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Miss. 22

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling Twenty-Two”, well maybe that’s because it’s my birthday. haha.

Oh and this …

“It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters, and make fun of our exes uh uh uh uh.”

Kay, I’m been WAITING so long to be able to sing that god dam T-Swift song 🙂


Here y’all go click there 🙂

Also here’s a birthday picture- and yes minus the towel I am in my birthday suit :0 hahaha




















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Besides this I hope y’all have a great day cause Y’know I’m feeling 22.

Yea 22.


I’m done lmfao.

Peace ❤



I Be Like Ouch.

Feeling the effects of paintball on Monday is pretty sad, sad and painful.

It’s represented in the shades of blue and purple all over my legs, arms and even a bruise on the top of my head.

Saturday was the second time I ever played paint ball and it was really fun – way funner than the first time. I was friends with the other players and it was just overall a fantastic time. It was close by too, the first time I went to paint ball I went to big foot which is 2 hours away. This Saturday I went to Arnold’s paintball in Havelock about 35 mins away (Going Jessie’s speed lol). The price overall was cheaper, about 33$ per person if you have a group of 15 or more, and the gas to drive there is a hell of a lot cheaper than a 2 hour drive.

So I have about 7 bruises, I think the most painfulness was the one got in the back of my arm (MY ********* that HURT). The messiest paintball to clean up is the one that exploded on my head, that also hurt but I think it was more of a pain in the butt than anything. 1) Pain balls are messy 2) I’m a girl with tones of hair 3) It was a disaster and really hard to get out.

And I have now decided that I love paintball – regardless of how I can’t even walk up stairs  two days later. And would like to do it at least once per month (wishful thinking eh ?) Though that will get expensive. So At least once again this summer.

You might be thinking why do I like something that is incredibly painful? Because it is some serious fun, a hard-core workout and a great adrenaline rush. Also I think it is the only safe time you can actually shoot your boyfriend without going to jail 😛 or someone holding a grudge against you.

Disclaimer: I do not in any way or sort want to ever shoot someone with a real gun ever (unless they’re a zombie), paintball is just a realistic game based on simulated warfare with fun in mind .

Have you ever played paintball ? if yes  whats your opinion about it ?

If no, what are you waiting for ??

Peace 🙂



                So I have a tone of blogs I want to write but just no time! So this weekend I’ll attempt to post as many as I can! There’s my puppy who is no longer a puppy’s birthday and a few changes I’ve made that I’d like to blog about.  Regardless of the fact that I’m working night shifts and have to finish writing 2 essay’s, a literary response , put together an oral, study for a Shakespeare test and study for a Geography exam I’ll still try to post 3 blogs this weekend.

                On a good note I’m actually liking Geography, My average jumped 30% and I’m sure with the last presentation I just had It’ll go up at least 15 more %.  On  a less Woohoo note, I hate economics and even though our teacher is super nice he can’t teach economics. We had our test last Friday and all Thursday I had to teach myself 4 chapters, it was long and tedious but I do believe so worth it.  I also learned that economics is just common sense, and for me to understand it I just have to use everyday examples and I wish the teacher could have said this (it would have been so much more easier). But instead he rather stick to text book methodology.

                Overall I’m kicking this semester in the ass, with mostly A+ and some B’s and  1 D.  (Ahem ! one direction, lol.) And Besides my financial situation which forces me to work at least 3o hours a week, but to be financially happy 50 hours a week, I’ve been doing pretty good. I of course have had some help from family and my Boyfriend’s family helps us too as well, but I’ll blog more about this in another post some soon.

                And lastly My volunteer work has been pretty stand still, I’ve only been volunteering for 1 organisation this semester. Even though I much rather be volunteering for more than one, but I simply just don’t have the time. Which really does bother me, but I do plan on running a food drive this semester like last year for our local food bank 🙂 Last year we received over 200 items an this year since we have almost double the amount of students I’d like to double our goal. (our,as in the school’s goal :))


And just to add in, I have no idea how I am going to get anything done anytime soon with the new purchase of Resident Evil 6, which I love and am going to go play after I post this 🙂

Resident Evil 5 the movie review

So I’d thought I’d write to everyone to explain my review of Resident Evil: Retribution.

I love zombie movies and T.V. shows and games of course. My favorite T.V. series is the AMC’s the Walking Dead, Seriously good TV show. It’s not cheesy or low budgeted and if it’s well I can’t tell. The first series was only 6 episodes. The third series is coming out October 3 only on AMC so tune it for an AMAZING series.

Now back to Resident Evil. I loved this movie for its classic kick ass action. BUT this movie seemed more like a stepping stone for the next movie. It’s as if they couldn’t make the #6 movie without this one being created but its cut short and doesn’t have much of a story behind it. This tends to happen whenever you have a movie series like this though. I appreciate the fact that they used old characters like Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy  🙂 that is simply all I have to say. But since this is a blog I have to include so more thought and details. I find now that they are at a plateau and it is trying to steer away from their old look and gain the look of the video games everyone is obsessed with.  This movie and the 4th one “Afterlife” both have this stepping stone affect and I do believe that it is necessary for them to do this before they can continue the story that more rightly represents the actual video games.

Before I went and saw the movie I had read a few reviews and yes some of them I had agreed with and some I found were just plain mean. AND for anyone’s info we do not see her boobs again in this movie – sorry guys. And I loved their new approach to the beginning. It was dramatic and took off from where they had last left off. (The boat and captured people in white).

May I just say I love the new Jill Valentine. (Who was also sporting a brunette bob, in RE APOCALYPSE) The new her- evil just like the game and in also a tight blue suit was awesome. And respectively she has an awesome fight with Alice.

I really like this idea where they are starting to included more and more of the video games into the movie ‘series’ it needs to be done. And everyone likes Leon 🙂 Also for all those Leon likers out there , like me, the 6 Video game also has him in it as one of the main characters and Chris Redfield as well. October 2end. Run. Go. Get. ASAP.

But overall for those of you who do not like the new movie just because it had no story, I want you to keep an open mind and maybe think of how could they explain everything in just 1 movie? It’d be like the Titanic: Longgggg, with a story. And since most of society now a days doesn’t have a huge attention span it wouldn’t be appreciated. So on a final note go see the movie, maybe watch the other 4 before you go if you haven’t and even if you have. Also check out the new video game on the 6th and the Walking Dead on the 14th. Is it me or is there a Zombie related Trend happening here?


Did you see the movie? What did you think?

What is your favorite Zombie Franchise?

Any additional thoughts?

What have I done?

So today’s blog is going to be about my summer / fall goals and why I’m up at 3am writing this blog. First off most of my summer I’ve spent working 60 or more hours a week, yea I know it’s CRAZY and I’m just about at my limit for working as well. And all of the shifts I’ve been basically working are night.  So that is why I’m up right now. But I have to get back to day shifts before Friday. I have no idea how I’m going to do this.  Lots of tea? Coffee? Mhmm defiantly. But besides work I’ve had a little list of things I’ve been wanting to get done or buy or do for the summer and upcoming fall. And I will post them in point form with a either a complete, changed, never mind or to be done following them…

  • Get my Fitness degree (in progress)

  • Get hair done (Complete :D)

  • Get my puppy fixed (To be done when she’s 8 months)

  • Fix my car or buy a new one… (Obviously haven’t done either yet but I’m planning on buying a new one and scraping this one that I have now)

  • Buy  a bike and start biking (Not done, probably won’t get done- instead purchasing a treadmill)

  • Start my book (Now I have 2 in mind and haven’t started writing but have an idea of characters and setting and plots. Book 1 – Dutchess and her puppy/ dog years. More for advice and humor. Book 2 – ah, this one is a top secret 🙂 but I’ll give a unobvious hint “Halloween & les monsters”

  • Start Fundraiser #3 ( Last year in school I did 2 for 2 different organizations: SPCA de Valleyfield and La Bouffe Additionell) And this year I want to do 2 more for 2 other organizations that is part of this lower Montreal region. I hand in mind a school supplies fundraiser for kids that go to Heritage and the French elementary school.  And maybe a fun day for the less privilege or a weekly FREE activities day (like Saturday) for all younger students. A day like this would promote having funny & being active& making friends or making stronger relationships in younger kids. I can’t even begin to explain how vital it is for children to have a strong social life; it affects them, their self esteem, and their self worth in a group and will highly affect how they will be when they are older in the real world. Remember were always stronger in numbers.  And this theory can be applied to most aspects of the human life.  *** Sorry for going all Psychological on you guys, it’s defiantly a high interest for mine.***

  • AH, a new Phone. This is something I need every 5-6 months. Phones are a love hate relationship. I love them, but when someone else pisses me off I end up throwing them (the hate being they hate me 🙂 if a phone had feelings) I want an Iphone or a black berry. And I’ve narrow it down to a black berry due to my phone commitment issues, Who cares if you throw your black berry –psh. But some people will look at you with death eyes if you were to throw your iphone !

  • And then there are all of those other goals, like stop drinking coffee(tried, failed), save money( I have :)), go shopping(haha this is a never ending goal of my life.), get a tattoo(When I graduate college :)), go to a concert ( Lights :)), stop being stress (This is a working progress) Fix my house (Can you even fix a house in this type of state? HA HA) Get a tone of hours (Yep, done, now I’m burnt) and lastly be happy. (This is a, um, working progress that connects tightly with my stress& Anxiety & school & money& .. life. Ugh.)

I have many other goals and things I’d like to get done but honestly I have a list of about 200, starting with the dishes to do.  But these are more important and specific.

Do you guys set goals?

Do you regularly keep track of them?

Do you believe in always bettering yourself?

Factory girl.

So I work in a factory part-time while doing my college studies. And I know when women first started in the work force that’s what they were doing, factory work. But as a 20-year-old during college I expect more, I expect to be working a less crappy job; sure it pays more than minimum wage but honestly, It SUCKS.

I would rather work with the public or a more girly job, that I have to put efforts into looking good and being pretty. When working in a factory it is discouraging, no windows, sexist co-workers, favoritism, and just plainly it sucks. You often get sore from long hours, 12 to be exact. It is so long and painful and depressing. Good thing is that was Saturday and Sunday, and now we are Tuesday. Lovely that means there are three days left to enjoy the light, my boyfriend, my puppy and family. Then I go back.

So I have 5 current obsessions, 2 being girly, 2 being … guy-ish? And 1 being random!

1) Maybelline, New York – BABY LIPS lip gloss with color tint in pink punch. It screams cuteeee 🙂 That is why I specifically bought it, give it a try!

2) Maybelline, New York Master Precise, by eye studio in black. If you have seen any pictures of Lauren Conrad she has that classic black liquid eye liner that roles of her lids and into a point. I can master this with this amazing liquid eye liner.  Perfect for anyone who wants their eyes to pop!

The liner that rolls of your lids :)

3) Resident Evil 5, yes I know! It isn’t even out yet; I’m going crazy I can’t wait!

4) The Walking Dead series, that plays on AMC. As you have probably notice I’m having my yearly zombie obsession. I know I’m out of que with the rest of the world because they celebrate this or are obsessed with this during Halloween, but I’m a wee bit different. Yep best series ever and I’ll like to thank Netflix for this obsession.

5) Twitter, I know who isn’t right? But it is like checking my make up everyday. I have to check it and then tweet. It is to the point my Boyfriend wants to block it, but then the results of that action will lead to a very unhappy life… So he is being smart about it and not saying a thing. Remember everyone happy wife happy life 🙂 Not that I’m married, But we have been together for almost 1 year and 10 months. ❤