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Driving everyone nuts.

is it a wee bit nutty ?

Ha, Well I had to add humor somewhere -__-

So lately I’ve been this ball of “DA FUQ” and cry cry cry, I have no clue if it is/was Pms or I’m just a little depressed or so fucking stressed with life: I want to keeeel over.

Mind my slang though – Too much twitter talk and tumblr.

Anyways, I look to several people for advice, well two. My cousin in law Terri and my bestie lover friend Jessie. Jessies seen me through it all, I mean I practically live at her house. I’m so included in the family that I had turkey dinner there (Tanker you it was berry good). Terri on the other hand has the knowledge and wisdom I look too because of her experience; aka older and wiser than any of my friends she has the best advice (and reminders {and turkey dinners} :))

I need to figure out some crap in my life and these are my two main girls because with out them, I would be crying in a closet somewhere, or starving, or lonely, or forever alone, of crying in hole I dug with my finger nails due to anxiety stress. (I think you get the point ?)

Yea, so for the longest time I would gloat about my ability to volunteer, work full-time, go to school full-time, and keep fitness going. And yea to the point ? It all died, crashed and then burnt. Yea I can admit that I am no longer able to do this temporarily – BUT I did do it for 3 years straight.

Right now I just gotta put my priorities straight, achieve my goals and get rid of the crap load of crap in my life. AKA my negativity – overly needy bitch ass cryingness. (yee that’s a mouth full)


1)School bang wagon: either jump off or get back on – none of this one leg on and one leg off crap (Sounds like and elaborate yoga position)

2) Get those mother fuckin Abs I’ve wanted since grade 11.

3) Stop being a needy as bitch, and stop crying like one because real men don’t cry (Da fuq lady parts ?)

4) Let go, move forward, be happy.

Yep these are my from here on out till 2014 goals / priority’s.

Peace peeps.

What have I done?

So today’s blog is going to be about my summer / fall goals and why I’m up at 3am writing this blog. First off most of my summer I’ve spent working 60 or more hours a week, yea I know it’s CRAZY and I’m just about at my limit for working as well. And all of the shifts I’ve been basically working are night.  So that is why I’m up right now. But I have to get back to day shifts before Friday. I have no idea how I’m going to do this.  Lots of tea? Coffee? Mhmm defiantly. But besides work I’ve had a little list of things I’ve been wanting to get done or buy or do for the summer and upcoming fall. And I will post them in point form with a either a complete, changed, never mind or to be done following them…

  • Get my Fitness degree (in progress)

  • Get hair done (Complete :D)

  • Get my puppy fixed (To be done when she’s 8 months)

  • Fix my car or buy a new one… (Obviously haven’t done either yet but I’m planning on buying a new one and scraping this one that I have now)

  • Buy  a bike and start biking (Not done, probably won’t get done- instead purchasing a treadmill)

  • Start my book (Now I have 2 in mind and haven’t started writing but have an idea of characters and setting and plots. Book 1 – Dutchess and her puppy/ dog years. More for advice and humor. Book 2 – ah, this one is a top secret 🙂 but I’ll give a unobvious hint “Halloween & les monsters”

  • Start Fundraiser #3 ( Last year in school I did 2 for 2 different organizations: SPCA de Valleyfield and La Bouffe Additionell) And this year I want to do 2 more for 2 other organizations that is part of this lower Montreal region. I hand in mind a school supplies fundraiser for kids that go to Heritage and the French elementary school.  And maybe a fun day for the less privilege or a weekly FREE activities day (like Saturday) for all younger students. A day like this would promote having funny & being active& making friends or making stronger relationships in younger kids. I can’t even begin to explain how vital it is for children to have a strong social life; it affects them, their self esteem, and their self worth in a group and will highly affect how they will be when they are older in the real world. Remember were always stronger in numbers.  And this theory can be applied to most aspects of the human life.  *** Sorry for going all Psychological on you guys, it’s defiantly a high interest for mine.***

  • AH, a new Phone. This is something I need every 5-6 months. Phones are a love hate relationship. I love them, but when someone else pisses me off I end up throwing them (the hate being they hate me 🙂 if a phone had feelings) I want an Iphone or a black berry. And I’ve narrow it down to a black berry due to my phone commitment issues, Who cares if you throw your black berry –psh. But some people will look at you with death eyes if you were to throw your iphone !

  • And then there are all of those other goals, like stop drinking coffee(tried, failed), save money( I have :)), go shopping(haha this is a never ending goal of my life.), get a tattoo(When I graduate college :)), go to a concert ( Lights :)), stop being stress (This is a working progress) Fix my house (Can you even fix a house in this type of state? HA HA) Get a tone of hours (Yep, done, now I’m burnt) and lastly be happy. (This is a, um, working progress that connects tightly with my stress& Anxiety & school & money& .. life. Ugh.)

I have many other goals and things I’d like to get done but honestly I have a list of about 200, starting with the dishes to do.  But these are more important and specific.

Do you guys set goals?

Do you regularly keep track of them?

Do you believe in always bettering yourself?