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Savin’ some money.

Today I was so determined on getting to Valleyfield to do a few changes (And if you follow me on twitter you know I’m Guilty of  I went to Tim Hortons.)
Today I was paying my bill at our local BMO and my favorite bank teller, favorite as in she knows how to greet me by my name in English and I usually don’t ever have to repeat what I want and also makes super friendly conversation. So my bank teller goes on to say how she has the same phone company as me and says for the price I pay both her and her boyfriends comes up to that amount per month. Therefore I had to head to the Koodo both and change my plan.  I mean two people together are paying what I pay alone ? C’est pas correct.
First things first I pay 25$ for 2 GB’s of internet when I only use 500 MB’s (I had my koodo guy double check from now until October).
Second off, I NEVER use my phone for an actual phone call except for my mom which is long distance of course, but what makes no sense was I had Canada wide calling (30$ base plan with other things) and also Long Distance calling for an extra 5$. Say what ? I’m paying 35$ when one of the things is already included. And breathe.
So my phone plan per month before changes was 60$ but by the time they added roaming and taxes it was 70$. I now have an all included (EVERYTHING I had before, except I have less internet, I got 500 MB) for a low 45$ per month. It’s not that low but when you think about it, it is a huge difference.
A grand total of 25$ of savings (Based on the 70$ taxes included amount.)
I’m happy now, I will put 25$ peer month more in my savings.
*Workin’ out everyday* Song stuck in my head by LMFAO
Peace peeps.