Belated Merry Christmas

So Firstly I would like to say happy holidays. My holidays have so far been great I saw actually a good majority of my and my boyfriend’s family and obviously had a lot of turkey. It was nice seeing so many people in such little time, my spirits instantly lifter on the 21st when we did not all die and instead I got my braces. Yes, I’m doing back flips kind of happy; they do hurt though which made eating complicated.  But regardless of how hard it was to eat it did not stop me from eating sweets  Haha. 

Overall my attitude about Christmas was better and it turned out to be fun, and even included a 5 hour-long Monopoly game that all of my family members participated in which is a once in a life time kind of thing.  We bounced back and forth between me and his family’s which some would call hectic but I fairly enjoyed because it was just the right amount of ‘family time’ with certain family members. Over all it was fun.

Then boxing day, this was my first time ever shopping on Boxing Day and I wasn’t sure of exactly what to expect ‘crowds’ and stuff but it turned out to be not that bad which also contributed to my good aura. I got a few extra gifts, Christmas cards for next year and snagged a killer deal on Garnier products. Such as I got a 3 piece gift set for 7.50$ it included a BB cream, dark circle eye roller and face wipes; these usually retail for a total price of 50$, the BB cream in my local Uniprix is 20$ and so is the dark circle eye roller, the wipes are usually 7-10$. This was such a great deal; I use BB cream everyday no matter what.

And lastly I went into a shoe store and tried on a pair of boots but when I thought of everything I had to pay for I decided not to get them even though they 1) fit and 2) were AMAZING. I ended up putting them back convincing myself that I did not need them.  When I was in another store trying clothes on my boyfriend went back to the store and bought them, which was a complete utter surprise! Gosh, I’m so happy that I have them and grateful.

Combat studded boots

The last thing that was bought was a dog bone for my dog, it is literary 5 inches wide and 2 feet long!! Poor little Dutchess can’t even get her mouth on it to chew it. I think we went overboard but you have got to go big or home right?

Speaking of home; I’m off for the night, will be posting some goals tomorrow night!

Peace, xo.

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