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7k and counting!

I finally got my braces off and so far the work I’ve paid for and have put into my teeth total for about 7k, But friends it just doesn’t stop there.

Sadly, it doesn’t. ūüė¶

I still have to fork out 9k this coming year, for a bone transplant surgery, then an implant surgery and finally the crowns to atop those implants. (along regular cleanings and possibly getting my teeth whitened).

I have planned to get 2 dental implants now – with the possibility of getting 4 additional ones in the future. I’m missing my canine, and my lateral incisor which is what I’m fixing this year. presently it is built into my retainer so no one can tell. and as for the 4 other implants im considering getting one day- those are Bottom jaw: both sides ” first molar” and right side ” second molar” and for my Top Jaw: I need on my right side my “first molar” replaced its presently there but is in bad bad shape. Of course these 4 other implants are not necessary – I’ve been doing fine since grade 7 not having them haha. but it’s a preference of mine to have maybe. And the two that I’m getting now are a priority.

But so far my smile looks good. And some of you might think it is insane that I would pay so much for all this but for me it’s confidence, and better hygiene (in regards to eating). I remember in grade 3 when my “big teeth” came down and I knew it was in the wrong spot that I wanted braces right away but my parents could never afford to get me them or let alone a cleaning or even a cavity filling (that’s why I’m missing so many molars on my bottom jaw they rotted to the point I had to pull them out when I got my first job and some money. I’m talking pain– for years, all my high school years I would be in pain day in and day out)

Here is some proof of my new smile ūüôā (Yes this is from SnapChat)

Snapchat photo


















Peace ūüôā


I feel like getting braces was the best choices of my life. 


I still have them it’s been about 4 months and honestly my teeth in just 4 months have changed so much and it’s the best.¬†

I have no complaints – except¬†whenever¬†I get them¬†tighten¬†it hurts. That’s¬†about it. And how¬†incredibly¬†hard it is to get a profile picture without them showing.¬†

The results are amazing, a smile, something everyone sees no matter what. 

I can’t wait until all of the work is done, so I can finally smile ūüôā

I know that I’m kinda old to get them but I bought them myself and worked my ass off like no other for them, and I know that my¬†parents¬†think that it was the most stupid choice I ever made. But I really don’t care. For me my teeth are essential, essential for¬†my¬†job in the future,my image and my¬†confidence.¬†

By the time I’m done I would have paid 20,000$ for them( including implants¬†I ¬†need a couple ūüė¶ ) unless I get a job that includes dental.¬†

But regardless of the price, I still think it was the best decision I ever made. EVER.

Did you ever have braces ? If so, did you buy them yourself ?


I swear I’m not a nerd.

Okay so this topic has come¬†up¬†between me and my bf quite often and it annoys me sooo much. Like I can’t even begin to¬†describe¬†how much it annoys me.

I’m not a nerd, though according to him I am he states this fact with evidence. Thus the evidence being:

1) I like to read on my spare time. (Whats wrong with knowledge and reading and what not ?)

2) I like (love)  school

3) I have braces and glasses. (I’m sorry that I am blind as a bat and that I am improving my teeth.)

4) Book club (It’s actually a writers¬†club¬†they are completely different.)

5) Good grades (I failed french.)

Thanks but no¬†thanks. ¬†I’m not a nerd. ¬†I just like to learn and do thinks that are usually¬†affiliated¬†with nerds, but I am not one.