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So Much Yet So little

I have so much to do and so little time, I have about 4 blogs I want to write up including¬†my¬†secret¬†sister¬†gift which I got yesterday ūüôā

Here are some of the blogs –>

– Secret Sister blog

-How much is my face worth (make up wise)

-Sunday Night Chit Chat

-Factory girl #2 (an update)

– Advice on what to do with my income tax return

And here is some of the homework I have to get done —>

-I have so much research to be done for a school project.

-I have a proposal to write.

-Book 1 of V for Vendetta.

-And a English essay to write. 


I also have no time to do any, I’m working night shifts and sleep when I’m not working.¬†

It’s pretty sad. ¬†I see this HUGE list and go just want to run.

Some of you reading this might think, of well if schools a priority then why work or vise-versa they are both priorities that need to be done, in order to go to school I need money to pay for it and other things. 

Plus I’m¬†Procrastinating¬†AGAIN.


Monday Migraine

Well it is about that time that  feel like I should be done everything and heading to bed, but of course I am #1 at procrastinating and have yet to finish things, I always leave the bigger stuff for last which I should. 
I hope to get some things done today:
  1. Pay bills ¬†¬† ¬†¬†Done ūüôā
  2. Do methods homework Presently trying to work on it. Just found out I have more than what I thought I did. Awesome-sauce. *Sarcasm*
  3. Read more Shakespeare¬† It seems as if no matter how¬†much¬†I read I’m getting no wheres. I still have like¬†
  4. Crochet  I do this before bed no matter what so will get some done. 
  5. look for gifts¬†¬†I have found a few gifts, I’m aiming for 1 big gift, 1 hand made and a couple smaller random things.
  6. Make some calls (Yoga instructor and a friends thinger- yes I mean thinger^) Arranged and done. 
  7. Clean my kitchen Did this at my lunch break, for now it is as good as it is going to get. 
  8. Farm ville 2, for only an hour max (No more than an hour!) I timed myself, it was 30 mins, I have Facebook open but am not playing it. 
  9. And train, some zumba fitness and maybe a jog.¬†I did an hour of Zumba ūüôā super fun! I need to¬†weight¬†train tomorrow though, and I’m gonna be doing 2 hours of Zumba.¬†
  10. ¬†Up load a blog about what I got done.¬†¬†Well here it is ūüôā


Have a good night guys!


^  Thinger Definition: It means a thing, but so much more than just a standard thing, it has meaning and a purpose therefore thinger can be applied.