New Years Eve


How to end the old year while almost touching the new year just hours away?  Well simply a Jurassic Park marathon with my Boyfriend and his new HUGE T.V.  I also have received the highest amount of views I have ever had on The Ups and Downs and all around of 20 with 421 views this month and the closes competitor was in March with 362. I feel like 2012 is ending on a good note, regardless of the fact that the last few weeks have been treacherous. But things are looking up and have been great even though today I had planned on writing a blog on my New Year’s resolutions but I’m saving those for tomorrow or basically tonight. I know that I will be up and will most likely wait till January 1st 2013 to post my new years resolutions blog ASAP in the wee hours of the night.

Now I’m off to celebrate New year’s at Baton Rouge with the love of my life.

I wish to all of my followers a happy new year full of health, prosperity and happiness. You all deserve the best!

Peace Xo, 

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