A Challenge Anyone ?

Hello pretty faces. Do you all want a challenge? Do you do challenges? I do that’s for sure I can never pass up a challenge! So when Carla offered up a challenge for all of her followers that  I could not pass up. I also think it would be beneficial as well, considering it involves decluttering and financial goals.

Carla's Challenge  photo

Challenge #1-Decluttering: There are two places I want to tackle this January: the bed room and my porch.       

I.          The bed room, there are of course a few things I want to tackle here. There’s a dresser that is literary a storage unit for any paid bill slips, anything I don’t use, crochet things and scrapbook things. I want to clean it completely out and give it to my boyfriend to use. The other thing I want to kinda-sorta clean up is this shelf I have it’s the height of my wall and is a complete mess.  It’s full of school books, shoes and dust, lots of dust. I don’t want to throw everything out but if it was more organised that would be a start.

      II.         My porch is pretty bad, anything I can’t fit in my house goes into my porch and tonight I got a head start on it but it needs more work to be done to it.  I want it to look organized and not like something fell and knocked over everything else on its way by. 

Everything I clean up and don’t want any more I will most likely donate or give away. My  sub-goal is to donate at least 1 bag of stuff.

Challenge #2-Finance:  

        I.           To not buy food, before you think this is a ridiculous goal lemme me explain in further depth. Essentially I don’t want to pay cash for food, my employer gave me and my boyfriend (Yes we work together and no we have not killed each other yet- we also live together) IGA gift cards. So we plan on using what we have and stretching it out until the end of January.

      II.            I don’t want to spend any money at all on restaurant food (This includes *Sobs a lot* Tim Horton’s *Dies*) This is because I feel like every time I eat out no matter what I purchase something that is  bad for me and I want to get back into fitness spirit sans junk food (Donuts, and cookies and ice caps and *Sobs some more* Tim Horton’s.) But overall this will be better for me to save money and start to get back into my fitness regime.

    III.            I want to as well pay 25-100 on my school loan which was revoked back in October, but being a student I could not pay the full amount. I am showing good faith by making minimum payments regardless of the fact that I could not pay the full amount.

    IV.            And lastly I want to pay all of my bills on time and work at least 70 hours before the end of January. This goal should be a piece of  cake.

For those of you interested visit January Challenge For details and such stuff to enter in.


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