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almost there but no quite

A reoccurring “problem” one may or may not say is french in my educational aspect of life.

Technically I would be graduating this upcoming December.

But I’m not, because I’m 3 french courses behind.

and one concentration.

But fuck.

like do I want to travel to Montreal in the harsh winter next year (2015).

I don’t know, I don’t know if I want to go to school – I’m not sure of what I want to do either.

I can tell you what I want in other aspects of my life for 2015: a horse, lose 20 lbs, be a health advice person (only if I achieve my goals) TRAVEL, RODEOS, TOMORROWLAND, SAVE Mula, Pay debt, Vegan.

yea so those are my goals / wants for 2015.

School just isn’t one of them and I know if I sign up and everything it will just end up being a waste of time because I won’t be into it and I rather wait until I take tourism or farming to get my french at the same time.

opinions ?


Great news,

So things have worked out, I guess I’m not sure why they just are falling into place.

I got a call from our coordinator and the campus near me is staying open so I am able to be full time student (course load of 4 classes) and still work. Since the campus is local I can arrange for my hours of milking to be in the early AM the way it is and supper time PM  and with a  course load of only 4 classes it will be very manageable.

The only con; essays haha.

Have I ever told you guys that I love school, I legit love to learn.

Since I dropped out all I do is watch various documentaries and Ted talks and research anything that comes to mind. Yes I dropped out, I’m not sure if I went over this previously in my blog but I drop my semester in fall, I could no longer afford to go, I had no car, I hand no motivation, I had no money, I was heartbroken, I was overwhelmed, in a terrible living condition all of these things led to me dropping out. A mere bump in the road, a overload and break down.

Right now I’m in a recovery mode, I’m fixing things, changing my lifestyle, trying to manage life, pay up my debt, save money for my future.

So to conclude, things do workout in the end. You just gotta grasp life by the balls and shake it around and go for an opportunity that comes at you.  🙂

I’m 7 courses away from my diploma, after next semester I’ll be 3.

How is everything working out at your end ?


The To-Do List.

Yea We all have one,

Where or not we get things done on it depends on how much we procrastinate and In my opinion how motivate we are in getting the list done.

Well here is my list (keeping in mind that I just got done work and am going back to work at 5:30)

Clean up– dishes

bath (read a couple pages of my book in bath)

Bank- Budget

Walmart (buy wool and see spark plugs price)




Contact Sarah ma friend and Dayle at Champlain to see about my course and last semester

Look and get gifts for Jessie and Trevor.


Two things on my list are already done (i have cleaned up a bit still have dishes to do though, and I am presently writing my blog.)

So I have 5 hours to finish he rest of my list woo.

What is on your list for the day ?


School and such.

Hey people,

Sorry I’ve been of the net lately with school, new job, and a new boyfriend.

But basically my life has been like: school , work, workout, boyfriend, and repeat.

I like for the most part all of my classes so far, except microeconomics. it just makes me wanna *head desk* all of the time. I don’t understand anything – though maybe if I wasn’t writing a blog right now and was listening to the teacher I would find it easier.

I need to get more workouts in, I’ve lost 15 lbs I need to lose more, and jeeze my arms are terrible. period.

But yea, I’m kind of happy.  Well kind of; I mean I am actually really happy.

Peace 😉

September challenge update.

Hey peoples,
I’m as per usual late in updating this but I was late starting the challenge. But heres the update 🙂


-Get at least 20hrs a week.

I have been woo – and this week I actually got 30hrs.  But next week I plan on spending some of my money :/


-Save 3000$

Ah no. I actually had to with draw 200 from my TFSA


-Pay off car balance and targo

Car balance is a gone! Targo is a not.


-Pay 200 to school loan at least.

Ah no. Not yet, maybe next week.


So far everything going good I guess, I’m getting work paying thing off. But haven’t been saving and have been using my credit card. Also made a massive purchase I got new glasses (You can see a photo on Facebook) RayBans. They cost about 500$ with the eye exam. Eek.

Also I need a new job like now. I’m so done with factory work.  SO DONE.


Well this is going to be a far stretch.

I’m sorry for neglecting my blog recently I feel like I owe an apology. I regularly post but it has been impossible for me to post.

Recently my experimental school program which allows students to get a college diploma in rural areas is closing down due to selfish and unfair reasonings that don’t even concern the person who made the choice to not allow for this school to continue. (note, this may be a biased opinion since this is my blog.)

From this becoming known there has been a petition  set up here : http://www.activism.com/en_CA/petition/champlain-college-st-lambert-do-not-close-your-dec-program-in-huntingdon/43963


A video made by our students (you get to see all of our lovely faces): http://youtu.be/hNJ22444oFU

As my followers I’m going to proceed to bribe you all to sign the petition, AND view the video (then like it and share it :)) The petition explains the issue in more detail. Even if you don’t live in Quebec, even if you don’t know me, know one thing education is key to success and living in a rural area education stops after high school. Adding to our economic issues, because either the people move to get an education or work or go on welfare.

It really bothers me, partly because I got an education and the younger generation won’t have the same opportunity as me, I feel like they should be allowed the same opportunity as myself. It is only fair.



So Much Yet So little

I have so much to do and so little time, I have about 4 blogs I want to write up including my secret sister gift which I got yesterday 🙂

Here are some of the blogs –>

– Secret Sister blog

-How much is my face worth (make up wise)

-Sunday Night Chit Chat

-Factory girl #2 (an update)

– Advice on what to do with my income tax return

And here is some of the homework I have to get done —>

-I have so much research to be done for a school project.

-I have a proposal to write.

-Book 1 of V for Vendetta.

-And a English essay to write. 


I also have no time to do any, I’m working night shifts and sleep when I’m not working. 

It’s pretty sad.  I see this HUGE list and go just want to run.

Some of you reading this might think, of well if schools a priority then why work or vise-versa they are both priorities that need to be done, in order to go to school I need money to pay for it and other things. 

Plus I’m Procrastinating AGAIN.


I swear I’m not a nerd.

Okay so this topic has come up between me and my bf quite often and it annoys me sooo much. Like I can’t even begin to describe how much it annoys me.

I’m not a nerd, though according to him I am he states this fact with evidence. Thus the evidence being:

1) I like to read on my spare time. (Whats wrong with knowledge and reading and what not ?)

2) I like (love)  school

3) I have braces and glasses. (I’m sorry that I am blind as a bat and that I am improving my teeth.)

4) Book club (It’s actually a writers club they are completely different.)

5) Good grades (I failed french.)

Thanks but no thanks.  I’m not a nerd.  I just like to learn and do thinks that are usually affiliated with nerds, but I am not one.

The post that I do not have a name for.

So really this is another post about school mixed with some ramblings of January. 
So far I love all of the courses I have, though this always happens, until I get a bad mark then I hate everything. 
I can’t even decide on a favorite. In English we are studying revenge which is some serious awesome-sauce. Yes sauce. As in soya sauce. As in marinating sauce. Awesome sauce. I also have Criminology with my little British (Yes accent included) teacher. I feel like these are going to be tied. Then there is ethical issues which I’ll be very opinionated about because I’m just very opinionated. And I have gotten to that stage where I say anything on my mind in class.  Then there is methodology which is simply a project. And lastly Marketing which is quite interesting. 🙂
I have also worked-out super hard all week and managed to work so far 20 hours. Pretty good. Along side making a Turkey on Monday and living off of left overs successfully. 
Oh and Tuesday morning being late because of course my dog ran away and I spent an hour chasing after her while my boyfriend drove the car.  May I just expressed how annoying that was ? Very. I was in Pj’s running in super cold weather. 
But overall this week have been great, even though it is not done yet.  Let’s hope everything stays great.


I got 99 problems but school ain’t one.

I’d like to firstly gush about how I passed Macro-economics ! and then about the two 90’s I got in other courses and two 80’s and one 70. Yea, though I wish I had gotten three 90 percents (and I almost did) I was stuck with 2 and this slightly bothers me, just a little. I tend to be an over achiever and a sore loser. 

And in just a few days I will be starting my fourth semester which I actually have all of the teachers like, I’m quite excited to start school again. I much rather learn than work. Which I am calling attention to a comment that was left by my friend Kelly, whom wrote that I am a learner and always seek knowledge. I’d like to thank her for those observations because I had never know this before, I do always ask questions and I always want to do  something new or learn about stuff.  But I never noticed this about myself.

Anyways on that note I’m going to go home and work on my cleaning and whatnot. One think I dislike is knowing how to do is house cleaning. I would greatly like to not know therefore I wouldn’t have to do it either. Haha.