GMV: Steps

This little series covers my transitioning from everyday Canadian foodie to raw vegan. On this quest of a life style change I will enter through the easier vegetarian way and from there  I will soon transition into a Raw till 4 vegan.  Right now I’m a vegan- but still eat “boxed”  or ” processed” foods. This entry was written a few months ago but I am only posting it now and I had pre-assumed it would only take me 2 weeks per step but reality is it is a very slow transformation and is taking time and consistency and every so often I slip up and have ice cream.But I have been vegan for 5 days straight!!! 🙂

Step one:

– No red meat

Easy peasy, cutting out meat is not hard for me at all (just go watch Earthlings and it’d be easy for you too haha)

Step two:

-no Dairy

-No eggs

-No chicken

-No fish


Step three:

-No coffee

-No alcohol

-No “boxed food” unless organic

Step four

-Mostly Raw.

-Low fat

These are my three steps. Rough time frame is 2 weeks each. once completed then moving on to the next


Please leave positivity only ❤

2 thoughts on “GMV: Steps

    • Yes, Well my ultimate goal is raw foods because they are more “natural” in my opinion. Cooked foods is changing the food as is, depleting vitamins and minerals (if even in the smallest amounts) and it is changing the structure of the food. The reason why I want to do Raw till4 is because as a slow changing process it is easier to begin vegetarianism then vegan then raw till 4 then completely raw. I’m a person of abundance aka I loveeee to eat and therefor I want to find a lifestyle that I can abundantly and healthily (and not gain 1 000 000 lbs) and personally i find nothing wrong with vegetarian but the fact that it is too easy and I’m a person of “goal setting” and “challenges” so I wanted to be something more tricky (as in i love ice cream and it kills me to say no to some)
      Please visit my blog again 🙂
      and check out my other GMV blogs 🙂

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