I swear I’m not a nerd.

Okay so this topic has come up between me and my bf quite often and it annoys me sooo much. Like I can’t even begin to describe how much it annoys me.

I’m not a nerd, though according to him I am he states this fact with evidence. Thus the evidence being:

1) I like to read on my spare time. (Whats wrong with knowledge and reading and what not ?)

2) I like (love)  school

3) I have braces and glasses. (I’m sorry that I am blind as a bat and that I am improving my teeth.)

4) Book club (It’s actually a writers club they are completely different.)

5) Good grades (I failed french.)

Thanks but no thanks.  I’m not a nerd.  I just like to learn and do thinks that are usually affiliated with nerds, but I am not one.

One thought on “I swear I’m not a nerd.

  1. Being a nerd, or a geek, shouldn’t be a bad thing. Take it as a compliment. That said, labels are just that, labels. I tend to be called both those things, and I’ve found it just means that you’re passionate about the things that you love unapologetically. So whatever you are, rock on, and don’t worry too much about what people say.

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