Tranquile Thursday

Got my Zen on with a couple of girls at my local community center which is also where my college course is held. It was super fun, to the point that we might have it every Wednesday. I’m super happy about this, I love yoga and how it puts me in such a  good mood and atmosphere.  Then afterwords me and one of the girls trained a bit, which is fantastic because we turned out to have the same goals and therefore I feel like this is going to be more motivating.
Other than yoga all I did today was volunteer work, conversations over coffee, crochet and lastly some last minute info on Warm Bodies for the blog/ critique I’m writing. I know some of my fellow bloggers are waiting for me to upload it, I just had to watch it twice and do some reasearch trust me it’ll be up before you know it!  And definitly wll be great 🙂
Overall it has been a pretty good day and now I must good to bed and read some amazing Shakespeare, god I love Shakespeare. I know, I’m weird, shh, don’t tell anyone. lol.

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