Tuesday Ten #2

1) I’m just not feeling one of my classes this semester so I keep ditching that day at school. I know this is a horrible thing. But going to that class seriously stress me out. So I do all my homework and email, but I just skip that class.

2)I got an offer to be  hair model for Rusk salon today and I turned it down, I know but the whole Miley Cyrus hair looks great on her but would look horrible on me.

3) I need to rename my blog and need serious input, anyone, someone, help .

4) My house is cold, my house is the worst house in existence  all the windows let snow in and with a few gushes of air you swear it is going to fall over on top of you. But regardless I still want to buy it off my dad to say it is mine.

5) Smallest obsession, those keep calm pictures. There are two in particular that I am dying laughing over. One of course representing my love for anything zombie and the other on representing black ops.




6) Things are getting tough this week, I’m half way through my 2 week non-work period and am starting to stress. Yea, it just plainly sucks. I dunno though, I work this Sunday, legit I cannot wait! I get my first pay next Thursday  the 21st. This is ridiculous. I would do anything for  a new job, or for some random income.

7) I am part of a secret sister swap, I can’t wait to find out who I am getting a gift for, I’m probably going to throw in some handmade gifts like a crochet scarf.

8) I’m super excited about helping someone yet I can’t tell you blogger buddies what it is, or for. But I’m supper happy 🙂 it involves planning.

9) There’s a new video game coming out. Of course it is the walking dead, and is amazing and the main character is of course the one and only Daryl (Dies)

10) Now that it is once again 1pm and I have done nothing yet I’m going to work on my homework.

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