Look Into My EYES.

Alrighty, That was pretty Dramatic.

So today I will be writing a short post about my contacts. First off they were 30$ roughly, colored and prescription. Great steal. Right? And not like the kinds you usually get that last 2 weeks (a pack of 6 pairs for 100$) form your eye specialist.  These last a year, Knowing me; we can say at least 6 months. I always end up losing them or running out of solution and they dry up. You know, something happens. But overall they are a great package, and arrived in 4 days time! 

Secondly the responses I get rang from “Holy crap, those are awesome!” To  “I can’t look you in the eye it’s weird.”  My Boyfriend was the first to see them, I had one in and one out and he was like “That’s fucking weird.” Mind my language of course :] Besides that I have more good responses then bad. Do I plan on wearing them forever? Not really they were a temporary thing, they were only supposed to be for Halloween  but then 2 things had came up. Thing #1 I ended up working on both the Halloween weekend party and Halloween day, woo.  Thing #2  My glasses are completely ruined I can’t see out of them, so I only use them for work now, my poor D&G’s 😦 And I can’t afford to re-do the lens part it’d be about 200$ right now that  don’t have outside of my budget.  So it turns out I’m going to have to use them for a bit probably until Christmas, I’m not at all sad , I think they’re super awesome.

Lemme know what you think, Here is a picture :] And there will be a link to my Tumblr which has more ‘up close’ pictures of them, down below.


 Lastly the name brand I purchased was Honey~Color, In Neo Bambi Grey. Here’s the link! http://www.honeycolor.com/geo-bambi-sesame-gray.html

And this is my Tumblr :] http://www.amberbubblybabe.tumblr.com

You can also follow me on Twitter, I’m obsessed so you should be entertained often, May I also add in how I do all-nighters often? And get a little Cray~Cray @AmberEveSimpson

2 thoughts on “Look Into My EYES.

  1. Hey Amber they look so cool that i wish i can get them but my glasses are still working good for me right now so hope to see the other colours too….:-) ❤

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