Donating Blood

If you’re young and healthy you should definitely donate blood.  There can’t be enough donators. If you were to add up all of the traumatic accidents and the horrific diseases like leukemia, there just isn’t enough blood and please let’s not forget about the vampires and werewolf’s they need a good source of blood too (they could always just go back to eating us in alleyways and leaving our body’s there.) Halloween spirit right?? But all joking aside, we are able to replenish our blood, we are amazing beings and I believe that if we can spare it why not? It’s not killing us, and I strongly believe that if you have a rare type of blood then you should definitely donate. Mines just plain old 0+.

I love donating blood, just for the fact it’s simple way of giving back. There is the chance that one day you might need blood. For example if you have donated once a year for 10 years and in your mid 30’s you need blood due to anything from a car accident or a face lift you basically have already banked the possible amount you might need one day.  Yes, I know it doesn’t work like that exactly but it’s my way of making sense of it all. And I know some of you reading this are going to think “I’m super-man or women, I won’t ever need blood.” But sorry to say there is always that possibility. I never thought I was going to be a bad driver and what do you know? I have 1 point left and 2 scraped cars, But for the record I have been accident free for 5 months. Don’t dwell on this fact please. Really, don’t.

 I know some old people, who need new blood 3 times a week and that’s a huge amount if it wasn’t for us healthy and able people they most likely wouldn’t get what they need and possibly could get sick. Etc. It’s all about possibilities and giving, it’s also a conversation starter, and a great place to meet people (though warning they are mostly old.) And to see your old high school teachers.

I’d like to thank Tracy for coming along with me 🙂 It was nice to have you there and donating alongside of me.  And It was nice seeing Alexandra Critchley there. Also I noticed you volunteers, good jobs and chances are one day I’ll be one of those crazy old ladies helping out.  Also I love hearing whenever they have beat last times total donations, it’s always great hearing that there are new donators.



Do you have any donations questions?

How many times have you donated?

4 thoughts on “Donating Blood

  1. I keep meaning to donate blood but I am very impatient and the idea of sitting around afterwards eating a cookie is not my sort of thing… It’s selfish, I know

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