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Aw fuck, mother fucking, roller coaster.

Mind my language

I feel like the more and more shit happens the worse my language gets.

like you know when you stub your toe ? And you’re like aw sun of a B*tch mother f*ck c*ck s*cker sun of a c*nt.

Yea we can all agree with this right ? and if not you’re lying because if you ain’t saying this out loud you sure as hell are thinking it.

So yes but for the last little while (Basically summer) I’ve been swearing more and more and I kinda sound like Jenna Marbles around  8 minutes into this video (please take several minutes of your time to enjoy the crazy ass shit that goes on in this video (rant)) http://jennamarblesblog.com/videos/fuck-my-house/

Bien so this summer has been what you can call an roller coaster of crap, sometimes great and sometimes scary as fuck.

Eh lets start fresh at the beginning,

1)dumb my dick ass of an ex boyfriend (I guess this is a good thing considering now he is harassing all of my girlfriends to the point they have to block him on Facebook)

2) Go no a trip and meet an awesome hot as fuck Dutch guy and never see him again.

3) Ditch my car

4) Get evicted by my own fucking parents, more specifically my douche bag of a father who doesn’t even work.

5) My dick of a car’s engine decides to go and mother fucking explode and die and stuff.

6) My stubborn as fuck dog running away and almost getting runned over by a semi in front of me – da fuq.

I mean I bet their are more things but I really don’t feel like picking my brain for them, But yes these happenings have lead to the ever increasing swearing problem I have.

And of course we can’t forget fuck this house, I was so mad at my dad like jesus fuck I was supposed to buy the damn place but he would negotiate -_- Because eh is a cheap bastard.

I plan on giving up on this swearing act after, well probably never. Eh, I have a sailors mouth what else can I say ?

It’s terrible, And yes I can act like a lady when I have too.  That’s not a problem but when you get me and my best friend together every other word is fuck. or whenever I stub my toe … haha

So I’ll try not to swear – until bed time, from here on out. aw fuck, shit their I go again sun of a bitch,. aw well. …

Also my summer was pretty amazing though because of all my friends, they were all supportive and kept me busy and this counts more than the shitty 6 things that had happened this summer/