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Well this is going to be a far stretch.

I’m sorry for neglecting my blog recently I feel like I owe an apology. I regularly post but it has been impossible for me to post.

Recently my experimental school program which allows students to get a college diploma in rural areas is closing down due to selfish and unfair reasonings that don’t even concern the person who made the choice to not allow for this school to continue. (note, this may be a biased opinion since this is my blog.)

From this becoming known there has been a petition  set up here : http://www.activism.com/en_CA/petition/champlain-college-st-lambert-do-not-close-your-dec-program-in-huntingdon/43963


A video made by our students (you get to see all of our lovely faces): http://youtu.be/hNJ22444oFU

As my followers I’m going to proceed to bribe you all to sign the petition, AND view the video (then like it and share it :)) The petition explains the issue in more detail. Even if you don’t live in Quebec, even if you don’t know me, know one thing education is key to success and living in a rural area education stops after high school. Adding to our economic issues, because either the people move to get an education or work or go on welfare.

It really bothers me, partly because I got an education and the younger generation won’t have the same opportunity as me, I feel like they should be allowed the same opportunity as myself. It is only fair.