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eos A Product Review.

Eos is a fantastic brand of moisturizing products, most known for their lip balms that look like little colorful eggs. 
There’s a number of things that I am in love with about this product, first off it tastes the way it smells. Yea I know lip balm isn’t meant to be indulge but it just so happens if you lick your lips it does really taste like berries. 
Secondly its animal testing free, yep says it on the label and that’s fantastic in my opinion. I don’t usually purchase products based on whether or not they do animal testing, but I’m becoming more aware of products that do or do not, especially if a competitor with a better product doesn’t test on animals. In my opinion this is a huge win.
You can really feel the moisturizer  for a while I was using Baby lips but then it just didn’t do much. It felt gritty sometimes or I would still have chapped lips. But this you can feel it, lasts me a good few hours of softness. Even the boy approves of my super soft lips 😉
Lastly it has so many other great things about it ; its organic, gluten-free, all natural, paraben free, petrolatum free and phthalate free. Which makes it a great thing in such a small package. Also, I highly recommend this as a gift for your girls. Especially if they tend to be allergic to gluten or are pro-animal rights this is a really cute and useful gift at a insanely cheap price. (Not saying that you should cheap out on your mom or anything, it’s just a cute idea 😉 )
You can find these products at a local drugstore, in Huntingdon Uniprix sells them (They’re on sale this week, haha) They don’t go for more than 4$. Also there are other products like body lotion and shaving cream. 
I definitely recommend this product!

Getting everything done finaly.

So in my last Humanities class a few things were brought up, like going to the store 6 days a week instead of getting everything at once or stocking up.  Then that reminded me that I wanted to write a blog about what I had done a few weeks before school to prepare for school.

I was refused for a loan this year so I had to think ahead of time for saving money for such things as my mandatory brace payments each month, text books, intuition, hydro and my cell. I am planning to work at least 20 hours a week to allow for other things I’ll need like: food, clothes, and new unnecessary things.

So this summer I did manage to get enough money saved to pay all the important things, but also with the extra money  I went shopping and stock up on A LOT of things, mostly beauty and canned foods.  I also bought a lot of clothes of course!

Something’s that I thought were important to stock up on are:

–  Shampoo and body wash, I use Aveeno, which went on sale this summer for 6.99 a bottle instead of 10$ so I bought about 4 bottles each. Saving 30$.

– A ton of make-up: Mascara, foundation, bronzers, lip gloss, eyeliner and shadow. I probably saved about another 30$ I bought about 2 of everything when it went on sale.

–  Shoes, I bought usually 2 get 1 ½ off and this goes for clothes as well: pants shirts bras etc..

–  Canned food like soup and veggies. About 10 of each.


So those are some of the things that I’ve purchased, as for actual school related material all I needed to buy was lose leaf. I find that so far I have to worry a lot less about picking things up or when I’m going to run out of my favorite mascara, it’s a lot less stressful.

Another thing I’m trying to do is be eco friendly, I have thought about it in the pass but have never started acting eco-friendly. Some of the things that I have recently, and by recently I mean started at the end of august done are: Biking to and from school or work at least 2 times a week, there are about 3 benefits to dong this 1) A Nice workout every so often  2) I don’t have to pay for gas 3) Since I’m not driving I’m not emitting Co2 emissions = Eco-friendly.  And the other 5 days a week I either car-pool or drive. I’m also recycling; not just the typical metals, plastic, glass but also I recycle my old clothes (sell to friends, give to secondhand stores).

If you’re considering going green and eco-friendly, you don’t have to start full blown. Slowing  start by doing small smart changes at your own pace. Every little change counts!


What are your Eco-Friendly Tips?

How did you prepare for school?

Mother Nature are you okay?


So I live in Quebec, Canada. And for the last few days it has been amazing. Tan worthy. Walking around in flip-flops worthy.  Wearing short-shorts worthy. AND even Swimming worthy. YES. March.  I know you must think I’m crazy depending on who you are, if you aren’t from Canada and think we are supposed to be covered in snow, we’ll we are supposed to be but nope Mother Nature wants us to bring them sunglasses out early.  

There is one small problem. ALL my summer cloths and shoes and EVERYTHING are in my storage while we are redoing my house (which we are on the last coat of painting and then I can move back in ^.^) See that wouldn’t be that bad of a problem If I could get to it without having to move a whole house worth of stuff. Oh and it gets worst I have only two dresses out and everything else is like winter-ish stuff like thick sweaters and Fuzzy leggings and Whooly-Man socks, Yes I went there. And yes they are Trev’s, and he does know but he isn’t proud of me. Guy’s socks are just so much warmer; you girls know what I’m talking about? You go to Arden’s and buy cute socks and your feet freeze, you have to wear like three pairs to be able to feel your toe’s after a small walk.

This is an old pic of about 2 years but Idealy this is what I need: Sunglasses, Shorts, Purse, and Gladiator sandals.

Idealy this is what I need: Sunglasses, Shorts, Gladiator Sandals. Sadly I have none. 😦

So I have no summer clothes this is a HUGE deal, I don’t know what to do.  I have a budget which allows me to not spend money on myself :/ Because I already spent that part of the budget for March, and April is so so so far away. So I have come up with one solution, borrowing 🙂 You know where I’m heading … I mean swap for a few days. I don’t have any shorts or skirts so the last thing to do is when you’re in need resort to a good friend who completely understands what you’re going through.

It was so nice out that I got to go for a small jog and am motivated to getting my body back in shape. Thanks to the help of Dutchess I’m always running after her, but that’s because I’m trying to show her how to play fetch, though I secretly think she just likes to see me run and get the ball. She is probably thinking to herself “Haha now you know how it feels to go fetch, do you like it? Huh?” Haha I know insanity right?

So my goals for this week are:

  • To run 5 days x 30 mins .

  • To make sure the SPCA fundraiser for dog leashes does amazing at school.

  • To borrow a pair of shorts.

  • And work some odd job to give me cash fast,

  • And to get all this homework done, it is seriously taking over my life. You miss three days and suffer for weeks. Bleh.

  • Get my car back. ..

My car that’s something you guys have been out of the loop about. Well let’s just say if the mechanic was a doctor my car was just brought back to life. I have so many engine problem which included two leaks which lead to no Prestone which lead to overheating, then all my sensory’s broke, then some of those fuse thingy’s went. Now that I think about it that all happened in one day, maybe this death is faster than what I thought. I need a new car.

(I would insert a picture her bu that would be devastating :s)

I think I’m done here for the day, Maybe I’ll be back here with some good news like I won a car from Roll up the Rim at Tim Hourtons, ooo how I wish this 🙂  or the TV would be my next best option.  Can’t you tell I’m Canadian eh?


Just Another Lazy Saturday Morning…

Hello everyone!

Finally for the first time in weeks, I got to sleep in. Then brought the dog for a walk and went and had the best hot chocolate EVER! at Jazz Tech 🙂 Wanna have good service? Go there, They are the best and so welcoming.  So sometime last night everything decided to melt and get all wet and slushy. Not good … now I’m soaking wet which sucks, and my hairs ruined because of how windy it was.  So I’m turning this Saturday into the lazy Saturday. I’m not going to do much at all.

While I’m here I’d like to mention my favorite Oscar dress’s My top two are (tied)

1)      Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab



2)      And Cameron Diaz in Gucci



Both Girls are stunning and I love the girly trend that seems to be going on and short hair-do. Very well done!

The cutest dog and man are…


Adorable right?  I think so, since I can never get any pictures of him and I finally got one  yay! Have I mentioned that I have a Bunny rabbit too? Named Sur prince Fuzziie Face.  He doesn’t do too much sooo yea. He eats and sleeps and bites you once in a while haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading/looking at all of this!