Going off on an opinion post (Rant), as you can tell from my title I’m going to clarify a few things. Those things being my views on being a bitch; when it is completely acceptable or when it is completely and utterly uncalled for.

I do personally think being a bitch at certain times is ok. For a few examples: breaking up with a boyfriend; ok. Having a bad day once in a while; ok. Making sure you get your point across; ok. When someone is always hammering down on you and is ruining your day; ok. When someone doesn’t understand the term ‘no’; ok be a bitch, do what you have to do to be stern and to get your point across.

Then there are of course those times where quite possible you have or you know someone who has gone too far or have said too much and is being a prestigious bitch. These bitches, ahem, are the ones you want to particularly slap in the face. HARD. and this is where my very often used twitter term: “#SlapAHoe” comes into play, whether I’m annoyed at someone or someone cut me off while I was driving. I usually use this expression to show my annoyance towards ‘bitches’. How can you describe a bitch, doesn’t shut the fuck up, thinks they are a queen, cocky, annoying, smart mouth, stuck up and doesn’t know when or where to use this ‘attitude’. In Shakespearean times (Nay, Elizabethan times) They were also referred to as shewed or a shrew. (Random fact)

I personally think having a strong attitude is okay, but there is a fine line between strong and weak or even sometimes pathetic. It’s pretty sad actually, no one likes someone who’s a bitch 2/47 but this being said you don’t want to be a complete push over with no words nor any opinions.

It is simply: Everything in moderation. Try to balance your bitchyness with a good deed. Or even apologizing when you realize you were wrong.  Women were meant to be strong and such but if you don’t want to be known as the bitch in town you have to know when to stop. It’s more or less finding your inner balance.

Going in Psychology I have already brushed against this topic in a summer course. I just have a general idea of why some people are bitchy. It can be a guard they have to protect them from others seeing there flaws and also it can be self loath and even how people act differently in ‘groups’ the second they are surrounded buy a group of friends they feel the need to fulfill a gap or live up to certain standards or labels that group of people have given them.

It’s very common today to be a bitch and sometime sit is even viewed as ‘ok’ some people interpret it as a strong personality to have, brave, no filter, etc. I’m even a bitch myself at times, but it’s about being better than your former self. Learning from your mistakes. Or even if being a bitch wasn’t a mistake (Per say, you got in a fight with the Bell people, you were a bitch. that’s ok.) It is simply about moderation.

And in reality a bitch is a female dog.

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