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Good Things

So today was oddly great. And I decided to do this thing that I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs that I follow do. It’s just mentioning all the things you are great full for and just general ‘Good Things’.


I had a very nice yoga class, stress minimizing and all.
I got a message from my Secret Sister and she loves the gift I sent her – Kinda made my day 😀
I got my braces tightened and my teeth are even more straighter! I’m so happy that I chose to invest in my teeth, they’re starting to look great! I can’t wait for the finished result in about a years time.
Had a lovely dinner – hot chicken sandwiches. YUM. With my boyfriend. 
Had a fun snowball fight with my boyfriend, and got him back 🙂
For some odd reason I’m in a good mood.
 *Even though I was just inches away from getting in two accident today*
Let’s hope I’ll be optimistic for the rest of the week.