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Not interested

This is definitely going to come off as a slightly very much so bitchy blog. Sorry not sorry.

But just because I’m single doesn’t mean you can mind fuck and rape my photos on instagram unless you are legitimately one of my insta friends. (Which consist of Colin, Brett, Daniella or anyone I know in real life.) * This does not apply to you if you’re a hot chick – you’ve got free pass to do as you please. <- I crack myself up sometimes.

Also, stop DM’ing me. or I’ll block you. K thanks bye.

Oh side cheese – Yes I put my snapchat online – doesn’t mean I’ll add you or i’ll snap you back. Sorry. But I will send everyone the same snaps, or send you annoying snaps of my dogs. Hi.

Now to the other part of this blog, which is going  to be a rant of who/why/what/how the fuck I’m not interested in the people available.

Not interested:

Not if you live in Huntingdon.

Not if ya short or even my height. Unless you are Melodie- you love are perf’ ❤

Not if you don’t have a job.

Not if ya drink / smoke/ whatever the fuck more than once a week.

Not if you need attention from others girls consistently.

Not if you have a dirty Sanchez mustache – I mean please at least grow a real beard …

Not if ya obese or even over weight. <- Don’t mistake this for being a bitch and dating based on looks I like what I like and I refuse to settle for a turn off. I’m not asking you to look like Chris Hemsworth I’m just asking you not to have bigger tits than me. /done/

Not if you don’t like dogs.

And lastly not if you don’t like cars. Guys who aren’t into cars … like really ? Are you even male ? Where are your balls ? Do you even know what ‘stick’ means ? I mean we can be friends but I definitely wont date you haha. (Coughfriendzonecough)

It’s pretty sad how people don’t get ‘hints’ Trust me if I was interested you would know because I’d be talking to you. Or responding. And I really don’t even want to date. I want to lose 30lbs and fix my car up. Is there time for the D up in that mix ? Nah. Not really. Get over it.

Why do we waste so much time on finding ” mates” when we aren’t even our self ? when we aren’t happy ? I see so many people going into relationships unhappy seeking happiness and then they realize it can’t or their partners can’t fulfill their needs. I don’t need a relationship or even want one. I mean sure it’d be nice to kiss someone and cuddle someone – but I don’t need it and I’m not going to lower my standards just to get partial happiness and to not feel lonely. It wouldn’t last because I’m not being true to myself.

So I’m not interested overall. Not just of the options but also mentally, I just have no fucks to give. I want to work on my self. I want to work on my home. ON MY CAR <33 Give my dogs the love and attention they deserve. Be on time for work. Pay off more debt. Save money. And wholeheartedly and completely love myself, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Be the best version of yourself rather than finding someone better than your ex”

So suck it up buttercup :] #EndRant



Facebook status

Okay this is a small warning; this blog is basically going to be small rant.

So over a small period of time  I have had a few people go “oh, well your single” right? No; WRONG. I have a boyfriend of almost 3 years and have been  friends for much longer. Then people usually respond to my *WTF* expression  by saying well Facebook says your single. (Is Facebook my mom ?! No)

Well I’m sorry that facebook does not  represent everything that goes on in my life, though if you wanted to know more you can always check my blogs which are about my life and I frequently post updates on twitter. I just feel like it if it is not ‘facebook official’ it isn’t official. B!tch Please; give me  a break I don’t feel the need to post that much on facebook, everyone who knows me personally knows I have a long term boyfriend and that’s just that. I don’t feel the need to post extremely personal stuff on Facebook, I think the most personal I get online is on my blog.

And of course it just can’t stop there you have people who don’t believe and all that crap and honestly it just gets long and annoying.

Lastly what if you and your guy break up, then get back together a few days later; does everyone need to know this? No. Especially if you have a couple that’s prone to frequent break ups why should they post their status which are ever changing online. 

But really am I the only one who doesn’t care about that sort of stuff when it comes to facebook?

Is there another online social media site that you post more information about yourself?

(I’m going to stop ranting now)