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Forks over Knives

Is such a  great documentary,

but then again every documentary I watch is a good one haha.

This one relates to my ideology about meat & other animal products. Which are they are actually not that good for you, the calcium in milk which is “told to us day in and out” that it is good for us – but actually it leaches the calcium out of your bones. The cholesterol in all animal products can be deadly long term.

Another thing animal products are carcinogens which can lead and promote cancer growths.

And finally, every time you eat meat, bird, fish or a mammal you are killing, or supporting mass murder.   (hardcore tree huger sorry bros)  I’m not saying ” I hate you” or “we cant be friends” or “you are stupid” but what I am saying is this : Can you yourself go up to a cow Cut it’s throat open and drain it’s blood, then proceed to gut it and butcher it, then finally sit down and cook yourself a nice old steak ? I know I like steak – but personally I could never do those actions so WHY SHOULD I pay someone else to do it for me.  Since I feel like I cannot kill and will not kill – I personally believe that I shouldn’t pay someone to do it for me.

* This is just my personal thoughts and what I believe in, and I am not telling you my readers that this is the only way, I’m just stating my opinion on my way of life, do not what so ever be offended, and I would love to welcome your POSITIVE comments at the end of this post ❤

Anyways I’m not an expert and I’m not saying I know everything, But I’m’ saying I’ve been doing research and plan on taking a nutrient course soon. (There goes 1000$)  So that I can finally preach and say things being backed up by a paper.

Do you ever know things but people never believe because you lack a professional paper ?


Also my supper yummy soup recipe to come ❤


Girl meets Vegan; A diary series.

This little series covers my transitioning from everyday american / Canadian foodie to raw vegan. On this quest of a life style change I will enter through the easier vegitarian way.

“Raw veganism is a diet that combines the concepts of veganism and raw foodism. It excludes all food and products of animal origin, as well as food cooked at a temperature above 48 °C.” according to wikipidea

This is what I’m working towards, This is the first post in my journey. I started this journey March 1st.  As you’re reading this you are probably thinking wait that’s a month ago or so …

I wasn’t comfortable with posting this to my news feed right away. Only people I know personally know about my lifestyle changes.

So readers I ask you of two things,  Support and positive vibes.

Are you partaking in a “lifestyle” change ?




Ma Gains

So this is s a super quick post on my gains.  ( I have to go to work ASAP)

My fitness gains.

They start small.

I can officially properly do two more “man” push ups this week HELL YA MOTHA FUCKERS.

This is a big gain for me, because I started this year being able to only do “women” push ups.

Fuck YEA!



What are your gains ?


Oh so meaty.

Well I’ve been exploring and researching the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

And I am in the thinking stage/ proactive stage.

I’ve been limiting meats and eating limitless veggies and fruits.

But as I have said I’m still researching and thinking.

The changes I’ve made now ?

~Include more veggies and fruits in my diet

~ Stop eating red meat ( I still consume chicken and eggs.)

UH ~Green juices and smoothies

~ Kale, everyday :).

So until next time maybe I can update you all in a week or so with a new accomplishment 🙂

How are you being healthier ?

Peace 🙂

Tuesday Ten #2

1) I’m just not feeling one of my classes this semester so I keep ditching that day at school. I know this is a horrible thing. But going to that class seriously stress me out. So I do all my homework and email, but I just skip that class.

2)I got an offer to be  hair model for Rusk salon today and I turned it down, I know but the whole Miley Cyrus hair looks great on her but would look horrible on me.

3) I need to rename my blog and need serious input, anyone, someone, help .

4) My house is cold, my house is the worst house in existence  all the windows let snow in and with a few gushes of air you swear it is going to fall over on top of you. But regardless I still want to buy it off my dad to say it is mine.

5) Smallest obsession, those keep calm pictures. There are two in particular that I am dying laughing over. One of course representing my love for anything zombie and the other on representing black ops.




6) Things are getting tough this week, I’m half way through my 2 week non-work period and am starting to stress. Yea, it just plainly sucks. I dunno though, I work this Sunday, legit I cannot wait! I get my first pay next Thursday  the 21st. This is ridiculous. I would do anything for  a new job, or for some random income.

7) I am part of a secret sister swap, I can’t wait to find out who I am getting a gift for, I’m probably going to throw in some handmade gifts like a crochet scarf.

8) I’m super excited about helping someone yet I can’t tell you blogger buddies what it is, or for. But I’m supper happy 🙂 it involves planning.

9) There’s a new video game coming out. Of course it is the walking dead, and is amazing and the main character is of course the one and only Daryl (Dies)

10) Now that it is once again 1pm and I have done nothing yet I’m going to work on my homework.

Can December get any worse


Before you all think I’m being melodramatic like I usually am I’m not. I am seriously discouraged about everything.

The start of the month resulted in my dog eating a 250$ mouth appliance/ retainer thing.

Then following that was the crushing of my hand and the  breaking of my ring finger, did I mention this is my first broken bone and the hand I use to write with? But since then it is relatively healed though I tend to try to over use it which results in me hurting it again.

Then I found out the only time I had an opportunity to work was Christmas vacation and  my company is closed so I have no pay for 2 weeks.

I’m very poor.

I haven’t worked-out much due to the fact that something just keeps happening and this is frustrating because Christmas is coming and I don’t want to gain weight.

 Now I have a cold that had me in my bed all weekend and it’s getting worst. I can’t talk and my throat hurts and is swollen so much and coughing is a nightmare. I have missed so much school this semester and now I’m missing more. I have a final in Geography tomorrow which I am having such a hard time to study for because I can’t breathe nor concentrate on maps and stuff. I hate school. I hate Geography. I hate being sick. I hate the possibility of doing bad on a test too .I have so many assignments to do too as well and I don’t want to let any one down or fail, so I feel uber pressured to do good.  Which isn’t something I normally worry about because I always do good. 

I feel like Christmas is going to be the ‘cheery-on-top’ of everything this year / month/ time period because I can’t afford to buy gifts.  My plan was going to be baking and making gifts but honestly who wants a gift from someone who possibly has strep throat? I know for sure not me. (Regarding more the baked goods)

I remember growing up and thinking I don’t want to be one of those people who hates Christmas and now I see myself being so annoyed with everything that this might happen. Not because of the Christmas aspect just because this has been the worst month ever and it would take a miracle to bring my spirits up and actually be happy in time.

I just want the New year to come with better things in store. 

Social Psychology

I`m an almost expert now! I wish but I`ve learnt a lot. Like why I joined soccer or why I`m friends with the people I am friends with and also why I don`t get along with my family.

I have one day left of my Psychology summer course and it is the final exam I have to take on Thursday. I also have to hand in a self-reflection paper / what this course has taught me paper.

And I would post it here but I don`t like what I know about myself. But I do what to help a few people out. According to my class,  if you`re dating someone and you have nothing in common- break up, or you can try to make it work but it will be time consuming and both partners have to be committed and don`t ever get married. Apparently people who aren`t alike have a higher divorce rate. That’s just some blunt advice/information, that you don`t have to take especially if you live by the philosophy “opposites attract“.

               I`m not sure if I believe this yet myself but I guess I`ll see.  I just mean social media play`s with this topic all of the time, you always see the rich prince and the nobody getting together. They`re nothing alike but they fall in love and get married and live happily ever after.  But I guess media likes to over dramatize everything and make the unbelievable seem like a possibility. (That’s why all these years I`ve thought there were really aliens, stupid media effects for misleading my childhood beliefs.)

My current relationship is amazing and we have something’s in common, but were not 100% alike. We both don`t like doing the dishes, which leads to one of us bribing the other to do them.  I find when you have things in common you can do a lot more.  But for every good thing there are  annoying things such as I hate shopping with men. I hate hate hate it, unless they will pay for my stuff. They are so awkward they just stand there and ladies if you’re reading this and have this problem: there is no cure and if you don`t have this problem: holy shit girl your lucky! And if you’re a guy reading my blog and notice that my example complies with you: change! Say something, point something out, DON`T stand there awkwardly!  And my second difference with my BF is I like things that give me a thrill, like roller coasters, elevators and scary things.  And well he hates roller coasters, the others don`t faze him, but he does not like anything with motion and heights. Which means either I go alone on rides, or we double date or we don`t go and save that money.  

I do Believe that you have to have things in common to have a good & fun relationship but you don`t have to have everything in common. There will be obstacles and as partners you should overcome them (depending on the activity/thing) or just leave them as is, it depends what you don`t have in common.

For us we just have given up on amusement parks because I have loneliness problems,therefore, I don`t go on rides alone because I need to hold someone’s hands. And for dishes ha-ha well, I cook and I believe that the digester/eater/person should clean up since I slaved over a meal for them.

But regardless of all this, I love my class and am now convinced that I will take every single psychology option available.

Do you believe in opposites attract?

Are you currently in a relationship where you and your partner are not the same at all?

If so how do you guys make it work?

xo, Amber