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Day light Savings

Apparently more heart attacks happen around this time of year.

I think for this reason alone we should stop doing this. I mean leave daylight savings alone (and just never fall back in the fall) for me personally it causes me so much stress.

I just can’t wake up- i have  about 10 alarms go off Sunday morning and was still an hour late.

I mean I can’t blame daylight savings, but it sure as hell makes my life a little stressful.

BUT on the plus side! It is so nice having more daylight, going into my night shift (milking 5ish to 8 ish) and it being so nice and bright while milking, it’s really nice.

Anyways ladies and gent have a Good ol’ night 🙂

What are your opinions on Day light savings?



Simple Sunday

So today is a wholee lot of relaxing and loafing.

Typically I was late for work this morning.

According to yesterdays time I was only 15 minutes late – but according to todays time  I was an hour and fifteen minutes late.

So yea I was 1:15 minutes late. Great.

I’m not a morning person – actually I used to refer to myself as a night owl, so now I have been working mornings since December – I still can’t get up in time to leave. I always have about 6 alarms but I snooze every single one, or when I’m half asleep I’ll just turn them all off.

And now we have changed the time- great which means I have to get up an hour earlier than what I would regularly.

Anyways, point being I can’t get up in the am.

Ao for the rest of the day i’m going to crochet, play black ops Ghost, Blog, instagram and maybe workout. I’m feeling pretty lazy today though.

How is your day ?