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Oh so meaty.

Well I’ve been exploring and researching the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

And I am in the thinking stage/ proactive stage.

I’ve been limiting meats and eating limitless veggies and fruits.

But as I have said I’m still researching and thinking.

The changes I’ve made now ?

~Include more veggies and fruits in my diet

~ Stop eating red meat ( I still consume chicken and eggs.)

UH ~Green juices and smoothies

~ Kale, everyday :).

So until next time maybe I can update you all in a week or so with a new accomplishment ūüôā

How are you being healthier ?

Peace ūüôā

February Budget

So just as  I had thought in January I would need to tweak things. Knew it!

I completely and absolutely forgot about my dog when I made my budget.

Don’t know how.

Don’t know why.

I just did and then all of a sudden I had to buy dog food *Head desk, I knew I forgot something* 

So I had to clearly tweak things. And to be completely honest Last week I went and took out of other envelopes and bought things that were not necessary (Alpaca wool for crocheting that was about 60$). But for February I will not be doing this!

I promise you, that i will not  break my budget. ..I think. 

So here it is:

Car: 60.00$

Debt: 60.00$

Savings: 60.00$

Dutchess: 26.25$

Random: 13.75$ Hmm seems low.

Gas: 50.00$

Food: 30.00$

This month is going to be pricey car wise (I have 2x insurance payments, my driver license payments, plates payment and I need an oil change and spark plugs)

*In either March or mid February my car ” envelope” will be around 13$ a week. (maybe bump it up to 15$ encase of an emergency. and then the rest will go to debt and savings and random.

Other than that Рdebt repayment (300 is my goal), Koodo phone bill payment (around 60$), Dutchess  (150- march first is 100 for puppy-sitting, and then 50 for dog food)

I have a bunch of blogs I want to write today.

-Monday motivation

-goals for February

-I have to update you guys with my January fitness.

So anyways have a great Monday ūüôā


School and such.

Hey people,

Sorry I’ve been of the net lately with school, new job, and a new boyfriend.

But basically my life has been like: school , work, workout, boyfriend, and repeat.

I like for the most part all of my classes so far, except microeconomics. it just makes me wanna *head desk* all of the time. I don’t understand anything – though maybe if I wasn’t writing a blog right now and was listening to¬†the teacher¬†I would find it easier.

I need to get more workouts in, I’ve¬†lost 15 lbs I need to lose more, and jeeze my arms are terrible. period.

But yea, I’m kind of happy.¬† Well kind of; I mean I am actually really happy.

Peace ūüėČ

Yea buddy

Hello peoples,
As some of you might know I had gained a sum¬†of weight by the end of may 2013. And as some of you might know I’ve been working out¬†and on a diet (the diet is just healthy food and timed eating¬†– none of that starving myself crap). And yea basically¬†I run every other night.

So you guys are probably wondering why I’m like “Yea buddy”¬† as my¬†title, and that sir is because – I can officially¬†and comfortably fit back into my jeans. YEA BUDDY. I mean there is pone thing to be able to SQEEZE¬†back into your jeans but it is so completely¬†different¬†and wonderful if you can fit into them comfortably. I mean like, woo.

Bien any ways I just wanted to share my happiness with you ūüôā and a friendly word of motivation you might not see the results physically but eventually small things will show like your jeans getting lose and being able to fit into smaller clothes os go out there and run ! ūüôā



The post that I do not have a name for.

So really this is another post about school mixed with some ramblings of January. 
So far I love all of the courses I have, though this always happens, until I get a bad mark then I hate everything. 
I can’t even¬†decide on a favorite. In¬†English¬†we are studying revenge which is some serious awesome-sauce. Yes sauce. As in soya sauce. As in marinating sauce. Awesome sauce.¬†I also have¬†Criminology¬†with my little¬†British¬†(Yes accent included) teacher. I feel like these are going to be tied. Then there is ethical issues which I’ll be very opinionated about because I’m just very opinionated. And I have gotten to that stage where I say anything on my mind in class. ¬†Then there is methodology¬†which¬†is simply a project. And lastly Marketing which is quite interesting. ūüôā
I have also worked-out super hard all week and managed to work so far 20 hours. Pretty good. Along side making a Turkey on Monday and living off of left overs successfully. 
Oh and Tuesday morning being late because of course my dog ran away and I spent an hour chasing after her while my boyfriend drove the car. ¬†May I just expressed how annoying that was ? Very. I was in Pj’s running in super cold weather.¬†
But overall this week have been great, even though it is not done yet. ¬†Let’s hope everything stays great.