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I swear I’m not a nerd.

Okay so this topic has come up between me and my bf quite often and it annoys me sooo much. Like I can’t even begin to describe how much it annoys me.

I’m not a nerd, though according to him I am he states this fact with evidence. Thus the evidence being:

1) I like to read on my spare time. (Whats wrong with knowledge and reading and what not ?)

2) I like (love)  school

3) I have braces and glasses. (I’m sorry that I am blind as a bat and that I am improving my teeth.)

4) Book club (It’s actually a writers club they are completely different.)

5) Good grades (I failed french.)

Thanks but no thanks.  I’m not a nerd.  I just like to learn and do thinks that are usually affiliated with nerds, but I am not one.