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Wrecking Ball.

Miley Cyrus has been – Well I think she’s been pretty gutsy and kick ass. No guts no glory.  Right ?

I mean lady gaga can write a song about sex dreams why can’t Miley be basically naked and riding a wrecking ball ?

I mean if we think about sex, it is something the human race has in common with every other being on earth – reproduction right ? Might as well have fun with it.

But anyways this blog post isn’t about my opinions of sex or sex appeal it is about how people are like “omg she’s such a  bad example” yes maybe for a 10-year-old she is but Miley is no longer a teen start; she is a young adult that has her mind on what most young people do.

AND also if you listen the lyrics they- I personally find- convey such meaning that I can relate to.  If you look past the making-out with a sledge-hammer and being naked (mind you she does have quite a nice body – so the whole naked thing is like in my opinion is if you’ve got it, give it) is just part of a show she’s putting on, I mean she is a performer after all.

Anyways I think it is a good song and I think the video is pretty good too, I can’t say that I’ve seen anything else like it. (mind you I won’t go making out with sledge hammers – that is just not my thing ah ha ha)

Miley’s video: http://youtu.be/My2FRPA3Gf8

Lady GaGa’s song + performance :http://youtu.be/sj-HphgosH4

remember peoples peace, don’t hate.