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I’ve been….

Excuse here, busy here, forgetting there, and so on.

so in a nut shell – I have been a lot of things, but blogging wasn’t one of them.

This past weekend, I went to the movies to see – Need for speed. it was pretty EPIC.

Then at one point I played some of Call of Duty : Ghost – cause this girl likes guys games 🙂

Then sometime on Sunday I went to a farmers Market, and ended this weekend with an intensive and truly fucked up episode of THE WALKING DEAD, a young caracter Lizzy had issues – like murdering her sister kind of issues.


But it was a good episode-

SADLY there are only 2 episodes left until October 😦 *insert crying here* WAIIIN

So anyways I have not much time to spare because I have to workout, How was your weekend though?

Peace 🙂


Miss. 22

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling Twenty-Two”, well maybe that’s because it’s my birthday. haha.

Oh and this …

“It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters, and make fun of our exes uh uh uh uh.”

Kay, I’m been WAITING so long to be able to sing that god dam T-Swift song 🙂


Here y’all go click there 🙂

Also here’s a birthday picture- and yes minus the towel I am in my birthday suit :0 hahaha




















Also for more Selfies and such visit my Instagram @AmberEveSimpson and follow me 🙂

Besides this I hope y’all have a great day cause Y’know I’m feeling 22.

Yea 22.


I’m done lmfao.

Peace ❤



Sunday Night Chit Chat.

If y’all follow me on Facebook you would have seen it, and I shared it twitter too, but for my blog community – you guys I left out, until NOW.

“I can’t even contain my excitement/anxiousness/hyperventilating-ness/crying-ness/Everything-ness for tonight Episode of THE WALKING DEAD. It’s so soon, like I can taste it type of soon. I wonder how a TV show would taste … Probably not good. But since this ain’t any regular TV show I bet it would taste good. This post got a little weird, just a little. Now run along children and watch THE WALKING DEAD so we can talk about it ♥”

Logic right ? Lemme know.

Reading: I’m reading the book version of True Blood and CAN’T wait to start Safe Heaven by Nicholas Sparks. 

Watching: The *Sniff* final episode of season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD. Fantastic, was spectacular!It’s over now. 

Listening to: Terrible crying via myself. Sad truth, I’m so emotional when it comes to TV shows were I get attached to the characters. 

Baking/Cooking: I’m not making anything now but a bowl of ice cream. 

Happy you accomplished this week: I’ve done a tone of homework. And have cleaned … a lot. Haven’t been hooked on True Blood that much, it was a problem about 2 weeks ago. I was hooked,now I can manage my time better. I also realized that setting to many goals is like setting up for failure as you can see in my March Challenge 

Looking forward to next week: My big supper tomorrow,  I have 4 lovely ladies coming over and it’s my first ever dinner party. Super happy!! 🙂

Thankful for today: I’m thankful for knowledge, because it allows me to understand things, things that some people don’t have. Therefore allowing me to teach, and help others learn. Honest moment. 

Bonus Question: Do you wear slippers around the house? No, I would but I don’t have any 😦


Product Reviews

Yes Product Reviews with an ‘s’. 
See the thing is Lately I have gone product crazy and spent quit a bit of $. Some of the things were WORTH ever last PENNY (R.I.P., 2013)
So For all my Girlies out there reading my blogs I want to share with you my favorites and my not so much favorite, I.E. Wast of time and money.  Oh also I specified girls but some of the products are unisex of course, so I’m sure some can/ will cater to you guys 😉
Basically I’m just going to post a photo of everything that I just purchased and within a week I’ll have an update product review post with  my personal review of each.


P.S. If y’all are reading this, go to your Tv’s about 5 minutes till 9pm click on to AMC and watch  THE WALKING DEAD. 
It’s the best show in existence to man kind.

Sunday Night Chit Chat.

For some reason I don’t have a favorite photo or quote today. Seems odd, but I’m kinda tired. 
I guess you live and learn ?
Reading? Bah, Marketing text-book for a mid-term I have tomorrow. May I mention how I dislike tests.
Watching? Of course, the one and the only THE WALKING DEAD, the seasons almost done.  I’m freaking out! *Breathe, breathe*
Listening to?  M83- Midnight City, It’s something new that I have just gotten into and am in love with their sound!
Cooking/Baking? Well I worked a 12 hour night shift last night and only woke up at supper time so we went over to my boyfriends parents house. So I haven’t baked anything  today, but I did have a good Meat pie! 🙂
Happy you accomplished this week? I got extra hours this week and finished my secret sisters gift on time! 🙂
Looking forward to next week? I guess more work hours ‘m expecting 36 but can never be sure with my employer :s
Thankful for today? Sleep, Work, dinner, and the Walking Dead. 
*Bonus Question* Do you celebrate St.Patricks day? Uhm no ? I never did anything ever for such a holiday, I just always am busy working on St.Pattys day. But maybe one day I’ll go see the big Montreal parade ?


Tv show monday.

Well, I don’t actually have satalite or anything cause I’m so main stream right now therefore Netflix is my go to. (Actually I’m a college student living with her boyfriend who is also a college student and it’s so much more cheaper to watch netflix and down load TV shows than to actually pay Bell like 60$  a month.)
Anyways this post is essentially about how when I get into a TV show it’s sad and scary  Lack of sleep, in denial, normal fits, Couch potato syndrome, emotional attachment to characters, pillow fights, bets, aggressive cookie eating syndrome and lastly explosive tweets (I’m not proud of that one). Obviously some of these are not true but I do really get into certain shows and it’s to the point that someone has to be like “Hey you have school/work tomorrow, turn off the computer and walk slowly away, breathe.” Usually the messenger dies. Joke, the messenger is my boyfriend and he’s still here. Pshh bet y’all thought I killed him.
So these are my Favorite Tv shows right now. 
The one and the only The Walking dead come sin first place with just a couple of episodes left I’m no edge with whats going to happen with the woodbury and the prison, I truly hope that there are not to many casualties. 
Ah the second show I’m super into is “Drum roll please” True Blood, I can’t even express how much I love this show. My local coffee shop sold my the first series and I watched all of it in 2 days. it is amazing! And it makes me some what comfortable about having a tooth gap for years of my life (presently have braces) with Sookie the main character having one it’s lifting, to see some form of imperfection in a really popular TV show. 
And thirds a charm, sex and the city is the only show that I could re watch episodes and not get annoyed at even though it has been off air for I think about 8 years I have the seasons and still watch them. I haven’t yet watched the new Carrie Diaries but I’ll have to see that whenever it gets on Netflix.
I have a couple others but they’re in the I still like but haven’t watched in a long time:
Doll House
Being Human
… –>Derp moment
Teen Wolf
The city/ the hills.
Yep, But right now I’m only watching two tv shows and that’s that. 
Do you guys have any current obsessions with TV shows ?
Do you have any weird TV show habits ?