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Take no offence but I’m referring to the USA.

Bien here is the facts:

1) I am Canadian, Quebecer to be exact.

2) I get my groceries and gas from ‘Merica

3) The border people be like … interrogating.

4) Walmart.

So today I went to the USA and got groceries and gas like I usually do.

When doing so I crossed the boarder twice.

AND EVERY TIME; miss “… where do you live” “Do you know anyone there” “Are you sure thats all you bought ?” “where do you work”

I understand the main questions of who are you and what do you do and where did you go. Kay. good.

But then they have to double check or triple check.

“Do you know anybody in the states?” nope “are you sure?” yes I sure ” So you don’t know anyone” I just said no.

*well I mean i know Obama, Britney spears….

But I guess as a privilege of going to the states you have to endure all the questionings.

Have you ever had problems crossing the boarder ?


Getting everything done finaly.

So in my last Humanities class a few things were brought up, like going to the store 6 days a week instead of getting everything at once or stocking up.  Then that reminded me that I wanted to write a blog about what I had done a few weeks before school to prepare for school.

I was refused for a loan this year so I had to think ahead of time for saving money for such things as my mandatory brace payments each month, text books, intuition, hydro and my cell. I am planning to work at least 20 hours a week to allow for other things I’ll need like: food, clothes, and new unnecessary things.

So this summer I did manage to get enough money saved to pay all the important things, but also with the extra money  I went shopping and stock up on A LOT of things, mostly beauty and canned foods.  I also bought a lot of clothes of course!

Something’s that I thought were important to stock up on are:

–  Shampoo and body wash, I use Aveeno, which went on sale this summer for 6.99 a bottle instead of 10$ so I bought about 4 bottles each. Saving 30$.

– A ton of make-up: Mascara, foundation, bronzers, lip gloss, eyeliner and shadow. I probably saved about another 30$ I bought about 2 of everything when it went on sale.

–  Shoes, I bought usually 2 get 1 ½ off and this goes for clothes as well: pants shirts bras etc..

–  Canned food like soup and veggies. About 10 of each.


So those are some of the things that I’ve purchased, as for actual school related material all I needed to buy was lose leaf. I find that so far I have to worry a lot less about picking things up or when I’m going to run out of my favorite mascara, it’s a lot less stressful.

Another thing I’m trying to do is be eco friendly, I have thought about it in the pass but have never started acting eco-friendly. Some of the things that I have recently, and by recently I mean started at the end of august done are: Biking to and from school or work at least 2 times a week, there are about 3 benefits to dong this 1) A Nice workout every so often  2) I don’t have to pay for gas 3) Since I’m not driving I’m not emitting Co2 emissions = Eco-friendly.  And the other 5 days a week I either car-pool or drive. I’m also recycling; not just the typical metals, plastic, glass but also I recycle my old clothes (sell to friends, give to secondhand stores).

If you’re considering going green and eco-friendly, you don’t have to start full blown. Slowing  start by doing small smart changes at your own pace. Every little change counts!


What are your Eco-Friendly Tips?

How did you prepare for school?

Spring tiime…

Is when all the little baby animals are born and we can break out the summer clothes (with caution, because mother nature lately has been undecided!)

The past few days I’ve been scoping new blogs on YouTube and there have been a few people catching my attention with their fashion videos and ideas. Some of my new favorite bloggers are Rachhloves, ForeverYours0727 and CityAndMakeup. These girls are amazing! And two are Canadian! So I got a few ideas and then went shopping, trust me I’m not complaining! Here are some of the things I had purchased!

Let start off with my new blazer…

It’s from Forever 21, Which I loveee. The bangles are from Ardene, the other pink bracellete is from Pura Vida (show your support at www.puravidafoundation.ca/) Mines the Breast cancer one. My nail polish is Essie in e-nuf is e-nuf.  And my feather earrings are a friends.

I got myself these little cute sandals from a random shoe store…

You probably can’t see the detail too well, but its zebra print. I love the buckle on the side too 🙂

I love love love coral, the color is so amazing!

I got it from Limite, along with the spandex too.

I can’t wait to do some more shopping soon! You guys can check out the other blogs on YouTube, they are really amazing!