The High/Low Game

This is a little self reminder of how much I end up spending.

I got this idea from and I got that link from  Both amazing blogs, I suggest that you go give them a visit.


  1. The most expensive thing I paid for this week: Bills sadly 280$ worth

  1. The least expensive thing: Coffee .90 cents

  2. The most *exciting* thing: Life and style magazine for 2.99$ It was so worth it, Guiliana and Bill and their baby Duke was on the cover. I got overly happy, they are like my favorite couple ever and when I see them I start to believe in love

  3. The dumbest thing:  Bologna it was 3.99$ it was such a huge waste of money, wasn’t even for me. And it’s really gross if you ever take the time to ready the nutrition facts you’d be disgusted.

  4. The purchase you’re most proud of: It wasn’t a purchase, it was a payment to my student loans 250$ Even though I still have 4100$ left to pay I’m happy I got that done.


Lemme know what your results were 🙂 good or bad.

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