Go to Super C and buy 40$ of strawberries (that is 32 cartons)  DONE

Cash cheque and Budget   DONE



Take a nap

Clean and trim strawberries and freeze them

Blog   DONE!

Read a couple pages in my book

Plant my soy bean

So here is todays to do list ūüôā

What do you have to get done today ?!?!?!




The To-Do List.

Yea We all have one,

Where or not we get things done on it depends on how much we procrastinate and In my opinion how motivate we are in getting the list done.

Well here is my list (keeping in mind that I just got done work and am going back to work at 5:30)

Clean up– dishes

bath (read a couple pages of my book in bath)

Bank- Budget

Walmart (buy wool and see spark plugs price)




Contact Sarah ma friend and Dayle at Champlain to see about my course and last semester

Look and get gifts for Jessie and Trevor.


Two things on my list are already done (i have cleaned up a bit still have dishes to do though, and I am presently writing my blog.)

So I have 5 hours to finish he rest of my list woo.

What is on your list for the day ?


Moday moments.

Ahh, don’t we all love Mondays, they are the symbol for a new week and a fresh start.
My fresh start involved jinxing myself and then spilling pineapple juice everywheres. Typical me, So the story goes as this. Talking to Jessie “I want my pineapple fruit cup but knowing me I will spill it everywheres.” I forgo with eating the pineapple fruit cup. I not only spill it (Just a little my notes would have been ok if it was only that) I spill it a second time.¬† A SECOND TIME. And my notes died and I had to rewrite a page of them.
Next: a few things came¬†in¬†the form of complete gibberish, legit. I called apple¬†pie; cake, and then the server¬†started saying cake because of me. I said¬†‘dfknkdf’ and was trying to say thank you and can I have a spoon. For some reason my mouth ceases to work today, it’s like communication just doesn’t seem to work.
But for the record I was on time today ūüôā and I participated in class which was awesome¬†it felt like it had been ages since I was at school, thank god I’m over that¬†retched¬†stomach virus thing¬†(which I gave¬†to my younger brother) *Sneaks in a giggle*
I hope to get some things done today:
  1. Pay bills
  2. Do methods homework
  3. Read more Shakespeare
  4. Crochet
  5. look for gifts
  6. Make some calls (Yoga instructor and a friends thinger- yes I mean thinger^)
  7. Clean my kitchen
  8. Farm ville 2, for only an hour max (No more than an hour!)
  9. And train, some zumba fitness and maybe a jog.
  10.  Up load a blog about what I got done.
^  Thinger Definition: It means a thing, but so much more than just a standard thing, it has meaning and a purpose therefore thinger can be applied.

Got To Keep Myself Busy

So since I can’t do much due to my hand, meaning I can’t work and usually I do 30+ hours a week, so now I want to put my time usefully in other areas of my life.¬† Thus being school work. I have just under 10 days left, and a lot of improving on my economics mark, I’m ALMOST passing just a tad off. So I’d like to improve by at least 10% and getting a 20% ¬†increase would be amazing though I can guarantee that that’s not going to happen. Most of these goals are more directed for this upcoming weekend. And the weekend goals are all school related, and kind more of a to do list.

Some other goals are:

  • Learn a lot about Gandhi and his way’s and political related ways and write a killer 95%+ paper.

  • Complete my Essay for Geo, Humanities and English this weekend.

  • Get answers from Josee about extra courses (Yes, more.)

Next Week

  • Figure out a game plan for my 3 weeks off (paid), and 2 weeks off (no pay), Maybe a second job?

  • Get another 90% in another class, three would be great but that’s pushing my luck ):

  • Do some hard core catching up on my working-out, had a week off. THE WORST WEEK EVER. (I’m starting to get feeling back in the majority of my hand which is good, except the fact that I’m not wearing my cast :s and my fractured finger is one sickly looking finger :s)

  • Super clean, with my hand I can’t broom or do any major house cleaning so the Boyfriend has been doing it all. When never I get the ‘ok’ to start using my hand again I want to do a major cleaning.

So besides all of the above try to be optimistic.

Even though I can’t play Xbox and Resident Evil 6.

EVEN though I can’t wear my contacts or make up.

EVEEEEN though I can’t workout.

Yep, optimism.

I’m working on it.