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The best of the best.

I love reading, anything but class text books or dictionaries. Haha, some of my favorite books are:

  • The twilight series

  • The hunger games

  • The L.A. Candy Novels(Sweet Little Lies & Sugar and spice)

  • The Fallen Novels (Torment, Passion, Fallen in Love, Rapture)

  • And any book written by Nicholas Sparks ❤

Alongside reading books, I also like reading blogs. They are an insight on other peoples life that can give you advice or ideas and can even help you go through tough times, and on an optimistic side, fashion related blogs are the best. Here are some of my favorite blogs with the links so you can access them too 🙂

  • For fashion forward ideas, décor ideas, workout ideas, and the writer of the L.A. Candy novels, Lauren Conrad inspires me to try new things and change little things in my life to make a change and her fashion forward ideas have left me with the crewneck sweater I’m wearing right now. Visit http://www.laurenconrad.com/ for great ideas and so much more!

  • An inspiring blog site that talks about life and what happens during it, and just recently made a blog about raising awareness for anti- bullying, and sometimes mentions her kitty cats and day to day stuff, is Kelly she’s a great writer and some of her blogs help you through tough times, or they can be about Laughing in the dark. Over all she is great and brings a broad spectrum of thought to the table with her wise words and awareness of what goes on in this world. Words of wisdom is what you can truly call it! Give her a visit at · http://kelly-justathought.blogspot.com/

  • Do you need a laugh in your day? Someone who is also inspiring and every time I read her blogs I laugh so hard people think I’m crazy for laughing at a computer screen. She goes by the name of Erin and is really popular, Funny stuff here, feeling down then go check her out http://www.livinginyellow.com/

  • Another good blog is Alycia’s http://crowleyparty.blogspot.com/ She just lately blogged about snowboarding and now has windburn which sounded fun but not so much anymore, she also talks about fashion and crafts. She is genuine.

So those are my favorite blogs/ websites. And as an extra I’m going to mention my FAVORITE online shopping websites of QAULITY and GREATNESS ….

1)      Beyond the Rack … 1 word AMAZZZING! Love it to death, I got these leggings I’m wearing right now for 10$ … right standard price, but they were 110$ originally! http://www.beyondtherack.com/event/calendar (Best ever!)

2)      Haute look, is the same idea as Beyond the rack, I love it just as equally! http://www.hautelook.com/events/#all

3)      And well EVERYONE knows about eBay right? www.ebay.ca/

So enjoy looking at all of those websites they are truly amazing and if you choose to read any of the books I have mentioned, they are truly the best!