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It was a good night after all.

So the night of my YMCA course, seemed to be going alright. Got there safe, understood that I have to know every muscle group, bone, ligament and joints of the body of by heart for tomorrow’s test. And then stopped by Tim Horton got coffee, didn’t win 😦  Boyfriend texts me,  “Got Hunger Games tickets, in the new room called AVX, leather chairs, bigger screen, louder, nobody can take your seat!” He sure did get me there, I’m like haha there is no new theater room at the Coliseum, I WAS WRONG. OMG Amaaazing! Like officially once you go in there you aren’t going to go back. The only downfall, the fro-yo stand was closed and we had to wait 3 hours before the movie started. So we went to scores YUM.

Now I’m going to go OMG about how amazing the movie was. Like AMAZING. Best ever. Fantastic. Twilight has nothing on this. Omg, and if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for! Go, go get tickets online right now and go watch it!

So that’s the only best ever thing to like ever happen!

So word of advice GOOO!

May I take moment right her to rant about how semi drivers aren’t always good drivers? I know some people who their dads drive, and probably  drive really good. But when it is 3 in the morning and they are swerving between two lanes and the far ends of each lane I think it is time to pull over and take a nap? Mkay thanks, just thinking about safety first!

You won’t be disappointed, Well maybe for the fact that they don’t show a lot of gale, but me personally I don’t like him all that much he’s … well meh. But everyone has their opinions right?

Also I got my Pura Vida bracelets in, They are ADORABLE, so cute for such a good cause I got a breast cancer one and 2 other pink ones. Want cute bracelets for a good cause, get them! They create jobs too. Two in one.