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GMV: Friends

Ah, I’m still vegetarian and vegan at least 3 days of the week, it’s hard being around 100% meat eaters or exception-ists (as in people who mainly eat vegetarian but still consume meet once in a while, gravy, seafood, eggs)

But what is hard is that most of the people whom surround me are not vegan or vegetarians and i simply have accepted that, which ive noticed online people on vegan sites hate for example other vegans whom are different (i.e. high fat, low fat, 80/10/10, raw, raw till 4, frutarians) But personally i just don’t hate people (rather dislike two people of which i don’t even talk to) so below i came up with a list of people or things that surround me that aren’t vegan and that i have accepted this, and my ultimate goal is to find friendships that are vegan or vegetarian.

What I have accepted:

-My friends eat meat (except for 1, she eats a hot dog once a year though haha Kim ūüôā but is vegetarian)

-My boyfriend eats meat

-People I live with eat meat

-Coworkers eat meat

-No restaurants surve vegan meals in Huntingdon

What I can change:

– Find friends who are vegan and vegetarian and accept them into my circle of happiness

– only hopefully influence my boyfriend- can’t change him though. It is tough being two different people, living two different lifestyles and sharing an intimate relationship. my boyfriend has practically been the same guy for the last 4 years and me myself I’ve changed or reinvented myself at least 4 times in the last 4 years.

-Move into my own vegan home, where no harm is done to any animal

-Start out sourcing for far vegan restaurants in Montreal or just never eat out and save $$$$

and as for my coworkers (excluding k.) that really is not an issue it was just a point as to whom surrounds me that is not similar in lifestyles to me. I was simply just listing people, thus being i mean no offence to anyone whom eats meat i listed yous for example purposes.

Also a few other plans for when i have my own home. veggies and fruits EVERYWHERERERERERERESSSSSSSS ūüôā

organic and eco-friendliness

positivity and happiness

fitness and yoga.

all in all better things for me, my soul, the environment, and for anyone around me. ( what do i mean for anyone around me ? you know when you walk down the street and the guy in front of you is smoking and you get a big lung full of his nasty second hand smoke ? well no one around me will suffer from my second hand smoke or chemicals or litter(because i don’t smoke and don’t litter and avoid using chemicals that are toxic) – i do pollute because i fart and drive a car haha- but most of the things i do and plan on doing will better earth in some way or form.

what have you done today to  better yourself or planet earth ?

do you think eating meat is killing ?

What do you agree or disagree with ?

lastly, have any advice fellow vegans/vegetarians ?




Tuesday Ten #2

1) I’m just not feeling one of my classes this semester so I keep¬†ditching¬†that day at school. I know¬†this¬†is a horrible thing. But going to that class¬†seriously¬†stress me out. So I do all my homework and email, but I just skip that class.

2)I got an offer to be  hair model for Rusk salon today and I turned it down, I know but the whole Miley Cyrus hair looks great on her but would look horrible on me.

3) I need to rename my blog and need serious input, anyone, someone, help .

4) My house is cold, my house is the worst house in existence  all the windows let snow in and with a few gushes of air you swear it is going to fall over on top of you. But regardless I still want to buy it off my dad to say it is mine.

5) Smallest obsession, those keep calm pictures. There are two in particular that I am dying laughing over. One of course representing my love for anything zombie and the other on representing black ops.




6) Things are getting tough this week, I’m half way through my 2 week non-work period and am starting to stress. Yea, it just plainly sucks. I dunno though, I work this¬†Sunday, legit I¬†cannot¬†wait! I get my first pay next¬†Thursday¬† the 21st. This is¬†ridiculous. I would do anything for ¬†a new job, or for some random income.

7) I am part of a secret sister swap, I can’t wait to find out who I am getting a gift for, I’m probably going to throw in some handmade gifts like a crochet¬†scarf.

8) I’m super excited about helping someone yet I can’t tell you blogger buddies what it is, or for. But I’m supper happy ūüôā it involves planning.

9) There’s a new video game coming out. Of course it is the¬†walking¬†dead, and is amazing and the main¬†character¬†is of course the one and only Daryl (Dies)

10) Now that it is once again 1pm and I have done nothing yet I’m going to work on my homework.

Can December get any worse


Before you all think I’m being melodramatic like I usually am I’m not. I am seriously discouraged about everything.

The start of the month resulted in my dog eating a 250$ mouth appliance/ retainer thing.

Then following that was the crushing of my hand and the  breaking of my ring finger, did I mention this is my first broken bone and the hand I use to write with? But since then it is relatively healed though I tend to try to over use it which results in me hurting it again.

Then I found out the only time I had an opportunity to work was Christmas vacation and  my company is closed so I have no pay for 2 weeks.

I’m very poor.

I haven‚Äôt¬†worked-out¬†much due to the fact that something just keeps happening and this is frustrating¬†because¬†Christmas¬†is coming and I don’t want to gain¬†weight.

¬†Now I have a cold that had me in my bed all weekend and it‚Äôs getting worst. I can’t talk and my¬†throat¬†hurts and is swollen so much and coughing is a nightmare. I have missed so much school this semester and now I‚Äôm missing more. I have a final in Geography tomorrow which I am having such a hard time to study for because I can‚Äôt breathe nor concentrate on maps and stuff. I hate school. I hate Geography. I hate being sick. I hate the¬†possibility¬†of doing bad on a test too .I have so many¬†assignments¬†to do too as well and I¬†don’t¬†want to let any one down or fail, so I feel uber¬†pressured¬†to do good. ¬†Which isn’t something I¬†normally¬†worry about because I always do good.¬†

I feel like Christmas is going to be the ‚Äėcheery-on-top‚Äô of everything this year / month/ time period because I can‚Äôt afford to buy gifts.¬† My plan was going to be baking and making gifts but¬†honestly¬†who wants a gift from someone who possibly has strep throat? I know for sure not me. (Regarding more the baked goods)

I remember growing up and thinking I don’t want to be one of those people who hates Christmas and now I see myself being so annoyed with everything that this might happen. Not because of the Christmas aspect just because this has been the worst month ever and it would take a miracle to bring my spirits up and actually be happy in time.

I just want the New year to come with better things in store.