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Who Needs Sleep Anyways?

Hello friendly neighborhood spidermans and lady’s 🙂 

So For the longest time I couldn’t sleep and that was partly because of working night shifts while going to school and being overly stressed.  So After an unsuccessful  doctors visit, I decided that a few things had to change and one of them being my sleeping habits. Because honestly 2-4 hours a night wasn’t working out for me.

I forced myself to get to bed before 11pm every night and would get up between 6-7am with the aid of sleeping pills. After a week I stopped using them. At first without them it was hard to get to bed but I still tried usually doing yoga helped or reading.

And since then everything has been good, I’ve been sleeping 8 hours a night and now for the first time in 3 weeks I have to work a night shift. I feel like this night shift is going to ruin everything I’ve worked hard to change, But I need the money.  I’m not only working this weekend but next weekend too as well I’ll be working night shifts; about 4.

I really hope I can get back on track with my sleep cycle, It feels good waking up refreshed and ready to do things. Now I feel like I’m throwing it all away 😦 But this can just be the pessimistic side of me kicking in and I’m worrying for nothing.

Oh and aiding my none-sleepness (I tend to make up words- no harm; Shakespeare did it too!) I have this  amazing video game and a new addiction. I personally will take the credit for inventing XboxVideoGamingAddictionInAssociationWithResidentEvil6,  I have been plagued with this addiction.*


*Disclaimer: I am a newbie so something that will take most video gamers 1-2 tries takes me usually 3-7, and yes I’ll admit that

 1) It’s embarrassing

2) It’s hilarious.

3) My dog is the best Video game partner ever!



Resident Evil 5 the movie review

So I’d thought I’d write to everyone to explain my review of Resident Evil: Retribution.

I love zombie movies and T.V. shows and games of course. My favorite T.V. series is the AMC’s the Walking Dead, Seriously good TV show. It’s not cheesy or low budgeted and if it’s well I can’t tell. The first series was only 6 episodes. The third series is coming out October 3 only on AMC so tune it for an AMAZING series.

Now back to Resident Evil. I loved this movie for its classic kick ass action. BUT this movie seemed more like a stepping stone for the next movie. It’s as if they couldn’t make the #6 movie without this one being created but its cut short and doesn’t have much of a story behind it. This tends to happen whenever you have a movie series like this though. I appreciate the fact that they used old characters like Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy  🙂 that is simply all I have to say. But since this is a blog I have to include so more thought and details. I find now that they are at a plateau and it is trying to steer away from their old look and gain the look of the video games everyone is obsessed with.  This movie and the 4th one “Afterlife” both have this stepping stone affect and I do believe that it is necessary for them to do this before they can continue the story that more rightly represents the actual video games.

Before I went and saw the movie I had read a few reviews and yes some of them I had agreed with and some I found were just plain mean. AND for anyone’s info we do not see her boobs again in this movie – sorry guys. And I loved their new approach to the beginning. It was dramatic and took off from where they had last left off. (The boat and captured people in white).

May I just say I love the new Jill Valentine. (Who was also sporting a brunette bob, in RE APOCALYPSE) The new her- evil just like the game and in also a tight blue suit was awesome. And respectively she has an awesome fight with Alice.

I really like this idea where they are starting to included more and more of the video games into the movie ‘series’ it needs to be done. And everyone likes Leon 🙂 Also for all those Leon likers out there , like me, the 6 Video game also has him in it as one of the main characters and Chris Redfield as well. October 2end. Run. Go. Get. ASAP.

But overall for those of you who do not like the new movie just because it had no story, I want you to keep an open mind and maybe think of how could they explain everything in just 1 movie? It’d be like the Titanic: Longgggg, with a story. And since most of society now a days doesn’t have a huge attention span it wouldn’t be appreciated. So on a final note go see the movie, maybe watch the other 4 before you go if you haven’t and even if you have. Also check out the new video game on the 6th and the Walking Dead on the 14th. Is it me or is there a Zombie related Trend happening here?


Did you see the movie? What did you think?

What is your favorite Zombie Franchise?

Any additional thoughts?