Another Challenge ?

Bring it on 🙂
This one is going to be fitness, and legit this works out. Because I have the most supportive and totally fun workout partner (Cough, Jessie :))) And our group keeps growing. God. I love promoting health!
So anyways, my goals are;
1) Do cardio 16 days this month
2) Do a combination of Zumba and yoga to add up to 5 times this month.
3) Do 1 pull up by the end of the month (no cheating, a real pull up!)
4) Do 8 strength workouts this month (Zumba ‘tone and box’ is considered 1)
5) Train with my boyfriend at least 2 times out of the 16 times (Working out increases your endorphin’s = After workout sexy time ;))
6) Don’t stop until I’ve tried (The hardest part for me is starting a workout, but once I start I can go on for at least 2 hours.
So these are my goals for February  I will also still be doing a no/low spend too as well but won’t do weekly updates because I feel like that will be over kill. But I’m supper duper excited to start the fitness challenge and updated weekly (Every Sunday)

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