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Things I’ve been up to.


Well I’ve been doing Rodeos and riding, I’m still fairly new so I’m not placing or winning anything, I’m just learning and having fun 🙂 And let me tell you, it is some serious fun. I just love riding.

The last few weeks I took care of and gave a second chance to a baby bird that almost died. But ever so sadly she passed away a couple days ago due to reasons of which I withhold from you as my readers. And let me tell you how much you can get attached to something so small and so vulnerable. It really saddens me knowing I wont be able to see her fly to my shoulder or tweet for some food.

I’ve always grew up taking care of wild animals from time to time, I’ve had bats, a skunk, raccoon, and even a goose. And then typically we let them loose after they where a-ok. And this was my plan with the little bird Birdy (brown sparrow) But as fate had planned three weeks prior it had past away. (Very sad face)

I’ve done two runs this summer The color me rad run( 5km flat ground) which I didn’t get a time for, and The mud run (6km obstacle course) which I completed in 1 hr and 1 minute. The mud run was the funnest workout I’ve ever done in my life! and I got a medal for it 🙂

I’m planning on going to a concert in August (linkin park, AFI, and 30 seconds to mars)But i also already went to a concert – Avengesd severfold which was energized and electric while just being sick!!! all at once haha it was one of the best concerts I have ever went to!

But yea this is what I’ve been up to besides being healthy (working on being a vegan) and working out.

What have you been up to these days ?




Winner encoure

Kay, i just don’t know what it is but I am good at monopoly. I win every time.

Me and my bf play with our friends and I have only lost once where I came in second.

So yea today once again we played monopoly and I won.

11 hotels, 4 trains and 905$


What’s your favorite board game ?


Miss. 22

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling Twenty-Two”, well maybe that’s because it’s my birthday. haha.

Oh and this …

“It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters, and make fun of our exes uh uh uh uh.”

Kay, I’m been WAITING so long to be able to sing that god dam T-Swift song 🙂


Here y’all go click there 🙂

Also here’s a birthday picture- and yes minus the towel I am in my birthday suit :0 hahaha




















Also for more Selfies and such visit my Instagram @AmberEveSimpson and follow me 🙂

Besides this I hope y’all have a great day cause Y’know I’m feeling 22.

Yea 22.


I’m done lmfao.

Peace ❤




Oh the terribleness,

Save here,

Don’t spend here,





But anyways for those of you who are nosy as fuck or just simply are curious as to what my newly high tech and well thought out budget is stay tuned … for the well thought out budget I follow.

(in a nutshell pay my debts, save money, and feed myself)

BASED ON A WEEKLY PAY. (divided by envelopes – savings is deposited into bank account)

Gas (to get to work and some leeway for extra driving) 50$

Savings  (To buy a better car or rent my own place or buy a house one day) 60$

Random (I go free skating a lot and its 2$ each time and movies and clothes) 30$

Car (Jan 2004, Feb  186.92$, and from march on it will be  : 9.80$ a week) 60$ (for now)

Veggies & fruits (healthy eating still going strong JUICE) 40$

DEBT (and go fuck yourself -consumer burden piece of shit I have been paying all my life credit cards should die- //EndRant ) 60$


And there you go and that should equal to 300$ a week.

I pledge to follow this. but January is the first month I’m testing out this budget and it may have flaws which will result in changes. I figure everything will be sorted out by march.

Also say if I need 10$ more for driving and haven’t used any of my random money – well it is obvious: I’ll just take from the random envelope since it has no true definition as to how I use it.



I Be Like Ouch.

Feeling the effects of paintball on Monday is pretty sad, sad and painful.

It’s represented in the shades of blue and purple all over my legs, arms and even a bruise on the top of my head.

Saturday was the second time I ever played paint ball and it was really fun – way funner than the first time. I was friends with the other players and it was just overall a fantastic time. It was close by too, the first time I went to paint ball I went to big foot which is 2 hours away. This Saturday I went to Arnold’s paintball in Havelock about 35 mins away (Going Jessie’s speed lol). The price overall was cheaper, about 33$ per person if you have a group of 15 or more, and the gas to drive there is a hell of a lot cheaper than a 2 hour drive.

So I have about 7 bruises, I think the most painfulness was the one got in the back of my arm (MY ********* that HURT). The messiest paintball to clean up is the one that exploded on my head, that also hurt but I think it was more of a pain in the butt than anything. 1) Pain balls are messy 2) I’m a girl with tones of hair 3) It was a disaster and really hard to get out.

And I have now decided that I love paintball – regardless of how I can’t even walk up stairs  two days later. And would like to do it at least once per month (wishful thinking eh ?) Though that will get expensive. So At least once again this summer.

You might be thinking why do I like something that is incredibly painful? Because it is some serious fun, a hard-core workout and a great adrenaline rush. Also I think it is the only safe time you can actually shoot your boyfriend without going to jail 😛 or someone holding a grudge against you.

Disclaimer: I do not in any way or sort want to ever shoot someone with a real gun ever (unless they’re a zombie), paintball is just a realistic game based on simulated warfare with fun in mind .

Have you ever played paintball ? if yes  whats your opinion about it ?

If no, what are you waiting for ??

Peace 🙂

Social Psychology

I`m an almost expert now! I wish but I`ve learnt a lot. Like why I joined soccer or why I`m friends with the people I am friends with and also why I don`t get along with my family.

I have one day left of my Psychology summer course and it is the final exam I have to take on Thursday. I also have to hand in a self-reflection paper / what this course has taught me paper.

And I would post it here but I don`t like what I know about myself. But I do what to help a few people out. According to my class,  if you`re dating someone and you have nothing in common- break up, or you can try to make it work but it will be time consuming and both partners have to be committed and don`t ever get married. Apparently people who aren`t alike have a higher divorce rate. That’s just some blunt advice/information, that you don`t have to take especially if you live by the philosophy “opposites attract“.

               I`m not sure if I believe this yet myself but I guess I`ll see.  I just mean social media play`s with this topic all of the time, you always see the rich prince and the nobody getting together. They`re nothing alike but they fall in love and get married and live happily ever after.  But I guess media likes to over dramatize everything and make the unbelievable seem like a possibility. (That’s why all these years I`ve thought there were really aliens, stupid media effects for misleading my childhood beliefs.)

My current relationship is amazing and we have something’s in common, but were not 100% alike. We both don`t like doing the dishes, which leads to one of us bribing the other to do them.  I find when you have things in common you can do a lot more.  But for every good thing there are  annoying things such as I hate shopping with men. I hate hate hate it, unless they will pay for my stuff. They are so awkward they just stand there and ladies if you’re reading this and have this problem: there is no cure and if you don`t have this problem: holy shit girl your lucky! And if you’re a guy reading my blog and notice that my example complies with you: change! Say something, point something out, DON`T stand there awkwardly!  And my second difference with my BF is I like things that give me a thrill, like roller coasters, elevators and scary things.  And well he hates roller coasters, the others don`t faze him, but he does not like anything with motion and heights. Which means either I go alone on rides, or we double date or we don`t go and save that money.  

I do Believe that you have to have things in common to have a good & fun relationship but you don`t have to have everything in common. There will be obstacles and as partners you should overcome them (depending on the activity/thing) or just leave them as is, it depends what you don`t have in common.

For us we just have given up on amusement parks because I have loneliness problems,therefore, I don`t go on rides alone because I need to hold someone’s hands. And for dishes ha-ha well, I cook and I believe that the digester/eater/person should clean up since I slaved over a meal for them.

But regardless of all this, I love my class and am now convinced that I will take every single psychology option available.

Do you believe in opposites attract?

Are you currently in a relationship where you and your partner are not the same at all?

If so how do you guys make it work?

xo, Amber


Hello all, this is my first blogging attempt … let’s see how this turns out 🙂

Now I’m here in school not doing my work of course and thinking about everything that has happened so far, in almost a weeks’ time. I turned 20 and it still hasn’t hit me. Honestly I should be back in high school, working on a huge school production or going to prom, but in reality I’m years away from that time.
  For my birthday I got a lovely gift, a puppy named Dutchess. She’s my baby now. I don’t plan on having kids in the near future. My boyfriend of 1 year and 9 months got me her. It was a funny story though, because I can be a pain in the butt at times. I saw an ad for a pure bred Siberian Huskies and I called immediately. Which my boyfriend wasn’t too happy about because I just insisted that’d he’d pay for the dog. Not to sound spoiled or anything, but in the end I got her. I also had to wait close to 3 weeks before she could come home.
  At this moment my house is under renovations and I’m staying at my boyfriend’s parents’ house while we wait for hours to be done. I can’t wait to be home. We have been at his place for over a month, which after a while gets you know, long. You just want to go home. Go back to the routines you know and love. It’s hard living with people who don’t believe in the life style you believe in or don’t completely get what you get.
  I would call myself a nerd. I have glasses and I’m a brunette and I’m book smart, but clothing wise … I love fashion. People like Lauren Conrad, Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian inspire my daily looks, from animal print to fashionable chic items. I can classically add that I’m a girly girl who loves shoes and other little staples like scarves and blazers. Besides all this, I volunteer at an SPCA, I strongly believe in animal rights. They should be treated with love and care, as if they were your child. Pet’s aren’t for everyone, like children and regardless people still get them and end up finding out the hard way.

Another course I’m taking is a personal trainer course. I want to help people be thier best. I want them to feel happy with themselves and improve their outer body look. Self-confidence is key in life. You want to be able to stand up and talk for yourself and not be scared to present yourself honestly.
  This is all I have for now and I will be posting sometime again, it will most likely be about my dog Dutchess or something I have an opinion on.
  Amber, xo